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Functional and integrative naturopathic healthcare

Functional and integrative naturopathic healthcare

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So exciting with remedies come into the office... Xymogen even brought back one of my Favs Alamax Protect - excellent blood sugar regulation solution ...

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Hormones fried from saving the world... good news; we can help... 15 mins complimentary consultations. ...

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We are always balancing between fear and love... which one are you choosing? ...

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For those that missed the segment this morning ... Healing the Hormones on WTKR News 3 On Coast Live https://www.wtkr.com/coast-live/a-lesson-in-hormone-imbalances-on-coast-live ...

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Just checked in to WTKR to discuss Hormone Health... If you are exhausted, burnt out, fatigued... TUNE IN at 10 AM!! To Learn how you can get well. ❤️♥️💜 ...

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I’ve noticed a phenomenon lately in my practice of practice members reacting out of fear and looking to give their power away to me. Not just 1-2 but several. This phenomenon leads me to believe many people feel powerless. They feel powerless and victimized over their health, their relationships, the finances, their healthcare- you name it. At the end of this week, I would like to share some quick tips to stay powerless and resilient for all that life throws at you. Just remember it is about having progress NOT perfect. Love you all 😘 ...

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These days I am being stretched beyond belief. Never in a million years would I think G-D would choose me to champion Naturopathy in this manner. It makes sense, truly. I think it is just surprising. As I move through the fear, the uncertainty, the uncomfortable I recognize that I’ve truly got this- moving forward no matter what. It’s pretty exhilarating when you are on your path watching the doors open so smoothly, so easily, so gracefully. That’s how you know it’s him and not your ego. 🙏 ...

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Benedict Lust (February 3, 1872 – September 5, 1945) was one of the founders of naturopathic medicine in the first decade of the twentieth century. Today we celebrate his birthday. He became known as the "Father of Naturopathy" in America, and his writings and magazines introduced Americans not only to German methods, but also Indian concepts of Ayurveda and Yoga. Paramahansa Yogananda was one of several Indians who wrote articles for Nature’s Path in the 1920s, gaining wide exposure to a large American audience.

Lust was a vegetarianism activist and opponent of the germ theory of disease. He considered the germ theory the "most gigantic hoax of modern times." Lust eschewed the use of drugs and believed that all diseases could be cured by following natural processes.

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This last week and a half has been incredible. It has been incredible to stand up for my field that I love in our states capital. Naturopathy is an incredible practice and one that I believe in at its purest form. This is a link to the video from my testimony OPPOSING HB1040. This bill would exclude Naturopaths that practice Naturopathy and replace them with PseduoMedical Doctors posing as Naturopaths. If interested, On Jan 30th at 8 am in the Health Subcommittee at 44 mins in I spoke about WHY I chose to become a Naturopathic Doctor instead of a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine. Enjoy! https://virginiageneralassembly.gov/house/committees/commstream.html?fbclid=IwAR2thMVDT_fHFyqyXDPxVZkzRBQv3AE2VegwDKqtMktj4bj2j6iaR1PzYho ...

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Having excessive visceral fat increases your risk for developing several serious long-term, life-threatening medical conditions. These include: strokes, heart attack, type 2 diabetes, etc. ...

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Having a HOLISTIC HEALTHCARE Doc doesn't need to break the bank. Come check out how affordable living life holistically really is with a fresh new perspective on life, finances, and your most VALUABLE resource, HEALTH! ...

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Our metabolic health programs are built with you in mind, We have 12 week and 8 week programs that include customized nutrition plans, lab work review, supplementation, body contouring, and support. Come learn more at our upcoming class: https://conta.cc/38ko5ZY ...

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Metabolic Health includes ensuring that the Heart is healthy, the Blood is healthy, the Liver is healthy, and your blood glucose is healthy. Check out my video describing more about Metabolic Health. https://conta.cc/2GhbRpb ...

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One of the most important things to consider in a therapeutic relationship is to remain COACHABLE. Not everything can be figured out, understood, explained, etc. so it is critical to TRUST your healthcare provider to GUIDE YOU, LEAD YOU, & COACH YOU to ACHIEVE HEALTH. ...

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My daily regimen- Activ Nutrients with Iron, SynovX, MonoPure, Curcuplex-95. Lower inflammation in my body; while building nutrition. ...

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This Month we explored Firing up the Metabolism. Sunday at 10 AM and Monday at 6 pm @RWMC at the Oceanfront in Virginia Beach. All ages, all experience levels, all physical fitness levels welcome. Come and learn how MOVEMENT, Mantra, and Mudras can speed up your metabolism. Register Here: https://conta.cc/3apyUMk ...

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My grandparents had Diabetes, 3 out of 4. My Grandmother had her leg amputated. My mother eventually also developed diabetes. I knew early on that would not be my fate. GENETICS only accounts for LESS than 30% (I interpret genetic data) the rest is on US! Lifestyle rules all! Learn how to heal your LIFESTYLE and STOP BEING A VICTIM to your GENES! Just because your MOTHER had it, her MOTHER had it, DOESNT mean YOU have to have it!! ...

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Hypertension is a METABOLIC Health condition that is multifaceted with POTENTIAL CAUSES that include dehydration, dietary, methylgenetic/genetic, nutrient deficiencies, etc. It is possible to heal from this, but does require a skilled INTEGRATIVE HEALTHCARE provider on your healthcare team to work with your ALLOPATHIC DOCTOR to heal! ...

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