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    This is one of the bravest things I have done, and one of the most accountable. Between school, single parenthood, building businesses, failed relationships, divorces, death of a significant other, and countless other failures I have gained weight and lost myself. It is time that this year, I get my body back. I know what to do - it’s just putting myself first and getting it done. So I decided as I launch our Holistic Weight Loss and Metabolic Health Programs that I take my own advice and get it done. Taking a picture of your before self and posting it somewhere such as on the refrigerator on your phone, etc is a huge motivator to keep you not only on track but moving forward. Follow my metabolic health journey for tips and tricks, recipes, and how I turn my body around.
    #metabolichealth #weightloss #dropitfast #nutrition #fitness #accountability

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    This whole lock down has been tricky. I went from working out 5 days a week, eating healthy to feeling exhausted, worn down and struggling to be able to be physically active. I gained about 25 lbs over the last 3 months of inactivity and eating out, stressing, as well as working hard and at times burning myself out. Now it is time to reclaim my health, get my body back, and get focused regardless of the circumstances at hand. Follow me through my journey of holistic weight loss incorporating mind, body, spirit as well as recipes at home work out tips etc. I’m excited to share with you all of my tops and tricks to keep you healthy one step at a time as we all recover from the damaging effects of COVID. 💜♥️❤️ ...

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    Blown away! What an unexpected gift 💝 Thank you Dr Shade for sharing your love, passion, and innovation with me. How sweet he sent me a batch of some of his new products to try— can’t wait to start the methyl charge and NAD combo!! So excited 💜🥰😘 ...

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    Had an incredible afternoon.... at Tee Time today. I’m super grateful to be able to practice a game that I love with people that I love. I think the really joy of creating the life you love is finding possibilities and grace in all things. Freedom and joy can be yours when you process through all of the mental, emotional, spiritual, and ancestral traumas to shift into your authentic self. If you are seeking your authentic self and are looking to find your mission... you know where to find me when I get off the golf course 🥰😘❤️🙏 Have an incredible weekend ...

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    This Mother’s Day I give thanks to our natural mother. Our earth mother, the mother who gives selflessly, lovingly, and beautifully to us everyday all day. Thank you for the sunsets, the sunrises, the beaches, the rivers, the lakes, the sand, the dirt, the mountains, and the trees. Thank you for giving to us everyday, supporting us, nourishing us, and loving us. This Mother’s Day, I give many many hugs and loves to you, earth mother. ❤️♥️💜 Dr E ...

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    Detoxification is key to health in the modern world. Today I came into my practice and jumped inside the infrared dry sauna for 60 mins. Infrared has incredible detoxification abilities to chelate heavy metals, increasing metabolism, decrease infections, and more. We currently offer an Intro offer of 5 of our basic detox services for $49. Let me know if interested. Dr E ...

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    Biochemistry and physiology are my loves. I love them because they are the blueprint to the body. How the body works. Knowing how the body works is critical to healing the body. If you don’t know how something works it’s difficult to optimize it. What is incredible is the advancements of genetics. We now know a lot more about gee rica which is another blueprint to the body. Combining genetics and epigenetics is a powerful discovery. As you can see the foundation to which the body is built on. We used to believe that we were a victim to our genes, but we now know that is not true. We are no longer a victim to our genes w le can stabilize the environment to which we put our genes in- bio hacking the genetics of the person. I’m excited to teach others how to heal the body using biochemistry. This is the science to which the body works. ...

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    Another incredible weekend on the water. I’m grateful to be able to reset and rejuvenate before another hectic week. As I sit out here in the water, I am able to reflect on what is most important in my life. This week I reflected on the levels and layers of healing that we all go through in the process of getting well. I’m excited to be sharing with you more of my revelations over the next few weeks. For now, enjoy the sunshine, be still, be at ease, and know that you are one ❤️♥️💜 ...

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    Just working late, finishing my charting for the week, ordering remedies for practice members and loving every second of it. I enjoy serving people. Helping them heal, fine their truth, and more importantly find their power. It is an honor to serve so many families ♥️❤️🥰 ...

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    I always knew I was going to be great. Every cell, every bone, every tissue just told me that I am an incredible healer. Sadly, the outside world often did not resonate that sentiment. The many times I have been let down, disappointed, and sad are endless. Yet it is through these deepest sorrows that I have found the most peace and wisdom. I challenge you to dig deep into whatever emotion you are experiencing right now and allow yourself to feel it. There is no need to be strong anymore or hold yourself back. Play full out this time, sit with it, hold it, nourish it, forgive it, accept it- and then when you have had enough of it release it into the universe to replace it with your new truth. Your new paradigm is waiting for you on the other side all you have to do is to let go. ~Dr E ...

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    Today I was inspired, so I acted upon it. I went to a small business, CleanEatz, and purchased a box of food for every ER Department Sentara has to offer. I recognize that many of the healthcare staff working do not eat well, they work long hours, some over night, and are often sent things like donuts, cookies, etc. Eating these things is not only not healthy but not what we in healthcare should be consuming and encouraging for our patients. I decided that I would make a difference so I had CleanEatz make wraps for the ED and we delivered them one at a time with a sweet note, be well. Allopathy serves its role in healthcare. The role of an allopath is to fight disease, the role of a naturopath is to build health. I believe that if we can create a bridge and learn from each other; then we can prevent disease as well as many more healthcare crisis such as this. I sent an olive branch to remind them to care for themselves first so they can care for others. It was truly such a joyous experience. Keep up the good work guys, I’ll see you on the other side of this experience. Dr E ...

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    Many people have never worked with a Naturopath. Not only have they not worked with a naturopath, but they don’t understand what we do. Some don’t think we use science, or that we are not real doctors. They often think we are not trained or that we are trained poorly because we choose not to prescribe drugs. The truth is many Naturopaths understand the need for prescription medications but they choose not to be the one to recommend them. My passion in biochemistry and understanding how the body works drove that decision. In that understanding it did not make sense to recommend toxic medications that can be potentially harmful to people by depleting nutrients. Naturopaths believe that illness occurs as the body becomes deficient in nutrients while being overloaded with toxicity. Sadly, our food, air, water, etc is incredibly toxic while our diets in America tend to be undernourished. We are trained to restore the balance in the body by instructing our patients to first take back their power over their health. In doing so, we guide our patients to restore nutrition, mindset, emotional well being, as well as detox the various substances we are exposed to in life. Simply put, we decrease the bad while increasing the good to bring the human being back into balance. We treat the human being and not the disease. The disease is secondary to the human. I see humans and not diseases in the practice of Naturopathy and for that I am grateful. ~ Sincerely Dr E ...

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    This week look to be at peace instead of being right. Look to find love in everyone. Seek to find grace within your words, and freedom within your voice. Make it an incredible week for you to remember. ...

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    The journey to self healing can be a daunting one. Often times people come to my office frustrated, let down by allopathic healthcare, they are sick, afraid and the like. The role of a Naturopath is to to find the cause of the imbalances in health not merely chase after disease. Disease management has its role, but the role of the American Naturopath is to educate their patients on diet, lifestyle, eliminate toxins, teach them about healthy emotions, and overall prevent as well as help them heal from chronic diseases. Being a Naturopath has been a dream of mine that has been fulfilled. With the most recent events the role of the American Naturopath is needed now more than ever to truly help people stay empowered and heal themselves. Chronic disease accounts for more deaths, more suffering, more illness in this country with many preventable. There is something that each and everyone one of us can do to help. I believed that if people could afford a Naturopath in their healthcare team they would have one, which is why I became a concierge doc. If you are called to truly heal, truly change, and are ready to get well- please reach out. ❤️♥️💜 ~ Dr E ...

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    I used to be scared of being different, standing out like a sore thumb. Being a mixed kid, I never felt like a really fit in anywhere and I had a hard time embrace all of the “pieces” of myself. Today I have picked each one up on my journey to discovery who I am. I have glued them all back together and created a beautiful puzzle to reflect on. The pieces of me including a deep resounding faith in G-D, mental discipline to keep going and a knowing that the message of hope and truth is flowing through me. Feeling filled up with his wisdom, mercy, and grace while acting on the path he has for me. It has been a deep calling to be a healer. It has taken me to very deep dark places within myself. I have overcame. I have mastered. I have conquered. I have persevered. I have strength. I want to show you how, not just from what the books taught me but what I learned from great masters and teachers from all over the planet. You are a master, you are a teacher. All you need to do is find yourself ❤️💜♥️ Dr E ...

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    My first love was learning. I enjoyed expanding my mind, exploring, and seeking truth. I am what you would call a deeper diver. I go down all these rabbit holes to glean deeper understandings of things. I break it apart and discover my own truth about it. That’s what looking objectively is all about. Exploring different subjects and then based on the information assessing your own conclusions. I teach others to think for themselves. I am a teacher. I am a guide. I am a mentor. I can’t do the work for you, but I can show you what needs to be done and then you can take it from there. My job is to empower you, motivate, and inspire you to live a healthy life. I am grateful to those who are brave enough to do the deep dives of discovery and learn more about themselves everyday. You really are my personal heros. ❤️♥️💜 Dr E. ...

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    When I was a little girl, I knew two things. 1. I wanted to be a doctor and 2. I wanted to work for myself. 35 years later here I am doing both, working for myself as a doctor. Knowing that I wanted to be a doctor wasn’t enough. I thoroughly researched each type of medical/healthcare practice before choosing the path to become a Naturopath. I truly felt G-D lead and inspired to teach people how to heal rather than manage people’s suffering. Even though it has not been an easy road it has truly been worth the effort to create a successful family practice that I would bring my daughter to as a patent. I am grateful to be able to be a part of so many families lives sharing on their healing process. I feel so fortunate that so many of you have trusted me over the years to serve you and your family. I am looking forward to this continued service to expand Naturopathy so that every household in America experiences the beauty and grace that Naturopathy provides. Thank you for your belief in my, the community support, as well as allowing me to bring my vision of a healthcare practice to life. 💜 Dr E ...

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    I’m ready to receive you when your ready. Over the last few weeks, I think we can all agree there have been many emotional highs and lows. In the midst of all of the chaos I have been working to cultivate, streamline, and increase efficiency within our practice. This includes access to our lifestyle tacking app, our advanced patent portal, ease through remedy fulfillment, and more organized patient care. Our office is finally ready to serve the masses. Those people looking to get on a healthier path NOW instead of waiting until it is too late for something to be done. We collectively can take back our health and I can show you how. I am grateful for those that have supported my vision since the beginning and even more grateful for those that have stuck with their own health ups and downs, even when it was hard they did not give up. The transformation and the results they get are truly worth it ! 😘😘😘 Dr E ...

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    The water was so still today. Calm before the storm of the week ahead. A great time for me to get clear on my results, ambitions, and motivations this week. I urge you all to find something positive to focus and pour yourself into. Even if it is a hobby, your kids, your home cleaning... anything. Find one thing to focus on this week to pour yourself into and be calm...because you never know when the next storm will come ♥️ Dr E ...

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