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    When you are not a part of the machine... they call you a quack.

    When you are not the status quo they say that’s not scientifically proven.

    When you are lead by spirit instead of your wallet, they say I can’t afford this.

    When you spend a lifetime studying and learning how the body heals, they tell you it doesn’t work that way.

    When you watch the world experience something that you have prepared your whole life for, you recognize you’re genius and give all the glory to G-D.

    We never know when we will be called, but we better be clear when we are called.

    We as a nation have forgotten the power of the bodies ability to heal, we have lost our faith, we have lost our way, and I’m here to help those lost find their way back home.

    The body was made to heal itself, it is up to each of us to create an environment conducive for healing. What are you doing this week to create that environment?

    #mondaymotivation #holistic #holistichealthcare #thirdopinon #holisticmedicine #healthyself

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    Today I am immersed in so many feelings- the real question is are these my emotions or someone else’s? As a life long empath, I’ve often picked up and carried around everyone else’s “stuff”. I was always the black sheep, the outlier, the one challenging the status quo. At times this has been a lonely journey, yet as I uplevel my success, my reach, my life, my celebrity I am forced to see these things to uncover, discover, uncover, and transform them because I can’t take these things with me to the next level. As America’s Holistic Doctor, I want you to know that each one of these emotions are normal and with each one of these emotions you can find your own power over them to transform instead of being victimized and disempowered by them. I just thought you would like to know. I love you 💋 ...

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    I’ve really discovered that I often settle for less than what I deserve. Either a partner, or a colleague, or a friend. As a result of past traumas I have found myself settling, shrinking, and lower my standards to appease another person. I had a tendency to rationalize their behavior and push it away. It’s okay, they didn’t really mean it, they have a lot of unhealed wounds, etc. but in the end all of their stuff has nothing to do with my standards. I deserve higher standards. I deserve glory. I deserve the love. I deserve more, and therefore I no longer settle for not only less than what I deserve but for things, and people that are below my standards because I simply do not have to today!! What a glorious feeling to not have to settle. I’m so grateful and so blessed 🥰 Keep your lashes long and your standards high 😘#holistic #holistichealth #naturopath ...

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    In Edgewater MD this weekend, doing research for my book on Holistic Medicine. Staying on a yacht here at the Marina and these are the moments that I relish.
    I have reached a phase of my life where I just truly want to inspire others to live the best life possible. No more fear, no more, anger, no more reactions just simply living life~ once and for all.

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    My heart is sad today....

    When will it be safe to be a woman?

    We are no longer anyone’s property. I stand as a single woman stronger than most men. I may not have balls but my ovaries are pretty fucking strong.

    Today marks a sad day where someone else who is not in my situation can pass judgement on me, morally or otherwise and choose my reproductive rights for me.

    No one on this planet has a right to choose what I do with my body, just as no one has a right to choose what gets injected into my body.

    I think it is easy to seperate the two and fight for reproductive rights exclusive to your personal feelings, but in reality it’s all the same.

    If you give the government the right over any parts of our bodies or our choices over our bodies it provides a window into more control. Pretty soon this erosion of rights can turn into forced births, and breeding etc.

    I was a breeder in a past life. I had my innocence taken away and had others choose for me what to do with my body. Today I stand humbled knowing that I do not have to give that right to anyone.

    In many cases, as a single women with no husband I still must have a man call on my behalf with certain business people because they honestly will give me a hard time and it is not worth the energy. These are the times we live in where me being human is not enough. My color is not good enough, my gender is not good enough, my education is not good enough, my age is not good enough. Yet I stand knowing that I am good enough.

    When will humans learn that none of this matters and that we all have a right to choose what we do individually with our bodies. You give them the right over your uterus and their coming after your babies next- mark my words.

    It is time to take a stand together- if I own nothing in this life- I own my body and the choices that I make over my body.

    I stand for and will continue to stand for Medical Freedom for all.

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    I’ve spent years cultivating my education, my practice, my healing abilities which never really left much room for me. Actually, it left zero room for me. SO this year, I finally decided to stop putting me last and begin to elevate my personal life to match my professional life- which meant me moving from my cute quaint two bedroom condo to a luxurious 4 story townhome two blocks from the beach equipped with an at home gym, office, two garage and enough light to sunbathe in all day!!! Today has been the big moving day, juggling patients, delivery trucks, Pilates equipment shipping and more—- as I let go of my old life of living small I am relieved yet still curious as to where the hell all of these items come from —- tomorrow it will all be done — sigh! I wipe the sweat from my brow and take a deep breath wondering where oh where did I put my martini mixer 🤣🤣🤣😘 ...

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    The world is a reflection of what we put out into it. If you put out happiness, happiness will show back to you. If you put out strength, strength will find you. I think the universe is incredible in how it reflects back to you exactly what you need, when you need, at the moment. Having a holistic health lifestyle means you are brave enough to see the reflection bouncing back to you. Be brave, be silent, be a witness to your truth. It may be super scary, and trigger every bone in your body but just take a breath and be still while knowing everything coming towards you is always always always for your highest good....💜✌🏽🙏 ...

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    I’ve always had high standards. I believe those high standards have lead me to insane success in my life. However, those same standards can be crippling to my self esteem. Today, It’s not about being perfect, or having impossible standards. Instead, it is about me finding myself, loving myself, and accepting myself all while sharing myself with all of you
    If you find yourself lost, not able to find yourself let alone direction~give me a call ❤️

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    What is Loving Day? June 12 marks the landmark Supreme Court decision for interracial marriage. In the early 80s these two souls met in the United States Marine Corp, met, married, and had a love child. That child was me. They didn’t see color, they didn’t see separation, they didn’t see fear, they didn’t see lack, they didn’t see hardship. In that moment, they saw possibility. People warned my father not to marry such a “wild woman” and that “wild woman” was fiercely independent powerful, free thinking, and outspoken. These people loved each other regardless of what people thought, wed, and conceived a child out of love. Out of that union, I was created to not see people from a view of separation. I do not view people as small. I do not view people based on color, based on class, based on creed, based on gender, based on orientation, based on anything BUT the content of their character. I refuse to lower my view of the world and see the world as a dangerous, fearful place. I refuse to see the world as limited. I refuse to view people (any class of people) as powerless. I will only view the world as powerful, filled with possibility, filled with hope, filled with truth, filled with peace, filled with life, and filled with certainty. My stance is clear- equality begins with me. I am equal parts of love, equal parts joy, equal parts peace. I am equal parts power, equal parts certainty, and equal parts G-D. I am love for humanity. I am love for our creator, and I am love for people (even when they are unable to love themselves). I choose who I am in the world- therefore I ask you, encourage you, and inspire you to ask yourself — who are you? Who do you choose to be? How do you choose to stand? How do you choose to show up on the world? I choose to love you, I choose to be proud of you, and I choose to bridge the gap between these two people from South Side Chicago and Michigan. ❤️♥️💜 I choose equality. ...

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    Food prepped and ready to roll this week! Mondays food was a bomb. I didn’t not prepare properly and it showed. Protein rations super off! Today back on track. Egg whites and spinach with some mixed veggies - yum! ...

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    Down 2.8 pounds. Some movement, but need more focus. This coming week the result I am looking to create is 5 pounds lost (pretty lofty, I know). The purpose is to raise my standards and model what it means to discipline, focus towards a goal. I have an accountability partner who I check in with everyday. I have a structured meal plan- which I will prep for today. I am tracking my food in our meal plan app, and drinking a tons of water. I will #pelotoncycle at least three times this week for 45 mins. And do some at home Pilates on alternate days. Last week was an energetic workhorse for me and this week I am seeking more ease and grace for myself. Who says reaching a goal has to be hard- it can actually be fun! ...

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    With Data Lifestyle Habits Can Change.... I invested in a Metabolic Health Scale that measures body composition. Not only does it look at weight but also body water, lean body mass, visceral fat, and even basal metabolic rate. This diagnostic assessment allows me to plan my meal planning as well as structure my fitness plan. 60% diet/30 % Fitness/10% supplements time bring my body back into balance. ...

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    This is one of the bravest things I have done, and one of the most accountable. Between school, single parenthood, building businesses, failed relationships, divorces, death of a significant other, and countless other failures I have gained weight and lost myself. It is time that this year, I get my body back. I know what to do - it’s just putting myself first and getting it done. So I decided as I launch our Holistic Weight Loss and Metabolic Health Programs that I take my own advice and get it done. Taking a picture of your before self and posting it somewhere such as on the refrigerator on your phone, etc is a huge motivator to keep you not only on track but moving forward. Follow my metabolic health journey for tips and tricks, recipes, and how I turn my body around.
    #metabolichealth #weightloss #dropitfast #nutrition #fitness #accountability

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    This whole lock down has been tricky. I went from working out 5 days a week, eating healthy to feeling exhausted, worn down and struggling to be able to be physically active. I gained about 25 lbs over the last 3 months of inactivity and eating out, stressing, as well as working hard and at times burning myself out. Now it is time to reclaim my health, get my body back, and get focused regardless of the circumstances at hand. Follow me through my journey of holistic weight loss incorporating mind, body, spirit as well as recipes at home work out tips etc. I’m excited to share with you all of my tops and tricks to keep you healthy one step at a time as we all recover from the damaging effects of COVID. 💜♥️❤️ ...

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    Blown away! What an unexpected gift 💝 Thank you Dr Shade for sharing your love, passion, and innovation with me. How sweet he sent me a batch of some of his new products to try— can’t wait to start the methyl charge and NAD combo!! So excited 💜🥰😘 ...

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    Had an incredible afternoon.... at Tee Time today. I’m super grateful to be able to practice a game that I love with people that I love. I think the really joy of creating the life you love is finding possibilities and grace in all things. Freedom and joy can be yours when you process through all of the mental, emotional, spiritual, and ancestral traumas to shift into your authentic self. If you are seeking your authentic self and are looking to find your mission... you know where to find me when I get off the golf course 🥰😘❤️🙏 Have an incredible weekend ...

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    This Mother’s Day I give thanks to our natural mother. Our earth mother, the mother who gives selflessly, lovingly, and beautifully to us everyday all day. Thank you for the sunsets, the sunrises, the beaches, the rivers, the lakes, the sand, the dirt, the mountains, and the trees. Thank you for giving to us everyday, supporting us, nourishing us, and loving us. This Mother’s Day, I give many many hugs and loves to you, earth mother. ❤️♥️💜 Dr E ...

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    Detoxification is key to health in the modern world. Today I came into my practice and jumped inside the infrared dry sauna for 60 mins. Infrared has incredible detoxification abilities to chelate heavy metals, increasing metabolism, decrease infections, and more. We currently offer an Intro offer of 5 of our basic detox services for $49. Let me know if interested. Dr E ...

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    Biochemistry and physiology are my loves. I love them because they are the blueprint to the body. How the body works. Knowing how the body works is critical to healing the body. If you don’t know how something works it’s difficult to optimize it. What is incredible is the advancements of genetics. We now know a lot more about gee rica which is another blueprint to the body. Combining genetics and epigenetics is a powerful discovery. As you can see the foundation to which the body is built on. We used to believe that we were a victim to our genes, but we now know that is not true. We are no longer a victim to our genes w le can stabilize the environment to which we put our genes in- bio hacking the genetics of the person. I’m excited to teach others how to heal the body using biochemistry. This is the science to which the body works. ...

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