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How do doctors keep from getting sick?

It is that time of year again, runny noses, flu bugs, viruses, coughs, and colds. I get asked many times with all the microbes flowing around, how do doctors keep from getting sick? I am exposed to all of them. I often teach my practice members how to get unsick fast in the event they do based on my experience of self healing. However, my immune system maintains itself and stays strong throughout all of the exposures because I have been consciously cultivating it for years. In fact, it becomes stronger because of the increased exposures. I do allow myself one big sickness every season to give my immune system some support.

I think before we look at how doctors keep from getting sick, let’s first review the immune system purpose. The purpose of the immune system is to recognize self versus non-self. Non-self are microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites. These microorganisms challenge your immune system, and sometimes all at once. However, your immune system is strong enough to defend against these invaders. Getting sick does not mean your immune system is weak; in fact, it is the exact opposite; your immune system is well and healthy. It is stable and working. However, compromised immune systems can become riddled with infections and many people who get sick are desperate to know how to get unsick fast. Others who have little ones with little germs also like to know how do doctors keep from getting sick because like little kids are exposed to many of the seasonal germs.

How do doctors prevent from getting sick

Adopting healthy lifestyle habits help to develop a strong and capable immune system to create optimal body function. The majority of your immune system is housed in your digestive system. Having a compromised immune system means that your body has a diminished immune system, and it is not able to be able to protect against intruding microorganisms. A lot of times, it is as a result of too many challenges to the immune system already in place. Many conditions consume the body’s energy and can interfere with the body’s immune system proteins. There are many conditions, such as heart disease, diabetes, blood disorders, cancer, as well as autoimmune diseases. Many medications, such as chemotherapy drugs, steroids, etc. can directly suppress the body’s natural ability to heal.

How to get unsick fast

If you have any of these immune system challenges or your digestive system is compromised, it is important to be aware of the following steps to take care of your immune system to get unsick fast. These are the steps that I take as a doctor being exposed on a daily basis when I am asked how do doctors keep from getting sick.

  • Fresh food – Eating fresh veggies, and fruits that are organic as well as foods that are domestically instead of foreign grown. Other countries have very different growing standards and cultivation standards, which can affect someone who is immune suppressed. Ensuring to adequately clean your vegetables, as well as cooking them thoroughly, can be helpful in ensuring that you are not contracting foodborne pathogens. I you want to know how to get unsick fast, first Look at your diet. If you eat sugar, you most certainly will get sick and stay sick.
  • Homeoprophylaxis – is a natural way to enhance and support the immune system. Many common diseases are represented by homeopathic nosodes to include polio, measles, EBV, even tetanus, and MRSA. These tiny pellets are no longer than the original substance of these diseases but are the frequency of those conditions that have the potential to educate the immune system to be protected agais=nst exposures.
  • Probiotics – Probiotics are microorganisms that cultivate the digestive tract and have immunoprotective properties. Various strains of probiotics are required within the digestive tract to ensure that the body is immunoprotective. 
  • Manage stress – Increased stress can affect the immune system in a negative way, especially consistent and persistent stress over a long period of time. Learning skills such as meditation, yoga, breathwork, devotions, prayer can all help support the body’s ability to manage the effects of stress. 
  • Nutrient Support – it may be necessary to support the nutrients that your body is not absorbed in the digestive tract. Ensuring we are getting enough vitamins, minerals in our diets are key while also supporting the bodies ability to heal itself
  • Digestion! Digestion! Digestion! – Since most of your immune system is housed in the immune system, repairing the digestive system is key. Addressing diarrhea, constipation, gas, bloating, etc. is key to supporting the immune system. 

Our immune system is truly amazing in its ability to defend our bodies silently and it has the capacity to heal if you know how to get unsick fast. When the body gets overburdened with immune system challenges, it develops an autoimmune state where it has a heightened awareness of itself. That is when the body begins to attack itself instead of attacking the intruder. This often happens when the body is overly toxic with chemicals, heavy metals, infections, etc. Once you get those items under control of the body, meaning you take the stresses off the body, the body will begin to stop attacking itself. I often see many acute sick cases as well as chronic ones.

How do doctors prevent from getting sick
How do doctors prevent from getting sick

I am so in tune with my body, I am able to typically tell them my body becomes infected with a bacteria, virus, etc. My feet get cold, for some they get a tickle in their throat, or their head gets cold, or they get itchy, etc. whichever it is, in that moment I decide if I want to give my immune system a workout or do I want to kill it. If I want to kill I often take homeopaths to knock it out quickly. This is how to get unsick fast. I also sleep a lot and sweat. If I sleep and sweat within the first couple fo days along with the homeopaths for my condition I tend to knock it out quickly. If you need additional support or targeted sick care treatment please call our office to schedule, this month we are offering a promo of $35 for any sick care visit with a complimentary flu prophylaxis.


Are autoimmune diseases genetic?

I recall a familiar game played with children where the adult grabs the child’s hands in a playful manner and says stop hitting yourself while having the playful child pat his or her cheeks. This seems like the basis of an autoimmune condition. Stop hitting yourself. Autoimmune diseases are various in their expression and many question are autoimmune diseases genetic. Diseases such as Type 1 diabetes, lupus, fibromyalgia, MS, etc. Hashimoto’s are all autoimmune based conditions just to name a few all have autoimmune components to them. Many conditions stem from autoimmune roots such as skin conditions, joint conditions, and even neurohormonal imbalances are contributed to autoimmune diseases and as Hippocrates all disease begin in the gut.

hippocrates all disease begins in the gut
hippocrates all disease begins in the gut

Environmental factors such as infections, chemicals, solvents, and even the standard western diet are all contributing factors to the development of autoimmune conditions. The body these days is being bombarded with so many things that it is not accustomed to dealing with, such as heavy metal toxicities, GMOs, chemical substances, etc. The body was not made to identify food-like substances and break this food like substances down for energy. Processed foods and the standard American diet has wreaked havoc on our digestive systems, which house the majority of our immune, neurological, and hormonal systems. The body must overcome these challenges on a daily basis aside from the question are autoimmune diseases genetic. The more unconscious we are about what we are putting in our bodies, the more susceptible our bodies will succumb to a disease process. Unfortunately, many of us remain unconscious about our health and what goes into our bodies for some time. When we wake up, it is sometimes as a result of the development of a disease instead of shifting to a paradigm of preventing disease.

Processed foods and food-like substances are one thing that we ingest on a daily basis, and unfortunately, we are also ingesting chemicals as well as heavy metals on a regular basis as well. We are exposed to these things on a daily basis through our air, our water, our clothing, building materials, pretty much anything and everything we expose ourselves to these days have some level of toxicity within it. Detoxification of these items is necessary, yet many people do not detox in healthy ways, leaving them feeling sicker, weaker, and pretty much defeated. Since we have such an abundance of toxins swimming in our environment, which are now in our bodies, care must be taken as we are getting those things out. Gentle detoxes such as Epsom salt baths, infrared dry sauna treatments, and steam sessions can be the answer to allow the body to remove these toxins without disrupting an unstable immune system slowly. A person with an autoimmune condition really cannot handle too much instability within the system and must be careful when deciding to remove things out of the body. Genetically, many toxic agents and immune system instabilities are passed down both in the mothers umbilical chord, however the baby must be susceptible to these toxic substances.

Are autoimmune diseases genetic
Joint pain

Toxic emotions also plague on the autoimmune body which can also tie into the idea to the question are autoimmune diseases genetic. Toxic emotions can be passed own for generations. Repressed or buried emotions, unprocessed emotions, traumatic events, toxic relationships, lack of self-worth, and self-esteem all play into the development of autoimmune conditions. On some level, I believe this is where it begins before we can actually see it or have physiological symptoms. Perhaps it begins with a person with a difficult childhood, and that person represses memories, thoughts, experiences, emotions, etc. in an effort to survive. They continue on this survivalist path, ignoring and possibly avoiding emotional upsets as they are unskilled or unwilling to process these emotions out in a healthy manner. They become distracted with work, school, family demands, and self-neglect their own emotional healing. The weight of these emotions may cause them to pick up unhealthy habits such as eating sugar, overworking, over-exercising, being overwhelmed, etc. These unhealthy habits lead to unhealthy behaviors such as skipping meals, not eating healthy foods, or overeating. Again the question is posed are autoimmune disease genetic and the answer is that many of the unhealthy habits relative to food is passed down for generations. Physiologically, these foods create even further imbalances within the body and then depending on the processing of the foods, chemical agents exposures begin to occur. The father of western medicine, Hippocrates all disease begins in the gut. Now not only is the body open and susceptible now, but we are also feeding the body disease-causing agents that eventually, over time, suppress the immune system to create disease.

Father with Son
Are autoimmune disease genetic?

Many times people assume that disease happens instantly. Genetic predisposition does play a role but not a clear answer to the question are autoimmune diseases genetic. They ignored the symptoms and signs their body is telling them to pay attention. It may begin with a lack of sleep, sluggishness, blood sugar dysregulation, etc. and then eventually it leads to bigger, more long-lasting events as now the body, as well as the mind, have to dig itself out of the mess it has created. Again, the belief of Hippocrates all diseases begins in the gut reigns true even today. When working to heal these matters, it is much like peeling back an onion, layer by layer. The body must learn to heal itself gently and effortlessly over an extended period of time. Unfortunately, when I tend to see people, it is after they have done considerable damage self-treatment combined with harsh allopathic approaches. The allopathic approaches may have stabilized the symptoms, but it has driven the cause deeper into the tissues, so now a practitioner such as myself must clean out the suppressive treatments along with getting to the root causes. People even over supplement or look to find “miracle cures” to heal every ill and believe just because it is natural, it is unharmful to the body. Over supplementing harms the body because now the body has to not only deal with the already overtaxing items to their immune system such as infections, chemicals, heavy metals, etc. it also needs to process you’re not such helpful supplements.

Are autoimmune diseases genetic

To be clear, supplements are there to support the body. Knowledge in biochemistry, in my humble opinion, is necessary to make appropriate recommendations. Otherwise, you are simply throwing paint up against the wall to see what sticks. I am also not an advocate for retail-based supplements as they often do not go through as much rigorous testing as neutraceuticals. I have also learned that if you load the supplements appropriately, there is a strong likelihood of removing the supplements as the body becomes stronger. I often tell patients there is nothing outside of self that is stronger than self, not even a supplement. A supplement supports that’s all; it does not do the bodies work for it. A supplement also does not answer the question relative to this article, are autoimmune disease genetic.

Working with people with autoimmune conditions is a complex process. Many times a person has years of layers to unwrap, and some may not be as open to unwrap so many deep-seated layers. Unwrapping those layers is key to healing the body once and for all otherwise, even if you heal the physiological aspect of the illness, the person’s mental, emotional, and spiritual state that created the dis-ease, to begin with, will bring back on the physiological processes. I do stand by Hippocrates all disease begins in the gut, but I also believe it begins spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. I also believe that genetics provides the foundation and then our habits, lifestyles, and choices serve as the fuel to the fire but I don’t think there is a simple answer to the question are autoimmune disease genetic. How much of our perceptions, ideas, and beliefs did we inherit from our parents? How much of their behavior do we continue to mirror? How do their genes affect our ability to heal, some would say less than 30%. This is why I tend to work with a person for at least one year. It takes time to unwrap these complexities and get to the root causes of each and every case. It takes a while, but with a little patience and some persistence, anyone can find the healing they are seeking in life.

How to get unwell fast

How to get unsick or how to get over being sick fast

The immune system is a simple yet complex system that defends self from non-self and many people want to know how to get unsick or how to how tog et over being sick fast. The immune system looks for and feverishly defends any outside intruders from itself. Mold, Parasites, Bacterias, and even viruses are all eradicated easily and effortlessly with a healthy, fully functioning immune system. However, many of our immune systems are being bombarded with many items that are not typical pathogens. Heavy metals, chemicals, GMOs, and the lie are infiltrating our environment at a rapid rate. What once was considered a small dose has now become much larger doses of accumulative mycotoxins that we are exposed to on a daily basis. Toxicities from our water, our air, our clothes, even our food are continuing to accumulate in our system, wreaking havoc on many of our bodily functions.

The immune system is just one aspect of the body’s challenges as these mycotoxins are found in numerous items throughout our environment. It becomes a vicious cycle as the body’s immune system is inhibited from the various bombardment of toxic substances leaving the body defenseless and allowing other systems within itself to be vulnerable. Without proper testing it becomes almost impossible to know how to get over being sick fast or how to get unsick. Sinus cavities, reproductive organs, the nervous system, the hormonal system, even the skin are all a result of increased toxic loads within the body.

how to get over being sick fast
Mother with daughter in a field of sunflowers

Unfortunately, we have not been taught consistent organ health and hygiene; therefore, ridding our bodies of these toxins has not been shown, educated upon, or even supported by the traditional medical community. We understand that disease is nothing more than a break down with the system, where the body’s natural defenses are worn down and unable to fully function because they are inhibited by nutritional deficiencies, accumulated toxins, and poor organ health and hygiene.

Mother takes a daughter temperature to make sure she is well

Many people become enthusiastic about detoxification practices and jump headfirst into the world of detoxification. Unfortunately, if the body is not strong enough, meaning the body does not have nutritional stability, the person may get sick. Contrary to popular belief having a healing crisis or experiencing flu-like symptoms while detoxing are signs that the body is working too hard and the body is not well enough too detox. This is counter intuitive as many people who feel sick believe hot to get unsick or how to get over being sick fast lies in detoxification. However, this is not a healthy approach if the body does not have enough energy for daily activities or the level of toxic load within the body is high and unrecognizable. Healthy detoxification should be done slowly, effortlessly, and methodically over time once the body’s energy has been established and stabilized.


Safe and gentle detoxification practices are recommended, such as drinking over half your body in ounces of water, taking Epsom salt baths, infrared dry sauna, as well as one of our many basic detoxification services. The purpose of our basic detoxification services is to support the body’s natural ability to detoxify itself rather than forcing the body to detoxify by using herbs or chelating agents.

It is not advised to begin to take detoxification herbs as many herbs have interactions with many medications as well as can deplete already scarce minerals within the body. It is recommended to take a slow and gentle approach to detoxification as well as working with your holistic provider on your individual needs. Biochemically, every human being is uniquely coded along with genetic elements that affect the body’s ability to detoxify. I think many people are often desperate to know how to get unsick when they are not feeling well and or want to know how to get over being sick fast, yet lack the understanding in laboratory testing to determine what things are in the body that are making the body unwell.

Naturally, if a person is already under the weather even with a common cold, detoxification is not a healthy option until the energy levels are back up to neutral. It is important to establish a baseline of energy before a person attempts to detoxify itself. Slow and steady always wins the race. I have found that so many toxins are within our environment that make it difficult to determine what is in the body and the most effective time for it to come out.

In my view, I never treat unless I know what I treating. Otherwise, I could do more harm than good. I test for acute conditions that have cough, cold, and flu symptoms using AK testing or muscle testing. Muscle testing allows for me to identify a virus, bacteria, etc quickly in order to apply the appropriate treatment. As a result, this teaches me yo teach my patients how to get unsick and of course how to get unsick fast. However, AK testing in my opinion is not effective for chronic multifaceted conditions which is why I use it only for acute conditions. Otherwise, I use advanced functional laboratory testing to be able to determine the root cause of why someone is unwell, which again can be multifaceted. Root causes come from heavy metal toxicities, viruses, chemicals, molds, etc. that then attack organs, weaken their functioning and prevent the body from being well. If you want to know how to get unsick and/or how to get her being sick fast it is important to know and perform the appropriate testing to determine the cause before treating. Otherwise, you are just guessing which may or may not cause more harm than good.

Homeopaths vs naturopath

Difference between naturopath and homeopath – Homeoprophylaxis

Over the years, aspects of public health measures have been used in the reduction of preventable conditions such as hygiene, antibiotics (natural or otherwise), and arguably vaccines. There has been a difference between naturopath and homeopath philosophies when it comes to vaccines. Traditional vaccines are a form of artificial immunity where the body comes in contact with a live virus, and the body produces antibodies within the system, so if it comes in contact with that disease, it already has the memory to fight it. Vaccines have been touted to have ended the fight against many diseases such as measles, mumps, rubella, polio, etc. However, over the years, the number of vaccines has increased, and the body’s reaction to many additives within vaccines has also come under question. Although there has not been any definitive proof that has withstood public scrutiny, it is hard to ignore many mothers’ concerns over developmental delays after the use of vaccines. I think the greatest difference between naturopath and homeopath is the observation of the subtle actions form the patient. Homeopaths are often more in tune with the subtle changes in their patients whereas naturopath are trying more in the hard sciences. As both a homeopathic doctor as well as a naturopathic doctor I do not view it as homeopathic vs naturopathic but rather a blend of the two worlds, hard science with subtle energetic medicine.


Reviewing genetic data, we are beginning to have a greater understanding as to why some have a reaction while others do not. Genetic variants such as SOD, DHFR, and even MTHFR may provide us some clues as to why the body may not be capable of handling many of the additives found in vaccines. Mothers are experiencing even more complications within pregnancy as well as birth as a result of the ever-growing environmental toxins. In a landmark study performed by EWG, the umbilical cord of unborn babies was tested in 10 Americans and proved to have over 400 plus toxic agents supplying blood to not only the babies’ fetal tissue but also crossing the unprotected blood-brain barrier. Although this is speculative, it may be interesting to note why so many neurohormonal conditions such as autism, OCD, anxiety, etc. are popping up as a response to many of these toxic agents found within our systems. 

Dr. Samuel Hahnemann was a homeopath back in the 1800s who developed the concept of homeopathic nosodes. Nosodes are biological preparations used by homeopaths in the practice of disease prevention. Nosodes are derived from diseased tissues, and through a process of succession, serial dilutions no longer contain the original substance but the bioenergetic frequency behind that substance, whether it be a virus, bacteria, parasite, etc. Naturopaths may or may not use or believe in the principles of homeopathic treatments as they cannot be proven through traditional western medical means. This is another difference between naturopath and homeopath. Homeopaths deal in energetic frequencies and subtle energies. In the debate of homeopathic vs naturopathic there is now some convergence as energetic medicine is becoming more able to test and observe. Within the past few years, we have finally been able to view and see the bodies electromagnetic frequencies and quantum fields to understand their existence. This is still a relatively unexplored area of healthcare and has often been dismissed as quackery and disregarding in the medical community even as homeopathic doctor vs naturopathic doctor may or may not agree with many benefits of subtle energies.

Asian baby boy takes medicine syrup from a spoon. Sick child.

However, we know that everything in life generates a unique pattern and a unique frequency. Every organ, gland, meridian, emotion, and in this case, a pathogen has its own unique frequency. As Albert Einstein once said, everything is energy, and that’s all there is to it. This is not philosophy. This is physics. Bioenergetic screening tools such as Zyto and other quantum psychics devices are available to be able to read the bioenergetic frequencies of a human being with their subsequent imbalances. These imbalances often come before it even shows itself in the lab work or biochemistry of the individual. Homeopathic vs naturopathic can come together linking the bioenergetic form of healthcare with the scientific evidence based healthcare of naturopathic medicine. Much validity and ground have been gained in understanding bioenergetic healthcare, and as time goes on, new frontiers will be emerging in the understanding of these aspects of life. 

As of yet, homeopathic nosodes have not been traditionally studied within our standard western medical model of cohort studies; however, the effectiveness is beginning to gain ground which blends the difference between naturopath and homeopath. Organizations such as lead by homeopath Kate Birch have developed more of an organized structure of researchers as well as homeopaths, such as myself, who are certified and trained in the use of homeopathic nosodes to educate the immune system. I am fascinated by this because I can see clearly the difference between naturopath and homeopath as I am both, which allows me to combine the tow worlds for the patients care. HP has been used on millions of people worldwide, especially those whose traditional vaccinations may not be indicated. Neurodevelopmental challenges, neurotransmitter imbalances, etc. may be the most vulnerable to the traditional vaccinations. Only organic acid testing, as well as full genetic testing, can determine the risk factors for sure. HP has been proven to be 96% effective based on many clinical studies, as shown here: Although, many critics of the more natural and holistic practice often attack and discredit many plausible studies citing that they are not strong enough to conclude findings. 

Even still, there is a growing political as well as public health concern about the safety of vaccines as well as the effectiveness of many natural immune system practices. Homeopathic doctor vs naturopathic may or may not have a definitive consensus accepting HP as of right now, however from personal experience I can say, my daughter, who is 15, is unvaccinated. She has never been on antibiotics and solely has been given homeopathy as a child. Even though she was born from C-Section, her immune system has been strong and resilient through her youth. She has never suffered from ear infections, colic, or skin conditions, etc. She is a healthy and vibrant young girl. I remember in undergraduate writing papers and one in particular on this topic I found interesting from my research. I found that 100% of vaccinated societies still suffered from outbreaks of measles, mumps, and rubella. In fact, the World Health Organization reports and agrees that the majority of people who get the disease have been vaccinated. No vaccine is 100% effective; most routine childhood vaccines are 85% – 95% effective, however, because every person is bio energetically, biochemically, and genetically individually, it is difficult to judge the effectiveness of each particular vaccine over another. 

Parents looking to offer their children away to educate their immune system without the use of vaccines do have the option of homeoprophylaxis, through the use of homeopathic nosodes. And can seek a provider such as myself who does not separate out homeopathic vs naturopathic but uses both of the beauties of the practice together. There is a distinct difference between naturopath and homeopath but when combined together makes for a comprehensive healthcare approach in holistic practice. Parents can not only educate their children’s immune systems naturally but can also work on supporting their immune system naturally through the use of diet, supplementation, and stress relief strategies. Even writing this, I know the emotional reaction, politically controversy, and the implications of these statements; however, I stand by my commitment to be objective. I have families that choose to vaccinate, and I have families that don’t. I have families that choose to use homeoprophylaxis, and I have families that don’t. I am neutral and objective and can only go off of data, facts, and conscious. If I am not 100% clear medically, scientifically, definitively through objective third party laboratory data assessing the individual seeking treatment, I am unable to provide a healthcare opinion. Statistically, data does not have much bearing on individual cases. Meaning because 100 people before the last person I saw did fine; that does not mean the 101 cases will do fine. I think that any healthcare decision is a deeply personal one and one that should be left up to the parent and their trusted healthcare provider. If we simply spent more time learning how the immune system worked and working to heal and support our immune systems, the incidence of fear from the various outside intruders would fade. My job as a healthcare provider is not to push an agenda but rather interpret the data as I see that pertains to the family and their unique bioenergetic, biochemical, and genetic findings. I like to think that I have found a balance between being homeopathic doctor vs naturopathic blending the two philosophies, ideas, and worlds as they fit so nicely together. They both fundamentally believe the body can heal itself and understand that there is a need for verifiable scientific data to provide or disprove results. I am neutral on the vaccine debate issue and see it from both perspectives. My family history had lots of neurological imbalances, and mental health challenges within it, and I wanted to raise my daughter as holistic as possible, which is why I chose what I chose for her, yet every family and every child is different. I think it is healthy to weigh out all of the options and make a smart, informed decision that meets your needs. 

Kundalini Meditation to start the day fresh

Kundalini Meditation Practice
Meditation Practice

Let’s face it. We all live super busy and hectic lives. We are going here there and everywhere. Many of us juggle work, home, children, partners, finances, and everything else in between. How do we all get everything done AND keep our sanity? Simple, Kundalini Meditation, we start the day balanced, focused, and energized. Consider that how we start the day is how the day goes. Simply put, if you start the day stressed, disorganized, and short of breath, consider that is how the day will go. Alternately, if we start the day balanced, relaxed, and focused, we can handle anything that life is throwing at us.

Kundalini Meditation is a tool to help us set the tone for the day. It can help you find yourself and connect with the creator before we launch into a day of business. Even if you have 5 mins a day or have to sneak into the bathroom away from kids, you can create a space of meditation.

Also, recognize there is no perfect kundalini meditation practice. Some days, I feel like I am levitating from my spiritual progress, while other days, I feel like I am just getting by. Some days, my mind is always reminding me of my grocery list while other days, I feel as though I leave my body entirely. The point is that meditation is messy. It is not easy, not clean, and it is going to be a struggle, so expect it. There will be a lot of resistance that the ego presents to throw you off track, your tired, you don’t have time, etc. The ego wants to hold on to the old and the known. Meditation clears out the subconscious mind and clears out the aura of any junk collected in it. It also settles the mind and helps you to become more of an observer of your life instead of a reactor, but it takes consistent practice.

Meditation Outdoors
Portrait of calm woman sitting in pose of lotus in natural environment

Yogi Bhajan, the Founder of American Kundalini Meditation and yoga practice, said that “the greatest art is to sit, and wait, and let it come.” Yogic science states that there are specific times for certain desired effects in meditation.

  • 3 minutes affects the blood and electromagnetic field
  • 11 minutes changes the glandular system and the nerves
  • 22 minutes balances and coordinates the three minds (positive, negative, and neutral)
  • 31 minutes affects all the cells and rhythms of the body and all layers of the mind’s projection
  • 62 minutes changes the gray matter of the brain, integrating the subconscious into the outer projection.
  • 2.5 hours holds a new pattern int he subconscious mind by surrounding the universal mind

Committing to a personal practice of kundalini meditation is a process of transformation, especially when practiced as a daily discipline.

  • 40 days change a habit
  • 90 days confirms the habit
  • 120 days creates YOU as a new habit
  • 1,000 days Masters a new habit
Kundalini Meditations to start the day

I find beginning low and slow until you gain a taste for it is essential. After a while, you will rave the meditation process, but in the beginning, it can be arduous and difficult, especially when you are retraining your mind. I often enjoy Kundalini meditations, partly because I am a Kundalini teacher, but partly because I enjoy adding purpose to my meditations rather than just sitting quietly. I have done meditations on reactivity, anger, vision, prosperity, and more. To find some jet-powered mediation, please review the library of teachings or come check out my monthly kundalini or meditation classes. Here are my kundalini yoga class schedule:

Healthy Food Items

Healthy school lunch ideas for your kids

Mother and daughter cooking in the kitchen
Mother and daughter cooking at the kitchen

I’ll admit it. Not my favorite activity from my daughter growing up, figuring out healthy school lunch ideas, especially when she would chuck it and charge school lunch instead. Who even knew they would give elementary school kids credit. Sigh! You are not alone if you feel the burden and the struggle of trying to instill healthy eating habits for your children. Here are some tips and options to hopefully make it easier to get food down them. No guarantees they won’t trade it for something else, throw it away, or leave it at home calling you in a panic to bring it to them when you are already late in back to back meetings all day… Haha! Isn’t parenting great.

Family cooking time
Family cooking time : Happy family help cooking meal together in kitchen at home.

First, let’s get some tips:

You will never win as a dictator lunch preparer, having a healthy school lunch means you will need to involve your children in the lunch decisions. Start off by showing them the elements of a healthy lunch to include fruit, veggies, and healthy protein. From here teach them how to navigate the kitchen and perhaps if they are old enough help you prepare the items. Cooking in bulk and making extra of their fav dinner meals really can save you time in the school lunch department big time, but only if they like what’s on the menu. I tend to recommend grabbing food that is convenient such as a cup of fruit, things like packable cherries, grape tomatoes, apple slices, carrots, and hummus, etc. These are quick grab items that are easily packable and stackable with other food items. Also considers that they really do not have a lot of time to eat during lunch as they are busy socializing and meeting with their friends that things that are convenient finger food make it easy for them to grab a bite in the time allowed.

Packing a healthy school lunch should be a no brainer, but just in case, I often have used non-toxic, durable, and dishwasher safe items that are mostly leak proof. I also always had a spare in case I found something growing in one, or just needed to throw one away and start over. Hello Monday! My daughter would often lose her lunch box, regularly, so I always had to have a spare that was sot, durable, and that would not break easily. Now if they offered GPS on the thing, we would be all set.

I would also include a water bottle in her healthy school lunch with filtered water and a small organic juice for her just for variety. I was often appalled that the school never seemed to have filtered water and my daughter easily turns her nose up at non heavily filtered water (even as a teenager) Yay! Parents – 1.

Some combos like Veggies with hummus, protein muffins, Caesar salad, homemade pasta and marina sauce wee common favorites of hers growing up.

I would also include things like crackers, berries, nuts, granola, lots of fresh fruits, and some grain free sandwiches. She always loved peanut butter and jelly, which was s safe option that I could always go to.

If I happen to get adventurous with her healthy school lunch, I will do quinoa salad, lettuce wraps, plantain chips with dip, homemade nachos with salsa and black beans with many tortilla roll-up options.

I found that really quick and safe finger foods were the best and anything too elaborate was often overlooked, disposed of, or returned back home for my mid-afternoon snack (why waste food).

Healthy Food Items fo School Lunches

Lastly, be mindful of these last parting words:

  • Be prepared for trial and errors
  • Be prepared to throw out food
  • Be prepared for loves today, hates tomorrow (I am still waiting for her to like avocado again)
  • Don’t take it personally
  • Throw in some non-health snacks too (I know, cringe)
  • Let them make their own choices (Again, cue the cringe)

I went on a long ride with my daughter in trying to force her to eat healthy to no success. Even still, there is a moment that she makes my heart been as she orders salads and other various healthy foods after a binge of McDonald’s, Burger King, and Five Guys. At this point, she has opted to purchase her own food with her own money that she makes. It is truly impressive; this kid is only 15 years old. For me, the more persistent I was about eating healthy, the more she was insistent upon rebellion. I can truly speak candidate that great stress was relieved when I let go, but it took quite some time. I was extremely careful with her pregnancy, breastfeed, raised her vegetarian, no television, and lots of love up until 5 years old and then once Kindergarten hit GAME ON!. Haha. So try and relax, do your best and forget the rest. Remember you are not alone, and Kale may be just a seed planted today, but eventually, she/he will catch the clue.

Supporting the bodies energy levels all day

Adrenal fatigue and sleeping well
Young woman sitting in bedroom

In our fast-paced, unrelenting society, many of us find ourselves in some stage of adrenal fatigue. Burnt out, exhausted, and feeling worn down. This pattern starts when we first wake up in the morning and continues after the coffee wears off and the mid-afternoon crash. I would say that is the number one complaint that I hear in my practice is in regards to energy loss. And once it is gone, many people are desperate to get it back downing energy drinks, caffeine, drinking too much coffee, etc. to keep up with the daily demands. However, these tend to be fly by night approaches that do more damage than good tot eh system. Here are some tips to get your energy levels back on track, naturally.

Get enough quality sleep – this may be a no brainer, but often times people program themselves to get to bed around 12 PM- 1 AM, which leads to adrenal fatigue, and the adrenal glands do not like this process. They reset themselves between 10 PM – 2 AM, so it is important to be in bed during those times to regenerate them. Otherwise, you are borrowing from them to power through your day, which they can handle but eventually can throw off other systems such as your digestive system, immune system, etc.

Clear any infections in the body – Sniffles, nasal congestion, etc. are all signs of underlying immunological challenges, which can create adrenal fatigue. If the immune system is activated, it can put stress on the bodies energy restores because all none essential personnel go to trying to fight and stabilize the infection which can leave to understaffing of your bodies energy reserves. That is why if you get sick, it is SO important for you to get lots of sleep to regenerate your energy quickly.

Eat breakfast – energy in and energy out. Even if you are not hungry because you have trained your metabolism not to take in food, it is important to start the blood sugar on the right foot. That way, throughout the day, your blood sugar stays stable and supported. Blood sugar destabilization and adrenal fatigue have a symbiotic relationship. I find if I skip breakfast or have a breakfast that is not blood sugar supportive, my blood sugar and energy levels suffer all day.

Eating breakfast
Sporty smiling attractive woman having vegetarian lunch at the kitchen, enjoying healthy food, getting energy for sport and study, wearing white sportswear top, indoor home interior background

Eat snacks – As a continuation of eating breakfast, I find my energy levels stay the most stable when I eat every couple of hours. That way, my blood sugar stays stable, and as I burn energy, I am refueling. As mentioned before the energy in and energy out.

Digesting well – If a person is not digesting well, they are not going to have the energy necessary to carry throughout the day. Therefore, if you notice that you are most fatigued after meals, or are gassy, bloating, etc. after meals, those are sure fire signs you are not digesting your food. Taking a digestive enzyme can be helpful but may not be the ultimate cause, reviewing lab work from a functional perspective can be extremely helpful in discovering how to repair the digestive process. Digesting well decreases the risk of adrenal fatigue.

There are many reasons that person energy may not be where it needs to be, and with everything we have going on not only, it is important to maintain energy but also conserve energy. Therefore maintaining relationships that take excessive energy, maintaining unhealthy habits long term, a lack of movement, and consistent stress responses all can have large impacts on the overall health of the body. Holistic healthcare is a way to get to the root cause from a comprehensive approach to the health of the body. Systemically, over a consistent period of time, we get to the root cause of why a persons’ every level may not be where they need to and restore energy levels once and for all. For more information about your adrenal glands read this blog post:

Getting back into a healthy lifestyle

Getting back into a healthy family routine

Getting back into a routine

Its that time again, Summer fun is winding down, and more of a structured routine is coming before us. This year let’s support you in creating a healthy family. Thank goodness! If you felt like everything had gone out of the window, you are not alone. The summer is such a busy time with losing schedules, travel, family gatherings, and challenges on a healthy lifestyle. There is some calm and peace to having a schedule, and September is the time to get it in gear. Here are some tips to get back into a healthy family routine.

Getting back into a healthy family routine
  1. Start early. Instead of rushing into the school year with a new schedule, begin implementing that schedule early by starting in August. Especially as sleep schedules for children and parents tend to be slightly different, it is important to get acquainted with earlier nights and earlier mornings sooner rather than later. Cue the groans from the kiddos. Healthy family planning explains the importance of a regular sleep schedule (as if they have not heard it all before) and let them know that during school, there is one schedule compared to summer fun times.
  2. Create routine schedules. As much as children hate to admit it, they love the structure of a schedule. Healthy family schedules help us feel safe, secure, and in control. Let’s face it, who does not like to feel in control of things. Having a schedule that you can depend on helps everyone involved feel as though they know what’s coming and hey can know what to expect, which cultivates relaxation and internal peace.
  3. Eating dinner together and way the same time. Remember that old tradition of sitting around the family table eating dinner. Yes, me too. Perhaps it is time to bring that one back. The health family eats dinner together around the table can rove to be a bonding experience for the family. It opens up conversations and communications regarding school, friends, and various work projects. Be mindful of turning it into a staff meeting of sorts and resist the urge of handing out a dinner time agenda (that is more for me that you…haha) Just enjoy being in the moment with your family and sharing good times with each other.
  4. Teach everyone to clean up after themselves. This was extremely important for me to teach my daughter was cleaning up after herself. Naturally, she was not cleaning every once of the house like we were growing up, but she does carry the responsibility of keeping her room clean too which she consistently does without being told now because she finds great joy in keeping her room nice and tidy.
  5. Plan ahead. A healthy family plan starts deciding plans for holidays ahead of time. Are you staying in town or leaving out of town. Need to start creating a budget for holiday spending or perhaps needing to figure out how to accommodate house guests. Starting early and involving the entire family in the plan can help to ease any stress that the holidays may create, and less holiday stress is always on everyone’s wish list.
Getting back to routine
Mom and daughter eat together in the kitchen. They are both mulattoes. Mom helps a little girl. There are many dishes on the table.

Routines are necessary for a smooth family organization and creating a healthy family. Without routines, you have controlled the chaos. Just ask single mothers with multiple children. Without routines, it is difficult to get things done. This modeling of habits and behaviors also spill over into children’s lives as they mature and helps them to continue the trend of organizing their schedule with their own families.

Good routines are often well planned, consistent, and predictable that way, everyone can create effective routines. Daily routines vary based on family size, age, and health factors, so care must be taken when developing a healthy family routine that works for you.

holistic prenatal care

Holistic Prenatal Care & the First 1,000 days of life

Holistic prenatal care is necessary even if you have had multiple pregnancies.
Pregnant woman with children sitting by the window

Holistic Prenatal Care looks at the the first 1,00 days of a child’s life is critical. This I the period between conception to the child’s 2nd birthday. This period of time support’s the child’s development, their long term health and can have many short as well as long term impacts towards their health. Environmental as we as nutrition can play a vital role in the development of the babies brain, digestive tract, metabolism, and immune system.

Pre-Conception – If a woman has a clean bill of health (not just an absence) of disease but a truly comprehensive view of her lab work from a functional diagnostic perspective it takes one year to prepare the body to get pregnant. Holistic prenatal care looks deeper than just the absence of disease but rather prepares the body for pregnancy. Many people assume that because they do not have symptoms that they are free and clear. It takes the body quite a while to develop disease and disease is not just merely the absence of health but rather the total health. Even subtle things can have critical impacts tot he body if left unaddressed. Simple gas, bloating, fatigue can all be signs of deeper biochemical imbalances that will show itself more throughout the pregnancy. During the perinatal phase of holistic prenatal care, it is recommended to do the following:

  • A healthy lifestyle of regular physical activity
  • No alcohol or nicotine consumption
  • Control of chronic conditions such as  diabetes and hyeprtension]
  • Adequate water intake
  • Stable home life
  • Healthy stress management techniques
  • Screening, treatment, and prevention of any infectious diseases
  • Maintaining a healthy body weight
  • A healthy, balanced diet
  • Stable mental health
Holistic prenatal care is especially important in your first pregnancy to learn how to stay well and avoid unnecessary health risks.
Happy couple with pregnancy news

During the pregnancy phase of holistic prenatal care, a baby is exposed to various environmental factors the mother is exposed to, such as nutrition, toxic agents, medications, etc. So it is important for a mother to get in the best health possible to potentially work with their medical providers to reduce the toxic load on the body. This includes things like medication reduction, detoxification of organs, etc. It is important to note that it is dangerous to reduce medication load without the assistance of a qualified healthcare professional.

During pregnancy, it is helpful to have a balanced diet with supportive nutrient supplements. Energy requirements are only minimally increased during pregnancy, which leaves the fallacy of eating for two to the wind. Any cravings experiences during pregnancy are often as a result of nutrient deficiencies either in the diet or lacking in absorption. Therefore attention should be made to the diet to include healthy and balanced nutrition. Critical nutrients to be mindful of our iron, iodine, calcium, zinc, magnesium. All necessary vitamins A- E, as well as added Omega-3 Fatty acids.

A Healthy Lifestyle while pregnant is critical. Here are some healthy habits during pregnancy that we outline in holistic prenatal care.

  • A healthy, balanced diet
  • Moderate weight gain
  • Regular to the moderate exercise of hiking, yoga, walking
  • Regular prenatal visits
  • A balance of work-life
  • Hydration
  • Meditation

A healthy delivery after holistic prenatal care is a key to the development of the babies immune system including vaginal birth, being able to breastfeed for at least a year, and ensuring that the same lifestyle habits that were maintained during pregnancy care over to the babies, the first year or until breastfeeding stops.

The first 1,000 days of life are key to the health of a baby

Breastmilk is the best choice for quality nutrition for the baby. It is recommended to breastfeed for a minimum of four to six months. Breast milk has so many quality nutrients for the baby while also supporting the babies digestive tract, immune system, neurological system, and reduces the risk of late development obesity. Breastfeeding also promotes bonding between mother and baby and can have a positive influence over the mothers’ hormones as they return to normal.

Breastfeeding women have an increased need for several micronutrients of iodine, vitamins, and EFAs, as well as a healthy and balanced diet. It is important to continue a healthy balanced diet, adequate water intake with no unhealthy habits such as smoking, alcohol, smoking, etc. Here is a company that sells herbs to help mamas milk production:

As baby crosses over the 6-month mark into 7 months of life, complementary feeding can be encouraged. Solid foods should not be initiated before 5 months but not after 7 months while continuing breastfeeding for as long as mom and baby would like to continue. Move slowly with adding complementary foods in and do so one at a time. Try to avoid cow’s milk int he first year of life, sugar-sweetened beverages. Ruit juices, and honey that is not fully pasteurized. It is encouraged to make your own whole food baby foods rather than the store-bought options that are often loaded with sweeteners, etc. This will allow for a healthier palate that will last for many years to come down the road.

The first 1,000 days of life are critical to the immune system, neurological system, and digestive system of your child. With the new medical and healthcare information at our fingertips with genetic as well as epigenetic understanding, it is a very exciting time to have children. Care must be taken to ensure mommy and baby are healthy and happy before, after, and during pregnancy. Holistic Family Practice is here to help ensure you and your family are healthy with expert care and attention to detail.

Gut Microbiome

Building Gut Health in Children

Children must be educated to have a healthy microbiome
Brother and sister pillow fighting in living room

The Gut Microbiome is the key to healthy digestion which is a key to the health of our immune system, hormonal system, and the neurological system and in children, it is even more vital that they maintain a healthy digestive tract as how their digestive tract is developed now can creating long-lasting effects on their overall health. These days diagnosis such as ADD, ADHD, and Autism and being thrown around like casual conversation with very little attention to the relationship the digestive tract has to behavior. The digestive tract, and gut microbiome, is known as the second brain and therefore needs to be the first place explored when a child is exhibiting any behavioral problem including impulsivity, defiance, focus, concentration issues, aggression, etc. If a child is not moving their bowels regularly, then the tendency is to have moodiness and struggle with other symptoms such as sleepiness, bloating, or lethargy.

Therefore, we want to provide simple ways to give the child’s digestive system a health boost.

Processed foods – Try to minimize these as much as possible. Even healthy snacks that read gluten-free, organic, etc. can often have processed in them as they must stay shelf stable for a certain period of time. It is tempting because these are quick and easy solutions; however, these can easily lack fiber and back a child’s bowel movements up which can damage the gut microbiome. Adding healthy snacks such as pears, apples, hummus, berries have healthy fiber to be able to allow for the bowels to move easily and effortlessly.

Bowel conversations – Speak with your children about bowel movements and the importance of having a healthy gut microbiome. Discuss what is considered healthy and inquire if they are going daily. Some children become embarrassed by these conversations and do not want to discuss their bowel, but to get to the bottom of healthy bowels, we must have an open dialogue. Discuss your bowels and the timing, consistency, and how it feels, so they understand what is considered normal. Which begs the question, when was the last time your bowels were normal? Just in case you are confused 2-3 times per day well formed, brown color is considered healthy anything less than that may need some healthy adjustments.

Playing int he dirt can help build the gut microbiome

Play in the dirt – In our industrialized age, we forwent the dirt and started bleaching, sanitizing, and stripping all of the healthy bacteria out of everything. The body needs exposure to various types of bacteria, specifically from dirt, etc. Of course, developing health hand washing techniques are important, and educating your child on when, where, and how to do so is important, just not being excessive about cleanliness is key.

Be mindful of antibiotics – It is easy to panic when your little ones are not feeling well to want them to feel better asap. However, making fearful moves could be damaging to their gut microbiome and their health long term, especially if they are repetitive antibiotic usage. Overuse of antibiotics can kill your child’s healthy flora and leave their immune system more susceptible later on to autoimmune diseases.

Adding digestive bitters – We have long since taken out a lot of the digestive bitters out of the diet. Thinks like slippery elm, dandelion, burdock, bitter orange, etc. have been removed traditionally from the diet but can now be added back in as spice in healing digestive soups, dips, etc. to help heal the gut microbiome. Now, this may be tricky to convince a child about the benefits. Nonetheless, urban moonshine and organic herbal apothecary online and in some retailers have an excellent line of digestive bitters that may help add these back into the diet.

Dr Steele discusses building the gut microbiome in children. She provides tips to do so.

These are not an exhaustive list to help build your child’s gut microbiome, but is a good start in progress. Here is some more information regarding gut health: I have learned from treating the digestive system that jumping to the end of the line is not always as effective as following a process. This can sometimes be frustrating in our culture of quick-fix solutions. Often it is an accumulation of things that either build into health or builds into a disease. It is not necessarily a sudden thing that happens overnight that does it, so care, and attention must be taken through the process of developing a healthy digestive tract. For more information regarding raising your children holistically check out some of my other blog articles: