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A Parent’s Guide to Helping Your Child Read While at Home

As a Certified Natural Health Practitioner, I am responsible to thousands of patients around Virginia. Repeatedly, these parents are coming in with huge concerns with the upcoming school year. How do they balance the needs of the home with the needs of their child. One of the core needs in child education is literacy, ensuring that children can read comprehend, and then apply critical thinking skills. 

Many children struggle with reading, especially when they’re at home and teachers are far away. In fact, even before the recent pandemic, 65% of America’s fourth graders weren’t reading at a proficient level, according to The Literacy Project Foundation. Now parents are saddled with the task of trying to manage working from home, balancing home tasks, fear, uncertainty, and now are of the understanding they will also be responsible for educating their children. Parents are beginning to flood to holistic doctors near me to be able to have the support in balancing all of the demands of life. 

Healthy Family

Reading is important because reading is fundamental to academic and career success. Books can also add more joy and meaning to life. Certified natural health practitioners role is to educate the public on their health. Health can be broken down into several components such as supporting already over stressed parents. 

Fortunately, there are many things a parent can do at home to help build literacy skills and holistic doctors near me are here to help support stressed out parents, and help them reclaim their power in a seemingly powerless experience. 

Parents responsibilities now include helping your child stay on track with their education and language development while they’re at home. Consider these tips provided by many certified natural health practitioner s, for teaching reading skills and creating an environment that will encourage a lifelong love for books.


Parent Strategies for Helping Younger Children to Read

Holistic Doctors near me believe that teaching phonics to young children is essential for fluency and reading comprehension. Holistic Doctors near me are educators in the area of health, and encourage critical thinking, comprehension especially when it comes to your health.

Certified Natural Health Practitioners provide these tips to provide your kids with a strong foundation for reading:

  1. Talk together. Speaking and singing to your child boosts their brain power and vocabulary. You can start while they’re still a baby. Communication is key to any therapeutic and loving relationship. The parent and child relationship is no different. Try to speak to your child, age appropriately, but as an equal. Resist the urge to talk down to your children, oversimplify things, and attempt to dismiss your child’s communications. A holistic doctor near me is capable of teaching you the differences.
  2. Emphasize letters and sounds. Play games that teach alphabet letters and sounds. Keep in mind that your child’s attention span is limited, so keep your lessons brief and repeat the same material often. Playing games can be fun, and can almost make it seem as though they are not learning. Making letters and sounds as a part of everyday activities can make learning these new things less intimidating and even fun.
  3. Label things. Kids love stickers, so put them on objects around the house like furniture and toys. Practice looking at the names of things and saying them together. Certified Natural Health Practitioners often use stickers as a reward system as well as a means to educate kids within the practice. Stickers can make identification and recognition of various objects that are found in books.
  4. Draw pictures. Drawing involves some of the same brain activity as reading. Give your child crayons and paper to help them express their thoughts about things you discuss and read together. A Holistic Doctor near me will often use crayons and paper when teaching children about eating healthy. The certified natural health practitioners will ask the child to draw a plate, with fruits and foods on it as a means to educate children on eating healthy. A similar strategy can be used to encourage comprehension of things that were just read or learned in studies.
  5. Start writing. Many children can write their name or their first initial by the time they’re 3 years old. You can also ask them to dictate a letter to you and go over it to see which letters they recognize. Children love to learn things that are personal to them, such as their name, they’re birthdate, etc. This brings personalization and ownership to the process of learning letters, numbers, etc.
  6. Take advantage of your library. Check out the children’s events and materials at your local library. Enjoy what’s available online if you’re waiting for them to reopen. A Holistic Doctor near me will have many books at your local holistic healthcare practice on health and wellness to educate on health and to have a field trip out of the house. Think about going to the park, or beach and creating your own outdoor library if one is not open.
  7. Read out loud. Make story time part of your daily schedule. Ask your child questions about the characters and plot to stimulate their thinking about the subject. Certified Natural Healthcare Practitioners tend to recommend staying a consistent schedule to create stability and balance within the home.

Holistic Doctors near me offer Parent Strategies for Helping Older Children to Read

Some studies have found that kids read for fun less and less as they grow older. How can you help your tweens and teens to appreciate literature when they’re attached to their smartphones? Certified Natural Health Practitioners share some success tips and ideas to keep you motivated:

Helping Your Child Read

Consider these ideas:

  1. Offer choices. Let your child pick what kind of material they want to read. Graphic novels may trigger their interest in the original classic works. Be open to their choices, try not to control their imagination and their interests. This is about the goal of them reading more, and they will need to be interested about what they are reading.
  2. Build a nook. Provide a comfortable and attractive place to read. Put a bookshelf full of interesting titles under a window seat. Create a home library in one corner of your living room or finished basement. Make this place attractive and distraction free. This will create a comfortable location to support reading.
  3. Watch movies. When it’s your turn to choose the movie, pick a film that’s based on a book. It also helps to maintain sensible limits on screen time to encourage reading and other offline activities. It also can create association and support in comprehension. Perhaps you can compare the similarities and differences of the movie and the book. This builds comprehension as well as critical thinking.
  4. Be a role model. Your kids are more likely to read if they see you enjoying books and magazines. Make reading for pleasure part of each day and talk about what you learned. Discuss what books you are reading, what you are learning, and how this is making a difference in your life.
  5. Seek professional help. If you’re concerned about your child’s reading proficiency, talk with a holistic doctor near me or certified natural health practitioners. They may need help with a learning disability, or they may benefit from additional resources such as tutoring or more intensive instruction. The certified natural health practitioner has resources as well as recommendations as well as referrals to assist you and your family. 

You can enrich your child’s life by fostering a love for books. Start early with teaching language skills and helping your child to see themselves as a reader. As a parent, you can help them to learn and grow even when they’re stuck at home.Be patient and keep at it!! You are doing great!

Infrared Dry Sauna

8 Health Benefits of Relaxing in a Sauna

Who doesn’t like to spend some time relaxing in a sauna near Virginia beach? It not only feels great, but it’s also great for you. Your mind and body can benefit from spending 20-30 minutes in the sauna virginia beach. If you’re not using a sauna or steam room detoxification on a regular basis, you’re missing out on a pleasurable and beneficial activity.

There has been a lot of research looking into the effects of heat and cold on overall health. It turns out that the stress of hot and cold temperatures has several positive health benefits on the body.

Relaxing in a Sauna provides physical, emotional, and physical health benefits, such as:

  • Spending time in a sauna can be good for your heart. Time spent in the sauna virginia beach stresses your heart in a similar manner to cardiovascular exercise. Similar to a steam room detoxification this allow for your body to detoxify through the blood. Regular sauna use lowers blood pressure, improves artery health and function, and decreases the risk of heart attack.
  • It can be good for your brain. If you relax in a sauna at least four times per week, it allows for the mind to relax and be at ease. Detoxifying heavy metals out of the body through a sauna virginia beach or through steam room detoxification can take pressure of the body and prevent heavy metal binding to the neurological system.
  • Sauna virginia beach can be great for your skin. Sweating is an effective way of cleaning your skin and flushing out your sweat ducts. All of that liquid flowing out through your pores is good for your skin. Steam room detoxification can also be effective in detoxifying the skin and allowing for the pore ducts to clear.
  • You might live longer. There’s evidence that regular sauna virginia beach use increases longevity. This benefit is believed to be related to both the health and social benefits of sauna use. Just like steam room detoxification the body has an opportunity to detoxify which allows for the liver to detox and heal.
  • Saunas have been shown to help chronic pain. Those suffering from arthritis or other chronic pain conditions report feeling less pain during and after sauna use. Many scientists believe that sauna use reduces inflammation (a major factor in nearly all disease processes) throughout the body.
  • Stress relief. Let’s face it, there’s just something enjoyable and relaxing about sitting in warm air. It’s a great way to relax physically and mentally. There are few better ways to end a hard day than sitting in a sauna virginia beach or a steam room detoxification.
  • A sauna virginia beach session can improve sleep. Studies show that you’ll fall asleep faster and sleep more soundly if you use a sauna regularly. If you struggle with insomnia or suffer from poor sleep quality, using a sauna might be helpful. Especially as it increases blood flow, circulation, and metabolism which is similar to the benefits of exercising.
  • Your inner peace will improve. There is something to be said for the relaxing solitude of spending time alone in the heat. This is an excellent time to read, meditate, relax, and breath without the pressures of the outside world. Steam room detoxification can also provide a lot of internal relaxation, while also providing a moist heat.  
  1. Saunas can increase blood flow and circulation to the point that it decreases infections within the system. Infrared Dry Saunas penetrate deep within the cells, and increase blood flow to induce a fever within the body to burn off any infections such as bacterias, viruses, yeast within the the system. 
infrared sauna resized 600

Saunas are one of the few things that feel good and are also good for you! Your mind, body, and soul all gain benefits from your sauna virginia beach time. Being in a steam room detoxification It’s also a great way to connect with others.

High temperatures reduce systemic inflammation and create heat shock proteins. These proteins affect gene activity in ways that promote greater health and greater stress resistance. The science is complicated, but there’s no doubt that responsible sauna virginia beach use is good for the human body. Steam room detoxification is also a moist form of detoxification with many health benefits. 

There are many options available if you want to use a sauna virginia beach regularly. We have a sauna available for member and guest use. We have single sessions as well as regular monthly or weekly use. There are home kits available for purchase that can be assembled that aren’t too expensive. Regardless of how you create the opportunity, make an effort to sit in a sauna a few times each week. It can do wonders for your life. Relaxing in a suana is a great way to improve your overall wellness.

Successful child

7 Tips for Raising Children to be Successful

Every parent wants to raise children that go on to be happy and successful. Many parents are seeking out for the help of a holistic practitioner near me to help support them through the process of developing and raising a successful child. As a parent, there is a lot you can teach your child that will help them to thrive throughout their life to build holistic health near me. The habits and characteristics for success are most easily learned in childhood, as there is less resistance during developmental years. 

Once poor beliefs and habits are established, they’re tough to extinguish and we often have to work harder to reestablish healthy habits to create holistic health near me. For example, anyone that’s tried to lose weight knows how tough it can be to just change your eating habits. Especially if they have tried over and over again. We often see the struggle of dieting as holistic practitioners near me work to help to uncover the root causes of these conditions. Starting a child off on the right footing can create a foundation for health and well being. 

Consider the things that have helped you to be successful. Holistic health near me teaches not only can you learn from those situations yourself, but you can also use those stories to your children’s benefit! Also, think about the things that have prevented you from being more successful. Creating relatability is what a holistic practitioner near me does to ensure empathy, support, and compassion for struggles. 

Learning from your past successes and mistakes is invaluable. The lessons you learn can be taught to your children. This makes failing a natural part of the learning processes while also provides them encouragement over the effort it takes to create success. 

As a Holistic Practitioner Near me We Use these strategies to help your children learn how to succeed:

  1. Teach your child to be a finisher. Many adults would be much more successful if they could just finish what they start. Holistic health near me teaches patients the role of integrity, which is ensuring your words and your actions align. Too many people put in a lot of time and effort, only to quit before the job is complete or the goal is attained. This is nothing more than a bad habit that is built and can turn into a self sabotaging behavior where if something becomes hard we stop before the miracle. Raising children that are finishers will substantially increase their chances of success.
    • As things come up, address them. Encourage your child to finish out the baseball season, even if he wants to quit. Validate his feelings and help him to be aware that even though in this moment he may have certain feelings these feelings may pass over time.
    • Chores and homework are other good opportunities to learn how to finish a task. Do not allow your children to rush through or party finish tasks they don’t want to do. This begins to build resistance around doing things we do not want to do and gets them comfortable with having a lack of integrity. As a holistic practitioner near me, we often teach our children about integrity and keeping their word. Simply things like rushing through, not putting their names on their paper, and not completing things they find annoying or boring can manifest into bigger resistances later on in life.
  2. Teach your child to do what needs to be done and to do it in a timely manner. This is the opposite of procrastination. This means studying for a test plenty of time before the test is given. It means doing homework before playing video games. Holistic health near me looks at the relationship of the whole. Meaning if I only have 24 hours in a day and I use x amount of time on this non productive task, and xx amount of time on a productive task I will be able to fit in all of it.
  3. Ask your child what they need to do and then make them do it. In time, the grumbling will lessen. They will get the hang of it and feel more relaxed and less pressure with the little bits every day they are using to complete the task.
  4. Teach your child to be okay with failure. Most children are overly sensitive about being judged by their peers. Children are often afraid to try anything unless they feel certain they’ll experience success. Teach your child that failure is okay and natural. Teach them how to reframe any thing they fail at my saying that they are making an effort. Use the big analogy, how many times do you fall down before you ride sort of thing. As a holistic health practitioner, we often use real life examples and analogies to explain points.
Tips for Raising Children
  • Reward your child for effort, especially when trying something new.
  • Find the positive in the things they are doing and the effort they are making along the way
  • Provide tips of how they can use what they have learned from previous failures to build resilience
  • Use the Michael Jordan example, how he would watch his games that he lost to continue to learn how to improve upon his game. This helped him become one of the greatest basketball players of his time. He didn’t look at his mistakes from a place of failure but rather from a space of where can I improve upon. Teach your children to look at the world from that resident perspective and you will find their self esteem will accelerate. 
  1. Keep your child physically active. As a holistic practitioner near me we teach the health of the whole. When active children sleep better, keep their blood sugar in check, and eat better they have a better chance at doing better at math. Successful people are more likely to be healthy and physically active. Tell your child to turn off the TV and go outside to play. Staying active building endorphins and keep the body fit and healthy. Holistic health near me includes the encouragement of physical exercise as a part of a child’s lifestyle. Think about riding bikes, swimming, playing basketball together as a family to encourage bonding and physical activity. Physical activity is something that is neglected when raising children.
  2. Love your child. A loved child is a braver child. Children that are confident that their parents love them are more likely to take risks. We could all use more confidence! Ensure that your child is 100% confident of your love for them. Tell them often, consider doing a test to determine their love language. Some children feel loved from acts of service, some from personal time, others from words of affirmation or physical touch. Find out what your child’s love language is and continue to express love to them in that manner. Love is crucial when raising children.
  3. Teach your child to persevere. This might be the greatest characteristic you can instill in your child. We all know someone that is marginally intelligent, skilled, and talented, yet always seems to succeed. Those that persevere are successful far more often than not when the smoke clears. Resilience is a key character trait that everyone needs in life. One a situation occurs, teach them how to pick themselves up dust themselves off and keeping going. Often times in life, it is a marathon and not a sprint. They will need to learn presence, being in the moment, and being grateful. Consider having them do a gratitude journal every day to celebrate their successes.
  4. Set a good example. This last tip is critical. Your child is always watching you for clues of what to believe and how to act. You can’t act one way and expect your child to act another, regardless of your words. Show your child how to be successful by being successful yourself. Exhibit the traits listed above. If you struggle with any of the examples above, we are here for you as a holistic health practitioner near me, both within Virginia as well as Nationwide through Telehealth. 

Teach your children the important lessons they won’t learn in school. Success is little more than a consistently followed set of behaviors and attitudes that are effective in our society.

Avoid forcing your child to figure out for themselves how to succeed in the world. Share your wisdom with them, and ensure they know how much you love them. Do your best to be a good example of how a successful person faces the world. 

Mom with teen

Promote Strong Listening Skills in Your Children

Being the kind of parent you want to be requires knowledge, consistency, and a sense of confidence. When you truly know that what you’re doing is the right thing, even in the face of conflict you’ll follow through. As naturalist doctors near me will teach you, having strong listening skills is critical to you and your child’s relationship. 

One important skill to cultivate in your children is listening. A Doctor of Naturopathic near me, can teach the skills necessary to not only help your children, but also support your children’s mental and emotional state. Good communication skills will benefit your children in all aspects of their lives – at home, school, work, and in relationships. If your children know how to listen well, they will live a more fulfilling and successful life. They will also be able to develop empathy and help others. 

Mom with teen

Naturalist doctors near me recommend to Try these strategies to promote strong listening skills in your children:

  1. Listen to your children. One of the strongest ways that children learn is through modeling behaviors of their parents. As a Doctor of Naturopathic near me, helps parents get past their own limiting beliefs about their children, such as they do not have a right to speak, or they do not need to speak, or their thoughts and feelings don’t matter, etc.
  1. When you demonstrate good listening skills in your everyday life in the presence of your kids, they will learn those skills, too. They can see how it’s done by watching you. They will also respect you more and appreciate your willingness to hear them.
  1. Stop doing whatever you’re doing. When you want to communicate with your child, suspend your current activity to focus completely on them. As a naturalist doctor near me, I promote focused attention which means whether they initiate the conversation or you do, stop what you’re doing so you can concentrate on your interaction. This shows that their communication is of value and is respected. A Doctor of Naturopathc near me, can teach you how to focus if you find that your brain wanders, you are anxious, etc.
  2. Make eye contact. In any type of communication, look in the eyes of the person you’re talking to and teach your children to do the same. It is important that they are fully engaged with you in communication. As a Doctor of Naturopathic near me, I often come across those with whom are painfully shy and fearful about looking at people in the eye. I have also seen as Naturalist Doctors near me, those that have been negatively impacted from trauma can have a challenge looking at people eye to eye.
  • A subtle and special connection is made when people make eye contact. You can start modeling this behavior to your children when they’re quite young, even before the age of 2 years. Looking at them in the eyes and communicating helps them to energetically know that you are with them and you are there for them, which can build self confidence.
  1. Say your child’s name. When you talk to your children, saying their name will help get their attention and set them up to be ready to listen, just like when someone calls your name, you stop what you’re doing and look at them. Consequently, as a Doctor of Naturopathic near me, we do not recommend calling a child outside of their name, or making fun of them. Even if you do not mean and ill will by it this can cause some stress and strain on their self esteem.
  • Getting your child’s attention by stating his name is an effective way to prepare him to hear what you’re going to say. That focus is necessary to begin to develop listening skills. As a Naturalist Doctor near me, we want to effectively communicate with their children and ensure they are being heard as well as a seen.
  • Suggest to your child that they sit down. This suggestion sends the message, “Get ready to listen because I’m going to talk.” This is a sue that what they are going to listen to requires focus and free of distractions. 
  • When your child is very young, try leading him to a chair. Then say something like, “I’d like to talk to you for a minute,” which serves as an attention-getter. Make sure that the communications are not all about negative behaviors, also add some praise moments. Explain that you are proud of them appreciate them, etc. As a Doctor of Naturopathy near me, I often encourage a mix of positive and negative communication. We want a balance.
  • Once you complete what you wanted to express, be ready to listen to your child’s response. As a Naturalist Doctor near me, I often advise that we do expression and response. This encourages safe two way communication. Some children will have challenges with expressing themselves, so try not to rush this process. Just ensure that you create an open space for them to fully express themselves.
  • Spot-check their listening skills. From time to time, ask your child what you just said. You’re trying to determine what your child heard by asking him to paraphrase what you said. When he repeats it properly, praise his or her efforts.

If they don’t get it quite right, you have an opportunity to repeat what you said for clarification and to enhance their listening skills. As a Doctor of Naturopathic near me, I often will say yes, you heard me say x, but were you able to here me say xx. Having them fully think through the communications helps them to think more clearly into things that are being said to them.

Listening Skills

Reinforce a child’s effort to listen, no matter how small. When your child shows the smallest attempt to listen or to even approach listening, it’s smart to reinforce those efforts right away. As a Naturalist Doctor near me, we often encourage positive reinforcement. This will help build the child’s self esteem and not always be focused on their negative behaviors. 

  • Even with a 2-year-old, you can encourage their listening skills by saying, “Thank you for sitting so quietly while Mommy was talking,” or, “You were really listening to Daddy, thank you.” Reward them verbally for any efforts that they are making to listen.
  • After a conversation, simple responses, such as smiling while you say, “Great job on listening,” also let your kids know they exhibited the important behavior you were seeking. This will keep them encouraged and excited about listening.

Promoting your child’s listening abilities is best done in small ways every single day. As a parent, you’re the best role model for teaching your children communication skills. Reward their efforts with smiles and positive comments, and you’re on your way to building their listening skills for a successful future.

Alternative doctors near me

7 Types of Alternative Medicine You Might Want to Try

Alternative medicine is more popular than ever. There are many types of alternative medicine doctor near me. Even more traditional doctors are beginning to dabble in alternative medicine practices in an attempt to become an alternative doctor near me. Traditional doctors are known as allopathic doctors. They are trained to diagnose and manage diseases, by prescribing medications, surgeries, or procedures. They are not trained in holistic or alternative medicine, however many people wish they were trained so their insurance would cover their treatments. Understand the same model that fosters diseases does not generate health. That would be like going to car dealer and they decide to fix your car instead of sell you a brand new one. They are simply not trained in how the body heals. They see the body as flawed that needs fixing. However, there’s a lot of evidence that a healthy diet, rest, exercise, and a positive attitude can do a lot of good. There is not much understanding of how to guide their patients through this process. Combine that with every increasing insurance company demands, side effects from multiple medications and rushed office visits, our should be healthcare system is very much a sick care system. 

An alternative medicine doctor near me, can teach you various alternative medicine practices that can be implemented. Alternative medicine or sometimes referred to as complementary medicine is the practice of various modalities that can be used as either an alternative or a complement to your treatment plan. An alternative doctor near me, can guide you through various modalities and recommend which ones would be the best fit for you. 

There are also medical professionals that specialize in treatments that go beyond simple diet and exercise but are still less costly and dangerous than medication and surgery. It might be time to consider adding an alternative medicine doctor near me to your health team. Most are happy to work with your current physician as an integrative part of your care team. An alternative doctor near me, will work on building your health while an allopathic physician can manage your disease process. It is important to not stop allopathic approaches as there is not a one size fit all approach to health. 

Alternative doctors near me

An Alternative medicine doctor near me has a lot to offer in many situations! Consider these with your alternative doctor near me:

  • Biofeedback. Biofeedback is about learning how to control your body. The idea is that you can learn how to control aspects of your physiology that are largely involuntary, such as heart rate, brain waves, blood pressure, muscle tension, and the perception of pain. Biofeedback is a form of brain training.
    • Equipment is required to monitor the effectiveness of your efforts during the learning phase. For example, it’s not easy to know if you’re affecting your brainwaves without the proper equipment.
    • Biofeedback has been used to address brain wave in balances with people chronic pain, ADHD, and numerous other mental as well as physiological disorders. Biofeedback is best combined with highly nutritious diet to allow for the brain to have as much nourishment as possible.
  • Chiropractic medicine. Chiropractic medicine goes way beyond just making your back feel better. Aligning your spine and other joints can help many injuries heal faster, reduce many types of pain, alleviate symptoms of some chronic conditions, and much more. Chiropractors believe by reducing the impingements in the spine, intrinsically it decreases impingement and nerve flow on the spine.
Aternative Medicine Doctor
  1. In my experience, the spine acts as a circuit breaker to nutritional deficiencies. Heal the underlying nutrient deficiencies, heal the subluxations. 
  2. Chiropractic can be used as a maintenance or a physical treatment
  3. It is important to stretch, have massage, as well as manual therapy, and ice after your adjustments.
  4. Many health insurance plans today include coverage for chiropractic care and some even cover massage therapy.
  5. Aromatherapy. Aromatherapy uses essential oils and other aromatic compounds to positively enhance physical and emotional health. There’s no doubt that certain smells can impact one’s emotions. Consider how the smell of chocolate makes you feel versus the smell of rotten eggs.
  1. Studies have shown that aromatherapy can help with anxiety and depression.  Some alternative medicine doctors near me recommend aromatherapy to support mind/body support or to assist in at home care for healing certain bodily ailments. 
  2. Alternative doctors near me, have used Essential Oils for years for various hydrotherapy treatments. Rain Drop Technique is a method that was developed by Dr Gary Young, Founder of Young Living Essential Oils based on the Lakota tradition. 
  • Acupuncture. Acupuncture is a primary part of traditional Chinese medicine. Very thin needles are inserted at very specific points on the body. The most common use of acupuncture is to treat pain, but there are many that believe acupuncture is effective at treating many different disorders.
  1. Acupuncture works on the Meridians of the body. Meridians are taken from eastern medicine, where energy is flowing through the meridians. This energy is known as Chi. It is believed that when there are blockages of Chi- then illness can arise. 
  2. Acupuncturist are considered alternative medicine doctors near me. Some may even take insurance for treatments. These alternative doctors near me can work stand alone or alongside other holistic or allopathic doctors.
  3. Traditional Chinese Medicine. Traditional Chinese medicine includes acupuncture, herbal medicine, cupping, massage, exercise, and diet. Completion of a graduate degree from an accredited program in traditional Chinese medicine is required of practitioners. This form of medicine has many proponents. Traditional Chinese Medicine is more involved than acupuncture and can include a more thorough approach to healthcare.
Types of Alternative medicine
  • Homeopathy. Homeopathy is based on the idea that the body is capable of healing itself by enhancement of vital force life energy. Very small amounts of natural substances are used to stimulate the body to heal itself. This is perhaps the most controversial form of alternative medicine in this list, at least in North America. Homeopathy is what we consider “low frequency” medicine, because of the process of creating homeopathic remedies. A homeopathic remedy recommended by an alternative doctor near me began as an original substances and through a process of succession the remedy is no longer the original substance but is now just the energy of that substance. The body heals because “like attracts like”. Meaning an alternative medicine doctor near me, who is trained in homeopathy will recommend a remedy for a person. Remedies are based on the Psychological of the person, general symptoms, peculiar symptoms. Complex homeopathy is recommended based on immunological, chemical, heavy metal, etc causes. 
  • Naturopathy. Naturopaths is a complete system of healing that believes the body can heal itself with the use of naturally occurring substances. Naturopaths are alternative doctors near me that rely on natural, non-invasive techniques for supporting the bodies ability to heal itself. Naturopathy includes the use of heat, cold, vitamins, enemas, fasting, hydrotherapy, meditation, and other non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical interventions.
  1. Naturopathic Doctors stay true to the practice of Naturopathy as designed by Dr Benedict Lust, the founder of Naturopathy.
  2. Naturopathic Medical Doctors are hybrid doctors that practice allopathy as well as Naturopathy. They are taught combined practices in school, but lack full understanding and practice of either practice.

Alternative medicine doctor near  is worth a try. Many people dismiss alternative medicine, but there are also many advocates. While alternative doctors near me may not be the proper choice for many medical conditions by itself, it can be an excellent option under the right circumstances. Many alternative doctors often work together with allopathic doctors as an integrative approach. Remember alternative doctors near me, work on supporting the health of the body, while their allopathic counterparts manage disease process. Our practice offers a complimentary 15 mins wellness consultation to assess where you are in your health journey. 


9 Healthy Habits to Start Today

When it comes to living a healthy life, doctors who practice integrative medicine near me can provide small habits can add up to something more significant over time. This can go both ways. Integrated Doctors near me advice healthy habits that can strengthen your health over time, while unhealthy habits weaken. These unhealthy habits make me more vulnerable to disease. 

Consider developing these healthy habits. Over time, with the help of doctors who practice integrative medicine near me, you can make a massive, positive difference to your overall health:

  • Use the stairs. Whether you are at home or in the office, use the stairs as much as you can. Avoid using the elevator or escalator if possible and you’ll notice that both your legs and heart will tone and strengthen over time. This will help you get your steps in for the day, integrated doctors near me recommend a minimum of 10 thousand steps per day.
  • Drink an extra glass of water daily. Water is incredibly important for good health. Little by little, you can cut out soft drinks and replace them with water. Doctors who practice integrative medicine near me recommend to drink a minimum of half of your body weight in ounces in water. The more water that you add into your diet the less your body wants other beverages. Integrated doctors near me, can also advise on types of water to drink as well.
Fruit and Stethoscope
  • Not only is water free of any calories, but also helps to keep your temperature at a normal level, lubricate and cushion your joints, and protect your spinal cord. It also helps to remove waste via urination, sweat, and your bowel movements.
  • If a person does not drink enough water, the kidneys and liver will not be able to flush the system as well. Dehydration is the number one cause of so many conditions, that can be preventable. Chronic dehydration can slow the bowels and prevent detoxification.
  • Go for a daily walk. Doctors who practice integrative medicine near me recommend that going for a daily walk is a healthy form of low-impact exercise. Integrated doctors near me recommend getting some fresh air too, as it can help clear your mind of stress, get your out of the house, and have you around the various electromagnetic frequencies outside. Bonding with nature, also connects  the mind, body, and spirit with natural relaxation hormones.  
  • Sit up straight. Integrated Doctors near me recommend good posture which can help prevent aches and pains, while also reducing stress on your ligaments. Doctors who practice integrative medicine near me tend to recommend having  strong core muscles to help support the back. Supporting the back will help to preserve disc health, and overall spine health. If you find yourself forgetting to sit upright, leave a note for yourself, and it will soon become an unconscious habit.

Get more sleep. It is vital that you get enough sleep, and that your sleep is restful. If you aren’t getting at least 7 hours of sleep each night, you may find yourself feeling lethargic the following day if you are not getting enough sleep. The quality of sleep may also be an issue as well. Integrated doctors near me, advise on sleep cycles as well as habits. Over time, many of your systems can be negatively affected by lack of sleep. Getting the proper sleep is often a neglected healthy habbit.

Diet Plan

Doctors who practice integrative medicine near me, advise on the likely to crave unhealthy foods too. Lack of sleep can causes the hormones that control your hunger to become disrupted, leading to these cravings. Balancing the digestive system as well as the hormones can help support the bodies ability to heal itself. 

  • Eat a healthy breakfast every morning. Doctors who practice integrative medicine near me, advise on blood sugar regulation. It is often said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Eat something rich in fiber and high protein can stabilize the blood sugar in the morning. It is important that 30 mins upon waking that you stabilize the blood sugar and metabolism. This prevents you from having a blood sugar crash before lunchtime, helping to avoid those mid-morning cravings.
  • Fiber and protein both have additional long-term health benefits. For example, fiber is good for your digestion, while protein helps to maintain your bodies ability to heal. 
  • Eat more fresh fruit and vegetables. Doctors who practice integrative medicine near me recommend eating a whole foods diet. Fruits and vegetables are rich in various nutrients that your body needs for good health. Add at least 2 vegetables to each meal and opt for some fruit when you want a snack. If you can’t get them fresh, frozen is your next best alternative. Integrated doctors near me also recommend eating as much organic food as possible to reduce toxic loads. 
  • Balance on one leg. Standing on one leg for 10 seconds before switching to the other leg can help to stabilize the pelvis and prevent fall risks. Doctors who practice integrative medicine, advise on fall risks for patients. In our practice, we perform a body composition assessment to look at muscle tone for the legs. Standing on a one leg is a simple exercise that can become part of your neuromotor training and help build balance. It can help improve your balance, agility, and mobility.
  • Weigh yourself each week. Integrated doctors often will weigh or assess their patients body composition to further understand their muscle tone, visceral fat, etc. Make a note of your  body composition on a particular day. Then assess yourself on the same day the following week and each week thereafter. Since weight tends to fluctuate daily, a weekly weigh-in will help you keep better track of your weight. Doing a body composition as opposed to just a weight, keeps the person motivated on their healthcare journey as well as gauging effectiveness of treatment.

These healthy habits are easy to develop if you do it slowly.This is a journey, and it takes time to develop. To start, just add one or two. Once those activities become habits, add in another step in your health journey. Before you know it, you’ll start to feel healthier, with energy to spare. 


A Parent’s Guide to Helping Children Succeed at Online Learning

Online learning is tough as school is out for millions of children nationwide in the wake of COVID as K-12 education shifts from the classroom to the internet. While many school districts are giving their teachers crash courses in online learning and parents are juggling work from home and now school from home. Nature cure family health is a holistic view of parenting. Parents also play a major role in ensuring that kids progress forward, in the midst of all that they have on their plate. 

Are you struggling to balance your day with supervising your child’s coursework? Try the suggestions that we teach in our family health clinic of natural medicine providing the parental guidance and input your child needs. These simple techniques can work within nature, to become nature cure family health.

Planning and Preparing

Your school may have sent your child home with devices and materials for completing their assignments. Nature cure family health is not just about taking supplements its also about communicating what needs you may have in your family. If they have not created a structure for you, please insist to have a structure in place before the school year commences. You’ll will need to provide structure and motivation for your children which is advised in our family clinic of natural medicine.

Follow these strategies to develop an effective structure:

  1. Schedule your days. Stick to your usual routines as much as possible, including bedtimes and mealtimes. Let your child know you expect them to log in on time for classes each morning. Work while they are working and showing them how to effectively focus on tasks at hand.
  2. Arrange your space. Designate an area just for school. It may be a room or a section of the dining room table as long as it’s quiet and comfortable. Stock up on supplies like notebooks, pens, and calculators. Place them in the middle of the table to make them accessible.
  3. Limit distractions. Ban games and movies during class time. Keep in mind that some children may learn better with a little background music, don’t be afraid to allow some background noise. Many children work better with a little extra stimulus in the background.
  4. Enjoy recess. Breaks and lunch hours are essential. Serve healthy food and provide lots of fun options for physical exercise. Breakfast, lunch, and snacks are helpful during the day time create an excellent break time to stretch legs and take a break from studies.
  5. Be social. How can your child maintain their friendships? Use technology for group study sessions, video chats, and virtual play dates. If you feel comfortable have small groups of play with friends. Making sure everyone washes their hands and maintains social distance. Online learning doesn’t have to be solitary.
  6. Contact your school. Ask school officials and teachers about the most effective way to communicate with them and stay in touch regularly. Find out what resources are available for collaborating with other parents. Lean on your school officials, they are a resource and there to help you through this process. 
  1. Use a timer. Time each study session. Try and shoot for 25 mins of focused time. Include the time to gauge for all subjects including reading. This will begin to teach focusing skills. They are given one task or one subject at a time to get accomplished.If you want combine instruction and then set the timer for the assignment. Have them try and make an effort without asking for help during that time. When the timer goes off allow them to ask questions, and help the through any areas they are stuck. Use Youtube for instruction of subjects that you may be less comfortable.  

Basic Study Skills

In our family clinic of natural medicine we encourage you to teach your child to learn effectively. Strong study skills will be a valuable asset online, offline, and in their future careers. Nature cure family health involves teaching families tools to help them succeed with many of life’s challenges.

Strengthen study skills with these techniques:

  1. Give practice tests. Many studies show that testing yourself is one of the most productive ways to learn. Design questions together. Treat quizzes like a game to reduce anxiety. Test your child ahead of learning the subject matter to see a baseline, and then afterwards so they are able to see progress in their learning. This can gain confidence as well as self esteem.
  2. Conduct reviews. Prepare for tests by going over past material on a regular basis. Your child is more likely to forget their lessons if they cram at the last minute. Try to chunk the various concepts, use flash cards, various mnemonics to help memorize subject matter, and repetition to encourage learning.
  3. Create outlines. Identify key facts and major themes. Building a framework increases reading comprehension and strengthens writing skills. It also encourages critical thinking. Highlight key terms for memorization, while keeping learning in an organized format which assists both you as well as them.
  4. Proofread and edit. Review your child’s completed assignments before they’re submitted. Make revisions together until they’re comfortable doing it on their own. Allow them to Make mistakes, discuss the errors, and make sure they under the corrections before turning in the assignments.
  5. Evaluate your progress. Give your child constructive feedback. Discuss teacher comments and test results. Ask your child to describe their strengths and weaknesses. Set specific goals like reading a certain number of pages each day or looking up unfamiliar vocabulary words. Allow them to collaborate with you on setting goals so they can hav ownership over the progress.

Passion Projects

Take advantage of the opportunity to spend more time with your child. In our family clinic of natural medicine, we encourage parents to spend quality time with their children to help build their immune system. Even though it may be a challenging experience, this is an excellent opportunity to share and how with your child. In teaching families nature cure family health we encourage families to create happy memories and nurture their personal interests.

Consider these ideas and better your childs online learning:

  1. Browse for resources. Even if field trips are on hold, there are vast collections online for any subject your child loves. Delve deeper into dinosaurs or sports nutrition. Use various mediums such as books, digital activities, videos, coloring, etc. to keep the education interesting.
  2. Be selective. At the same time, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by your choices. Start out with a few reliable sources or ask your child’s teacher for recommendations. For example, you might want to explore the PBS Parents Play and Learn App for younger kids and Great Courses for their older siblings. Sometimes less tradition curriculum can assist in concepts such as Montessori or Waldorf style curriculum.
  3. Show enthusiasm. Make learning a fun activity that draws you closer together. Reward your child’s efforts with prizes like stickers or baking their favorite dessert. Try to use food sparingly as a reward system. Hang their artwork on your refrigerator door and applaud when they read you their book reports. Make sure to show as much positive reinforcement as possible through the process. 

While circumstances may change, the importance of education remains the same. In our family clinic of natural medicine, we help your child to gain knowledge and skills that will enable them to have a positive impact on the world. Be patient with yourself and stay connected as you make the transition to online learning. Do your best and forget the rest. We are here to support you through the process of balancing life and helping your children learn. 

Holistic Healthcare

Take Charge of Your Health and Wellbeing With Naturopathy

Naturopathy is a holistic approach to healthcare that treats the entire person with the intention of allowing and stimulating the bodies ability to heal itself. The best naturopathic doctor understands and respects the body to heal itself and works with the bodies ability to heal rather than force of fix the body. A holistic doctor in my area will guide me through the process of self healing teaching me step by step what I need to do for me to heal myself. 

Treatment methods commonly used by the best Naturopathic Doctor include diet/nutrition, exercise, stress reduction techniques, homeopathy, herbs, massage, and manual therapy. A holistic doctor in my area will perform proper diagnostic or laboratory assessments to determine what the most appropriate treatments are based on the lab test results. 

Naturopathy might sound like voodoo to the uninformed, but its popularity is increasing. Many people are seeking the input of the best naturopathic doctor and many of the holistic doctor in my area. 

There are studies underway in the US and Canada to assess its efficacy and cost-effectiveness for reducing the impact of many medical conditions. There is a growing body of scientific evidence for naturopathic treatments. 

The most common ailments treated with naturopathy include skin conditions, allergies, headaches, digestive disorders, hormonal imbalances, neurological imbalances, immunological imbalances just to name a few. It is believed that the body comes off balance of nutrients and toxins which is why the body becomes ill. When nutrients are deficient and toxic loads are high within the system the body is not able to heal. Accumulations of toxins are believed to be a cause of disease process. 


Naturopathy has several advantages over conventional medicine:

Naturopathy leverages the fact that the body is very good at healing itself. The basic premise of naturopathy is that the body can often heal itself if given the chance. The best naturopathic doctor provides the body with tools it needs to heal itself. It is believed the body was made to heal itself, if we provide it the right environment and conditions to heal. A holistic doctor in my area is trained to show me my blind spots so that I can heal.

  1. Giving the body the best opportunity to heal itself requires removing the obstacles that stand in the way.
  2. These obstacles can be seen or unseen in ur blind spot
  3. These obstacles can be mental, emotional, spiritual, ancestral, environmental, etc. 
  4. The shifts away from heal from disease are subtle, and take time. Healing is not an overnight process. Many people come into our practice expecting a miracle, and while miracles do happen it is the practice and process of healing that does the work for the person.
Health Journey

Naturopathy has a strong focus on disease prevention. The best treatment is prevention. Why wait until something is broken to fix it? It’s better to avoid breaking it in the first place. The best naturopathic doctor will project into the future what may be the case of no changes are made, they can also tell you what steps you need to take so that you do not create or manifest disease. A holistic doctor in my area can also guide me and show me what needs to be done from all perspectives to get well including what mental, emotional, spiritual, and ancestral components that need to be resolved.

Naturopathic treatments address the individual. Conventional medicine largely treats everyone the same. If you have a particular set of symptoms, you receive a standard treatment. Naturopathy is unique in that each individual is treated based on their experiences of the whole. The best naturopathic doctor will work integreativly with your conventional or allopathic provider but will address the root causes of your condition.

  1. Naturopathic treatments are highly individualized. Your diet, genetics, health history, and lifestyle aren’t exactly like anyone else’s. Even your outlook on life mentally, as well as emotional expressions are all a part of your healing. A holistic doctor near me, will explore all aspects of self even the role of relationships both past and present within your life. It only makes sense that you should not be treated in exactly the same way as everyone else with your medical condition.
Holistic Healthcare

Naturopathic treatments address the cause rather than the symptoms. Conventional medicine frequently addresses the symptoms rather than the cause of the disease. Allopaths are trained to manage symptoms instead of address and treat root causes. Many times people become frustrated with allopaths for managing symptoms but that is their job.

  1. For example, high blood sugar is commonly treated with drugs that lower blood sugar, but there’s little done to address the root cause of the high blood sugar. Going to a holistic doctor in my area, would involve me looking into my diet, behaviors around that diet, what lifestyle habits I may have supporting that diet, my environment, emotional coping mechanisms, etc.
  2. When the cause is addressed, there is the potential for the body to heal itself. The best naturopathic doctor will look t all aspects and not skip over any critical factor that may be key to heal. When only symptoms are addressed, there’s much less chance of experiencing a highly positive outcome for chronic illnesses.
Naturopathy medicine

There is a significant cost savings to the patient. The conventional medical machine is like any other business. It’s all about time and money.

  1. Your conventional doctor is unlikely to spend a significant amount of time making a diet and exercise plan with you. It’s far faster, and within the structure of your insurance company, to give you a prescription and kick you out the door. There is a standard to the amount of time patients can be seen by an insurance company for payment. Many times it is not your conventional doctors fault that he or she is so rushed.
  2. Many of the treatments recommended by naturopathic doctors are inexpensive compared to the costs of pharmaceutical and surgical interventions. That’s not to say that these treatments are never justified, but there are often safer, more effective, and less expensive alternatives. The best naturopathic doctor will provide a step by step approach rather than providing you large amounts of supplements up front. The body simply cannot process all of that. A holistic doctor in my area will also observe your diet and the role your diet plays in your overall treatment plan. They will use your diet as a basis for your healthcare plan and will build supplements off the diet.

Naturopathic treatments are safe. Pharmaceuticals have side-effects. Surgery carries a risk. Many conventional treatments have the potential to cause harm to the body. It makes sense to start with the least damaging treatment that still has a good likelihood of success. The best Naturopathic doctor will follow the order to which the body heals, a defined path to healing. The person receiving the treatment may not understand the path, even after explaining and educating, however if you trust the process a holistic doctor in my area can show you how to heal.

Naturopathic treatment can take many forms, but it addresses the entire person. Naturopathy considers the body and the mind. A holistic doctor in my area will review all of the facets of healing. Positive thinking, stress reduction, sleep quality, diet, exercise, self-awareness, supplements, herbs, homeopaths and manual therapy are just some of the common treatment components. NLP, Clinical Hypnotherapy, etc are just some of the tools and techniques used in treatment. 

Naturopathy can be a good option for those with an open mind and a commitment to health and disease prevention. Naturopathy isn’t the answer for every health condition, but it can be a better option for many health conditions. Give your body the chance to heal itself. It’s smarter than you think. Our practice offers consultations for both individuals as well as families in addition to many DIY plans for those self motivated. 

Children back to school

Back-to-School: Prepping Your Kids for the Change

Every child loves summer vacation. It is a time to relax, no structure. They’re free from schoolwork and responsibilities at school. They can wake up as late as they want to. And, they are free to hang out with their friends on weekdays. Summer vacation is truly the most exciting part of every child’s school year.  

Teen in school

Every summer vacation, though, must come to an end. You can avoid an abrupt ending and a house full of cranky children if you start the back-to-school preparation process a few weeks before class starts. At holistic health centers near me and holistic wellness centers near me, we work to help families get ready to make the transition from summer to school year. This school year will be especially interesting with the ongoing changes to how education is being presented.  

Utilize the tips below to minimize the sting of going back to school on your children as well as keeping things focused, and as healthy as possible. 

  1. Adjust their sleep schedule. Wean your kids into a school-ready sleeping schedule by making them fall asleep an hour earlier each week. At our holistic health centers near me we value and educate on the importance of proper sleep. Proper sleep can help them feel better, be able to focus on school work, as well as support them in their health overall. Continue cutting back their bedtime until their sleeping patterns match those they’ll maintain throughout the school year. We also recommend in the holistic wellness centers near, not to cut the bedtime back abruptly as this would make it more difficult to transition. 
  1. Assign homework. It’s true that kids dislike homework. But it’s important to keep their minds sharp. Spending some time doing flash card drills, and getting their minds back into a learning environment can help for them to maintain their conscious awareness. In our holistic health centers near me, we strive to teach he importance of learning all year round through education that involves active playing. Meaning opportunities can be turned into teaching experiences. 
  • On the Internet, you can find many places that offer free downloadable worksheets for children of all ages to complete outside of school. Websites like,, and provide a wide variety of options. We also have some available in the holistic wellness centers near me. 
  • Keep it lighthearted. Try to assign fun homework assignments and be lenient in deadlines. After all, it is summer vacation and your kids deserve to spend some of their time relaxing. One assignment per subject that is due at the end of the week is plenty. This is mostly to keep them in the pursuit of education.
  1. Tighten curfews. If you’re like most parents, you likely extend your children’s curfews throughout the summer. A few weeks before classes begin, be stricter about the time your children need to be home and which days they can go out with their friends. Just like sleeping , we do not want to make the shift abrupt. This should be gradual and tiered to help support the process. 
  • Allow your children to keep their summer curfew active on Fridays and Saturdays. Sunday through Thursday, implement a “school-ready” curfew. This will mentally prepare your children for the new set of rules that will be in effect during the school year. At our holistic health centers near me, we advocate for the use of a strong predictable schedule to help to maintain the help. 
  1. Make the change exciting. To your children, August is just the beginning of another boring school year. However, as a parent, you can’t help but marvel at the speed your babies are maturing! Help them see what you see by reminding them of all of the opportunities that will soon be available to them in the new school year. At our holistic wellness centers near me, we strive to keep things exciting, motivated, and supported. 
Mom and Teen in School
mother using a laptop in kitchen with teenager

Be firm about your decisions when preparing your kids for the change of going back to school. Most children are resistant when you first begin to implement these changes. However, after about a week or so, most children begin to accept the new routines. It is important to lay out the plan with them, why you think it is a good idea, and what you are trying to teach them in the process. Be prepared for the many groans and moans, however just know that the structure you are teaching them will help them for years to come. At our holistic health centers near me, we strive to teach children practical tools that make a difference in children’s lives. 

Remember to take your children’s feelings and desires into account when designing your routine for getting ready to return to school. Kids have unique needs, and it’s important to let them know that their opinions are valuable. Be willing to give in a little and you’ll often receive a great deal of cooperation in return. At our holistic wellness centers near me, we encourage parents to validate and support their children’s feelings while also creating a structure. It most certainly can feel like a push or pull at times but the purpose is for it to support both you and them. 

By implementing these changes, you’ll prepare your children well for going back to school. When school begins, it will be less of a shock to your children and the transition to a new daily routine will be an easier one for all.