Raising awareness of Celiac Disease on Coast Live

Welcome back to Coast Live about 3 million Americans live with the autoimmune disease known as celiac disease and millions have difficulty tolerating gluten. That means for them breads and other foods with certain proteins are off the table. I know all about that. Here with us today to talk about gluten free diets is Dr. Erica Steele from Holistic Family practice. Hey, Dr. Steele, good to see you.

Good to see you as well. Good morning to you.

Celiac disease
Gluten Free

Host: Good morning. So national celiac awareness day was yesterday, explain what Celiac disease is to people.

Dr. Steele: So celiac is an intolerance or an allergy to wheat, wheat gluten. So wheat gluten is found in a lot of normal products such as bread, pasta, sometimes have it as well. And a lot of packaged foods has it as well, crackers and things like that.

Host: So why can a gluten free diet be so important? And so life changing?

Dr. Steele: A gluten free diet really helps to lower inflammation in the body helps to lower histamine responses, which are all contributing factors to any kind of autoimmune condition.

Host: Gotcha. So I know when I started to realize I had issues with gluten, my main issues were all in my gut. So what are some symptoms of gluten reactions and I know for celiac, it’s a lot worse.

Dr. Steele: Of course, and celiac is an allergy, there’s sensitivities, there’s intolerances. So some things to look for. I see with little kids, they’ll have like rashes on arms, like almost like a chicken arm look to it. You can have redness, itchy as well gassing bloating, you can have kind of a gluten baby after you eat. That’s a classic one.

Host: Oh, I call that the food baby. Yep, I you know, I’ve gotten that for such a long time people go oh, are you expecting? No, it’s just my food, baby. So I know all about that. And so you don’t have to be celiac to be gluten sensitive, right?

Dr. Steele: No, actually, I’ve seen a lot of people that if they can’t process B complex as well, and folic acid, they have that MTHFR genetic variant. Those oftentimes are gluten sensitive and gluten reactive.

Host: So it’s so interesting when you talk about all this stuff, because how do you go about diagnosing it because I know this can be a complicated thing.

Dr. Steele: It can be Well, I definitely you know, you can do a salivary MTHFR DNA panel to kind of assess that. You can also look at your secretary IGA that’s going to be in like a organic acids, which is a urine profile. There’s also many IgG tests that you can take to there’s like blood tests. But a lot of times I find that just eating it and feeling how your body responds is really, you know, very helpful. You can take your pulse before you put it in your mouth, you can also put it in your mouth and then take your pulse again, if your pulse goes up more than six that lets you know that your body’s having some reaction to whatever it is you’re eating.

Host: Oh, I never knew that about the pulse thing and eating gluten free. I know some people think it’s so daunting, but over the years, it’s gotten a lot easier.

Dr. Steele: Oh my gosh, it’s so easy. There’s so many like bonds, chickpea pastas, and things like that. And then you know, even with the breads, the breads have come a long way and making your own there’s like some cashew bread recipes that Dr. Perlmutter puts out. With, he wrote a book called The Grain Brain, which is all about gluten sensitivities and the reaction to the brain. And so there’s a lot of really good resources out there. And now more than ever, it’s really gotten a lot easier.

Host: So if you tax gluten For more information, what are you going to learn? And how else can people learn more? And how else can you help them?

Dr. Steele: Yes, so we have an app that we use for education within our practice. Our practice is built off of education, accountability and coaching. And so our app has education on it. So if you’re interested in going gluten free, please text our office and we’ll send you the link.

Host: All right. Dr. Steele, thank you so much. We really appreciate it. Always good to see you.

Dr. Steele: Awesome. Have an amazing day. You as well and all the information is there on the screen does visit holisticfamilypracticeVA to contact Dr. Steele or call the number right there. Thanks so much again.

Celiac disease


Benefits of Green Tea


Do you know that green tea has amazing health benefits? If not, where have you been hiding?

Japanese green tea

It is bonkers how beneficial green tea can be. The ability to lose weight, possibly prevent cancer, promote healthy teeth, and lower cholesterol, makes this tea, truly a miracle worker.

In recent times, the benefits of green tea have been widely reported in the media. In most cases, green tea enthusiasts base their opinions on personal experiences with the beverage, but it seems to be accepted globally that this is a healing tea.

China has long consumed green tea due to its miraculous properties.

In China, green tea is used to treat a wide range of ailments, from headaches to cancer prevention. Green tea has many health benefits, which are being revealed through various health studies. Although not a cure all, we are learning more and more about the use of this herbal tea every day. Many studies even have been shown to isolate out the healing properties of green tea such as the natural antioxidants.

In what ways can green tea benefit your life?

Four of green tea’s most significant benefits can substantially change your life.

  1. Weight Loss – The First Health Benefit of Green Tea
Healthy nutrition and weight loss.

As a result of the high polyphenol concentration in green tea, fat is oxidized, and thermogenesis is encouraged.

During thermogenesis, the body burns calories. Due to green tea’s energy boost, which raises the metabolism, more weight may be lost than normal.

Compared to most other beverages consumed in the morning, green tea contains fewer calories than most others.

In comparison to green tea, daily calories are higher if coffee is consumed daily as most people’s morning drink.

By switching from coffee to green tea, you might reduce your waistline significantly.

  1. Having healthy teeth is the second way in which green tea benefits you.
Lady eating healthy salad

Due to one of its ingredients, fluoride, green tea is said to help keep teeth clean.

Bacteria that cause plaque are killed by fluoride in the mouth due to its antimicrobial properties. According to Dentists, fluoride helps to maintain healthy, cavity-free teeth and prevents general tooth decay. Consuming green tea has been shown to improve tooth health significantly.

There are however a number of studies about fluoride, opposing its benefits and you may want to read around that if it concerns you, or just ensure that you do not drink too much green tea in that case. You may feel though that the other benefits of green tea outweigh the fluoride content.

Unlike coffee, which discolors the teeth with a yellow tinge, this will not stain the teeth like that.

  1. Green tea is believed to help prevent cancer as its third benefit

One of the benefits of green tea

Various studies have proven that green tea is an effective way of preventing free radical damage to the body.

Cancer and ageing are caused by free radicals.

The polyphenols found in green tea constantly monitor free radicals to prevent them from being formed into unstable oxygen molecules, in a process referred to as oxidation.

Upon oxidation of cells, proper tissue is damaged and has been related to ailments such as cancer, heart disease, and strokes.

In addition to preventing premature cell division and inflammation, green tea polyphenols have been shown to destroy most cancer-causing agents.

  1. Green Tea has a fourth benefit – it lowers cholesterol
Take care of your heart

High cholesterol sufferers may find relief from the effects of green tea.

Bad cholesterol is often linked to heart attacks and green tea may be able to reduce this high risk. During the circulating process of LDL cholesterol in the body, heavy deposits may be formed in the arteries. When a person drinks green tea, their levels of bad cholesterol, such as LDL cholesterol, drop. This is due to the various catechins present in green tea which are able to lower blood cholesterol levels.

Further, the catechins improve the body’s overall health by maintaining a healthy ratio of good to bad cholesterol.

Benefit of Green Tea Conclusion

If weight loss, cancer prevention, healthy teeth, and a low cholesterol level do not convince you that green tea is a miracle worker, you must be working with some pretty powerful spells.

A couple of cups of tea a day may help significantly decrease the risk of developing a few other health problems too.

Currently, the only side effect is possible excess caffeine, resulting in increased heart rate and blood pressure but one would have to drink a lot of tea for that. However, like anything with caffeine, it’s important to just be mindful not to overdo it.

The use of green tea extract has provided a solution to this problem.

It is possible to take green tea tablets with all its benefits.

I certainly love my morning cuppa with a dash of lemon, so let’s see if this is enough to convince you to start drinking green tea every day from now!


Article for entertainment and information purposes only and is not meant to treat cure or diagnose. Please see your doctor if you are suffering from any of the above or associated issues. If you would like to see if it makes sense to add green tea to your healthcare regimen or if you would like a GMP certified brand of Green Tea please scheudule a complimentary wellness visit here.



Essential Oils 101

Essential Oils to Heal Body and Mind – Using, Buying, Storing.

  1. What are Essential Oils?
Massage stones, essential oils and sea salt with burning candle

Essential oils are plant-derived oils obtained through the distillation process from flowers, leaves, roots, and other parts of plants.

Since ancient times, essential oils have been used to treat numerous ailments. Essential oils are natural fragrances obtained from plants.

The scent or therapeutic properties of these oils can be used for skincare and hair care products, household products, soaps, and household cleaners and detergents.

Additionally, they can be used in aromatherapy, dental care, and perfumes. Essential oils are used in aromatherapy for their aromatic and medicinal properties.


2.There are many different types of oils that can be used for a variety of purposes.

Essential oils are usually classified into three categories viz. Monoterpenes, Sesquiterpenes and Diterpene esters. There are a variety of different types of essential oils and each one has a distinct scent and healing properties. Some popular types of essential oils are Lavender, Tea tree, Peppermint, Eucalyptus and Chamomile. For example, Lavender essential oil comes from plants in the genus Lavandula and is low-odour, while Peppermint essential oil comes from Mentha x Piperita and is strong-smelling and high-odour. They come in different forms, including organic, non-organic, pure or diluted, and single or blended.  There are various parameters to describe an essential oil including the aroma, depth of the odour, specific medicinal properties and even the location where it was grown.

  1. Essential oil profiles

Profiles are a way to classify oils by their therapeutic properties, aromas, and origins. There are various profiles such as the citrus profile which has an aroma which is refreshing and uplifting. The floral profile is floral and sweet. The earthy profile has a rich, grounding aroma with slight woodiness.

Essential oils
Essential oils
  1. What are the Benefits of Essential Oils?

Essential oils have numerous benefits depending on which oil is used. Many people have reported antidotal benefits such as easing insomnia, promoting good sleep habits, boosting immunity and reducing stress levels, better mental clarity and focus for those who suffer from conditions like ADHD, supporting respiratory health, skin health, hormone health and so much more. The oils are a popular home remedy for many ailments. There are two common ways to use them: topically and inhalation.

Topically can be done in a couple of ways too, by wearing or applying through a medium such as massage. Some people do use them internally and in cooking, but this needs to be done very carefully and only with the correct oils, under the guidance of a qualified natural healthcare practitioner.

When used topically, essential oils work by being absorbed through the skin to stimulate the cells and release chemicals that help heal wounds, reduce inflammation, lower pain levels and balance hormone levels. When inhaled, they work by entering the bloodstream through the lungs where their properties can be taken throughout the body to relieve symptoms of a cold or flu, calm the nervous system, digestive health and more.

  1. Uses for Essential Oil (topical application)

Essential oils are not just for Aromatherapy anymore. In recent years essential oils have become popular among many people for their variety of uses. Essential oils are also called the “life force” of the plant because they contain the chemical compounds that give plants their scent and taste.

As mentioned, they are commonly used in aromatherapy, but also in massage therapy, in cooking, in cleaning, bathing and perfumery products as well as used in home remedies.

They are a common staple in the cabinets of  healthcare practitioners in natural medicine, complementary therapies, and so much more. Let’s look at few ways they are utilized below:

Aromatherapy: Sometimes called “the science of smell,” this type of therapy can help to relieve stress or anxiety. The aromatic compounds in the oil are inhaled through the nose or mouth to stimulate a person’s mood and memory.

Massage Therapy: Some people use essential oils during a massage treatment to add aroma and therapeutic benefits, these can be added to a carrier oil and applied topically and / or inhaled during the treatment.

Home Remedy: Many people create their own natural remedies by mixing an essential oil with water or another base ingredient to create a balm or bath soak. One popular remedy is peppermint and lavender combined with Epsom salt for an invigorating bath that will both relax, cool and sooth.

Ayurveda aromatherapy massage, female hand pouring aromatic oil in an essential oil diffuser
  1. How to Buy and Store Essential Oils

When it comes to buying essential oils, it can be difficult to determine what wholesale suppliers are best for you. There are a lot of choices and factors to take into account, such as supply, price, quality, and more. The first step is to figure out your requirements and choose your preferred supplier. Then you can measure the cost benefits of buying by the litre or by kilo. Essential oils should be stored in a cool place, in dark bottles, away from heat and sunlight. Check google and read reviews of other buyers before committing to a large purchase, where possible get a sample. Also, look for purity of essential oils, sourcing of raw materials, and cultivation of raw material to gauge which oil companies may work best.

 Always consult a doctor before trying natural herbs, oils, or remedies

So, you can see, there are many benefits to using natural oils and these are just a tiny selection, so I urge you to do your research and try things out, above all, have fun. Natural medicine practitioners, Aromatherapists and Massage therapists can work very happily and successfully alongside your primary care practitioner or Doctor and they very often do. So do not think it must be one or the other.

Disclaimer Note: It’s important to note though, that just because something is natural does not mean zero risk. While many oils are very low risk there still can be complications, contraindications and contra-actions.

The internet is full of information on how you can cure yourself with natural remedies, but we recommend that you seek out a Qualified Natural Health Practitioner or Aromatherapist and always consult a Doctor before trying any new things. Never stop taking any prescribed medication without speaking to your health practitioner first.

Holistic tips to heal your gut on Coast Live

Dr. Steele: Beach. Healing the gut is really helpful for your overall health, especially since most of your immune system hormonal system and neurological system is all housed in the gut. Taking digestive enzymes found in supplements as well as apple cider vinegar can help you not only digest but absorb the nutrients from your food. We want to ensure we watch our fat, even healthy fat can help slow down digestion impacting the gallbladder as well as the liver. So healthy fats is just as bad sometimes is unhealthy fat. Keeping an adequate amount of protein in your diet so that you’re able to get all of those key amino acids will not only help you to maintain a healthy gut, but also help your overall health and well being. And these three tips can help you to maintain a healthy, healed gut.

How to heal leaky gut?

Diabetes Prevention on Coast Live

Host: All right, welcome back to Coast Live guys, November is National Diabetes Awareness Month. And this is a disease that affects more than 34 million Americans. But lifestyle changes like diet and exercise can help manage and even prevent diabetes. So here to explain some more with us this morning is Dr. Erica Steele from the holistic Family Medicine in Virginia Beach. Good morning, Dr. Steele, it’s great to see you again.

Dr. Steele: Good morning, nice to see you as well.

Host: Well, we love all your stuff, you know, through through COVID. And everything you’ve been helping so many people out, but this is a disease that, you know, has been an ongoing battle for so many people. And it is there are ways to prevent it. So what are some of your top tips to really just help prevent diabetes from the start?

Dr. Steele: Yeah, so some of my top tips, common sense, obviously, limiting processed foods eating regularly. But sometimes people don’t realize it’s not so much of focus about your carbohydrates as much as it’s about your protein, because protein stabilizes your blood sugar. And so I really encourage people to increase their protein, increase their green vegetables, and also only really in consumed the lower glycemic fruits and vegetables.

Host: Yeah, and we’ve had this conversation many times of how important food is for your overall health, it truly is the foundation of a lot of what is wrong. And you know, this is something that I think people need to kind of be their own advocate for, right? Because we go to a doctor, we say we need bloodwork, and they’re like, Oh, you’re fine, you don’t need this. But what do you need to ask for? And what are some of the like lab markers that someone should really be looking for when they get that done?

Diabetes prevention

Dr. Steele: Yeah, so remember, I’m I’m also a functional medicine provider. So we look at reference ranges versus optimal range. So if you go to your traditional medical doctor, they’re going to see a wide range of glucose, right? We want an optimal range, we don’t want us to reference range. So we’re looking glucose between 80 and 85, we’re looking hemoglobin a one c less than five, right? A lot of times people will come in, they’re like, Oh, my lab work looks fine. Their glucose is a 90 their hemoglobin a one sees a 5.5. So those are really important markers, but also to your liver enzymes, your liver, metabolizes your nutrients, as well as detoxifies and that’s also a sign that your body is moving, your metabolic state is declining. And so that’s one Oregon, we really want to pay attention to optimal, you know, I like it in the teens, but you can go up as much as 26 for your liver enzymes, those your ASD and your al T markers on your CMP.

Host: Yeah, that’s why you need to go to someone who truly understands us to get you better overall, because you need to look at overall health, not just one number, and I love that you do that. But let’s shift to the people who are actually already struggling with diabetes, because you know, I mean, I have sent a lot of friends personally, what type of food tips would you give them as they move, especially into the holiday season?

Dr. Steele: Well, I think even aside from the food, we’ve got to get the mindset down, right. And you’ve talked about this a lot. I know I’ve gone to different workshops and stuff where you’re really big on mindset. And so mindset is number one, because a lot of times those lifestyle habits have been embedded and integrated for so long. And it’s so emotionally based, your first 20% of digestion is attached to the limbic system in your brain, your emotional body, right. So it’s not that a lot of times people don’t want to eat healthy, it’s that emotionally and mentally, they’re not ready. And so we look at Stages of Change. That’s why in our practice, we use education coaching, as well as accountability to help people achieve their results.

New mindset to prevent Diabetes

Host: And I know you have some really good high protein recipes to share. So these are the ones I’m actually curious about too, because everybody needs this in their life.

Dr. Steele: Everyone, including myself, I love I live for it. So we’re actually giving away we have an app that we use for food tracking in our practice. And if you text Our office number, high protein recipes, you can choose between lunch, dinner or breakfast, and we’ll deliver those they come in your email box, they come on your phone, and then you can utilize those to really incorporate more high protein into your lifestyle into your diet.

Host: Yeah, and protein is very, very important. So especially you know, I’ve been that’s, I know that’s that’s my my staple. And everything is my goal is to get a certain amount of protein in every day. So where can people get in touch with you because it’s better to really get this process started before we get to the end of the year.

Dr. Steele: Of course, you can call our office or even text our number to schedule a consultation. I do offer a 15 minute complimentary consult as well as a more extended one hour consultation that includes that comprehensive bloodwork review. So our office, website is holisticfamilypracticeva.com Lots of really yummy information on there. And then of course all of my socials even on clubhouse we do a lot of education through various different platforms. So it’s not it’s not difficult to find
no easy to find and thank you for being with us and have a wonderful holiday season ahead. It’s great to see you.


Patient complementary

A patient story of Complementary Health Support

Behind the Walls of the Mind – A patient story of Complementary health support.

Therapist note  – In the light of mental health week, I thought I would share this heartfelt open patient story, looking at the possibilities of supportive complementary care for mental health issues.


An issue of great complexity lurks behind your mind, one that is under study all the time. There are all kinds of people in this world, including those struggling with mental health, people of so-called “normal mind”, geniuses, and so forth. The mind has a nasty habit of taking us by surprise, letting us down, preventing us from achieving our goals, etc.

It may seem that whenever there is a battle with self and the brain there is no winning ticket. The truth is the mind holds the key to all areas of your body, but the central nervous system is the channel to the brain. Most of the time, when the brain is affected, it is a direct result of the central nervous system and spinal column. If the spinal column is injured or out of alignment, then the nervous system will be affected, which works its way to the brain. Trouble starts once the brain is hit, and often does not end until the source of the problem is found.

Patient story and complementary support

Thousands of individuals suffer from head injuries, neurological disorders, cognitive disorders, mental health issues and other diseases. As time goes by, the problems intensify.

I discovered in some research, studies, case studies, and so forth, that people who visited Naturopaths and Functional Medicine Doctors as well as neurophysiologists tended to have better health than those who did not. In many cases, a patient’s condition improves when their doctor focuses on their spine, which is in direct contact with their brain.

Scientists are often looking for ways to understand the causes of mental illness, disease, and physical disabilities. It’s common for them to run in every direction, but sometimes the answer is right in front of them.

Everybody has an opinion, a theory, and a guess, and many ignore the voices that call out with expertise and experience.

Naturopathic Doctors and Functional Medicine Doctors have sometimes faced some controversy regarding their services.

Despite the widespread belief that chiropractors only work with the body, experts realise that they are constantly dealing with the mind as well.

Let’s look at ADHD/ADD patients. Most of the time, symptoms of this diagnosis are caused by a part of the nervous system, spine, or brain. Most mental health professionals prescribe patients drugs, which only treat the symptoms, and are often causing other problems such as psychosis and schizophrenia.

Depression and exhaustion

Imagine if the MIND were treated without drugs, and natural herbs and spinal techniques were used. In the first place, there would be no or very few schizophrenia and psychosis patients.

Let’s take a look at Bipolar Disorder.

Chemical imbalances inevitably cause patients to suffer, so mental health professionals usually treat them with antidepressants, which may cause strokes, heart problems, early-onset changes in life and so forth.

What would happen if a specialist who knows the spine, nervous system, and brain treated the patient?  In my personal experience, I know a woman with Bipolar disorder who has sought Naturopathic Care and is doing well overall, with the exception of her bad habits which she has exhibited for more than 20 years.

Mental health and depression

However, I know another bipolar patient who had no Naturopathic Care, and she is the kind of person you may want to avoid if you can. She called me 18 times per day, threatened to commit suicide, and drove me absolutely nuts.

I am still in recovery.

I visited a psychologist, psychiatrist, therapist, and doctor complaining of mental health symptoms.

As a result of  Naturopathic treatments, I have seen symptoms decrease and better coping.

In no way am I promoting anything, but to understand the mind you must consider the spine, the central nervous system, the brain, and many other factors.

Often, the first thing you hear from counselors is a diagnosis; this can be a bad situation, as many play against your life to find an answer.

It is not uncommon for professionals to change diagnoses once they see their diagnosis is off. Sadly, this cycle goes on and on, putting the patient at great risk.

Now as I have said I am a past sufferer of mental health and all I can say is, maybe it would be nice if we considered other alternative, safer, therapies before just jumping into the medicines and preconceptions of others. I would like to think that we all have freedom to choose. I am happy to say that today I am of happy and healthy body and mind and just wished to share my story in the hope it may help someone out there, anyone out there. If it helps but one person then it was worth to tell the story.


Therapist note – I think this is a very honest and heartfelt declaration and maybe it will or won’t help another person struggling with mental health to look at various options, whether that be conventional, allopathic ones or alternative, complementary, integrative, functional, naturopathic etc.


Either way mental health must not be overlooked, and I am sure if therapies are deemed safe then having options and extra support systems can only be good, and certainly seeing and hearing where people have successfully recovered from alternative therapies, in this case with the support of chiropractic treatment then that is truly heartwarming.


Reiki Therapy

What is Reiki?

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It can be used for self-healing or as an alternative medical treatment. Reiki is said to soothe both the body and mind.

Reiki is a holistic healing therapy that was developed over the course of more than two hundred years by Mikao Usui. Reiki can be used to heal many different types of ailments, such as emotional, physical and spiritual ailments.  With long-term sessions, people may experience lasting relief from chronic pain, stress, depression, and anxiety.

Reiki therapy

What is the goal and how is it carried out?

The goal of reiki is to align the person’s energy with his or her higher self in order to achieve complete balance. This process removes any blockages that are preventing this healthy flow of energy.

Reiki healing is done through the use of hands-on treatments, meaning that it does not require any needling or invasive techniques. It is also possible to deliver it by distance healing.

It can be delivered in person, by phone, or through the internet. Although it is a form of energy healing that originated in Japan it has spread worldwide. Practitioners believe that this energy may be channeled into people’s aura to promote self-healing from injury and disease. Reiki practitioners use their hands or sometimes their whole body to channel the life-giving energy to heal another person, either through physical contact or at a distance, even if they are not present at the time.

What does reiki mean?

The word “reiki” is made up of two words ‘’rei’’ meaning Gods wisdom or higher power and ‘’Ki’’ meaning life force energy. There for one could say it has an overall meaning of “universal life energy.” Reiki masters are thought to have the ability to channel this universal energy and transmit their life force through their hands into other people and objects around them in order to heal them.

Self-healing,meditation thru Reiki
Self-Healing Heart Chakra Meditation. Woman sitting in a lotus position with right hand on heart chakra and left palm open in a receiving gesture. Self-Care Practice at Home

Reiki Symbols

Symbols are used in reiki to invoke the desired energies. Symbols can be drawn on the body with a stick of incense, or they can be projected onto a person or an object.

When we create symbols with our hands in reiki sessions, it creates an energetic circuit which is then sent to the recipient for healing. Symbols are objects, characters, words, or pictures that represent something abstract. They are often created by drawing a shape in the air with our hands and represent spiritual ideas like peace and love.

The symbols in Reiki are not words. They are drawn images that represent universal life force energy. The symbols in reiki were developed by Mikao Usui, a Buddhist monk who believed that the symbols could help to heal others and themselves.

Cho Ku Rei is one of the most known reiki symbols, but the words Cho Ku Rei carry an interesting mix of meanings and beliefs, for example: it is a Japanese term meaning to write quickly. It was first identified by the author of the book “Writing with speed: how to be productive in less time” (2006), who noted that the velocity of writing increases with practice and can be increased even further through a series of mental routines.

Cho Ku Rei is not about how many words one writes every minute; rather, it focuses on how many finished words one writes in a specific time period.

Cho Ku Rei is also the Japanese belief that a person’s spirit leaves their body when they sleep and wanders off to various places. It’s believed that the spirit of someone who died will return to visit their home or may stay with family members.

Japan is one of the few countries in which it is still socially acceptable to wear white after a death. Cho Ku Rei, or “death attire,” is seen as an extension of deep respect for the deceased.

This custom has its roots in ancient Japanese culture, and it came from the Buddhist tradition that encouraged individuals to wear white clothing after death. The Buddhist tradition started to spread throughout Japan, with people from different sects all following this trend. Eventually, it became a tradition that helped with mourning and grieving when a family member dies. Mourning rituals have been followed in Japan for centuries and Cho Ku Rei has been an important part of this ritual since its inception.

Cho Ku Rei, in Usui Reiki meaning “source of light,” is a power symbol that has been used since the days when reiki was first brought to the West.

It is a systematic procedure with many steps, and it has been designed to bring about specific results. The practitioner can use it for self-development or for healing others in various situations.

Other symbols are:

Sei He Ki – The harmony symbol – for when you are in need of purification and need balance and harmony to be restored.

Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen – The distance symbol – it means having no present past or future and therefore transcends time and space.

Who can benefit from reiki?

Reiki can be beneficial for everyone who is willing to try and experience it. But does this mean that it is a good idea for every member of the family to get a session from a reiki healer?

Reiki practitioners believe that the benefits of reiki are not limited to their patients. As such, they recommend that any person in the family gets at least one session with them. This way, they can maintain their mental and physical health as well.

Whilst it may not be the choice of healing for everyone, it is for someone who wants to deeply heal. Its gentle, non-invasive and very relaxing.

Who can train in reiki?

It is a technique that has been passed down through generations. The power of Reiki comes from an energy field or life force, which people can tap into and direct with their thoughts.

Anyone can use reiki for beneficial purposes – it does not require any complex training to get started and anyone can learn how to do it themselves with guidance from someone who already knows how, such as a reiki master.

Reiki can be used by anyone who is willing to learn. It can provide a sense of peace and a feeling of being cared for. Reiki healing can be done on ones self as well as others. A person must be “attuned” to the reiki healing energy modality to be able to work on themselves as well as others.

Reiki is becoming increasingly popular in the workplace. There are companies that offer Reiki as an employee benefit in order to help their employees feel cared for.

So, if you are looking for a new healing modality, this one is worth exploring to clear your energy which can lead to stress and disease process.

Disclaimer Note: It’s important to note though, that just because something is natural does not mean zero risk. While many natural therapies are very low risk there still may be complications, contraindications and contra-actions.

The internet is full of information on how you can cure yourself with natural remedies, therapies, fitness equipment and more, but we recommend that you seek out a Qualified Natural Practitioner, Reiki or Energy medicine expert and always consult a Naturopathic Doctor before trying any new things. Never stop taking any prescribed medication without speaking to your health practitioner first.


Thankyou – This article is for entertainment and informational purposes only.


The benefits of Aromatherapy for Men

As we all know, aromatherapy has been around for centuries and is a commonly used therapy for many, especially women.

However, it is less likely that you will find the words man and aromatherapy in the same sentence. It is rather funny that, as I myself as an Aromatherapist do treat a lot of men and they love it! and I just thought a lot about this and realized that despite my male clients, it is still promoted very much towards women or as a more feminine therapy.

Having said that, if you ask most guys what they know of Aromatherapy, you may well still receive a rather vacant stare in return as they draw blanks as to what you are even talking about. Those who have already experienced it though will speak proudly of how it helps and I have had many friends of friends come through my male client’s recommendations.

The truth is that Aromatherapy has many properties that will benefit men in today’s society. In the modern world, men must deal with different types of stress than they did in hunter-gatherer tribal times.  This isn’t to say, however, that the amount of stress is not the same, it’s just a different type. The way I see it, the stress in our present-day is more of a mental fight. I am able to reflect on numerous major benefits but below I am going to let you in on male client’s comments and experiences and the major benefits that have taken place in their lives as a result of Aromatherapy. (with their permission of course).


Within the scope of this article, we will explore how Aromatherapy benefits men in modern society.


If there are any of you who do not know what Aromatherapy really is, it might be a good idea to start at the beginning and especially if you are a male reader wanting to find out how this can help you. I welcome you.

Aromatherapy oils

As it turns out, modern Aromatherapy was actually identified by a Frenchman named Rene Maurice Gattefosse in the 1920s. So, ladies we must be thankful to our lovely male counterpart for that. I know I am:)

Since Mr. Gattefosse was prone to burns in his lab, due to his own personal experience, he became somewhat of an expert on burns. During a fright, Mr. Gattefosse accidentally set his arm on fire and doused the fire with lavender oil.

As a result, Gattefosse reported immediate pain relief and an incredibly rapid recovery process with minimal scarring. Comparing his recent burns to the previous ones, he knew he had discovered something. As a result of the incident, Gattefosse dedicated himself to the study of Aromatherapy. Lavender has many healing properties.

So there you go guys, nothing to be intimidated about when it comes to men’s aromatherapy.

One client states ” It has been most helpful in coping with the high levels of stress in modern life that I have experienced in my life. Until I tried Basil Oil, I was at the worst of my depression. A smell of Basil Oil is necessary to fully understand its properties. Basil oil gives me a fresh feeling at the end of the day. I have more quality time with my children and strangely I am able to let go of the stress I have had during the day. As a result, I am able to think clearly about positive aspects of life and bring myself to a pleasant place. Lemon oil has also worked for me, but I prefer Basil oil. You might want to give both a try”.

Amazing eh?  When thinking about Aromatherapy for men think about how it can help during sickness. Let’s face it most men turn to kittens when a cold strikes. As a client once stated to me, ”Aromatherapy can restore you to the ‘testosterone-injected beefcake’  you once felt you were”. Ok, so I smiled, but if it works for them, who am I to say otherwise. I think it’s amazing.

Here’s another client. He states

”Let me introduce you to my two new friends, Eucalyptus oil and mint. If I’m suffering from a cold or flu, this little combo is a real knockout. I suggested to my mates that they try it out the next time they get sick.  Also, another amazing essential oil I found is Yarrow oil it can also get rid of most cold and flu symptoms. It is obvious that this will only treat the symptoms, not the cause, but once you are feeling positive, it should be enough to keep you feeling positive”.

I know what you’re thinking, as a Naturopath, Aromatherapist,  I must have just the best male clients, and I taught them well:) Indeed I have:)


Let’s continue on.


Men can also benefit from aromatherapy in the case of skin burns. As we all know, guys are prone to getting, cuts, scrapes and burns. A nasty work-related scrape or burn on the leg can be a real downer for the weekend, especially when you had planned a footy match with your pals. There is nothing fun about getting burns on your skin, but luckily, as mentioned previously, lavender oil is a great way to relieve them.


And another such client stated.

”When I burnt my leg at work, I thought that was it and I couldn’t play soccer, but after a few days applying lavender, it was so much better, that I was able to go back the next weekend. It’s amazing stuff. – I carry it with me now at work.”


He also reported ”I also tried Bergamot for cold sores combined with Eucalyptus oil and it provides amazing relief. Thankyou”.


In the future, aromatherapy for men is more likely to be commonplace than it is today. My partner also uses various oils and diffuses them or uses them through inhalation or in massages. I know from personal experience that it has had a tremendous effect on my relationship at home after a stressful day. We are both calmer as a result.

Aromatherapy massage for men

Whenever he’s sick, he’s less miserable, and if by chance he gets minor damages when out working or playing sports, he’s covered there as well.

Overall, aromatherapy can be very beneficial to men. If you are having trouble overcoming stereotypes, keep in mind that it is making your life easier. When it comes to aromatherapy, there are a few risks, and you’ll need to become informed about the techniques involved to achieve your desired results.

But don’t be shy gents, let’s get you using aromatherapy and booking in your appointments to learn how this amazing and tried and tested therapy can help you, and you family.


Vibration Therapy

What is vibration therapy?

Vibration therapy is the use of vibration for therapeutic purposes. It can be used on a person, on a piece of equipment, or on an object.

There are many studies that have been conducted in order to understand the effects of sound and vibrations on human health. One thing that is clear is that sound and vibration therapy can be used to relieve pain, reduce discomfort, as well as increase relaxation and feelings of well-being.

Whole body vibration therapy

One particularly useful type of vibration therapy is whole-body vibration training. This is when someone lays down and vibrates their body to increase blood circulation and muscle strength. The vibrations also work to stimulate bone growth and improve nerve function. The vibration of sound waves has a substantial effect on our brain and nervous system.

Whole body vibration is also a technique that involves a person standing on a vibrating platform or being fitted with an inbuilt vibrating belt and/or vest. Vibration is transferred from the machine to the person’s tissues, which then stimulates muscle contractions in the legs and buttocks. This has been shown to reduce inflammation by increasing blood circulation, which then speeds up the healing process. Vibrations can be created with tuning forks, sound bowls, musical instruments and more.

Sound and vibration therapy
Massage therapy singing bowls in the Spa. Sound therapy, recreation, meditation, healthy concept

How is it useful for general health?

In an article by the Harvard Medical School, they state that vibration therapy is used to “improve muscle and joint function, relieve pain, reduce swelling, and improve overall functioning” for those who have arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and other conditions.

Vibration therapy can help with chronic pain management. It can be used to help with neck pain that does not respond to more traditional treatments like physical therapy or chiropractic care. Vibration therapy is also one of the only treatments for plantar fasciitis. Though it’s unclear what impact vibration has on muscle tissue after contracting a virus or bacterial infection.

There are many different types of vibration therapy that are available to the public and all of them have their own benefits. Machines that provide this type of therapy to patients include vibrating platforms as well as handheld massagers which allow the patient to self-administer.

Contra indications

Vibration therapy is a technique that has been used for centuries and is still being used today. Whilst It helps to alleviate pain, increases blood flow, relaxes muscles and improves bone density there are still some contraindications.

Some of the contraindications for vibration therapy are: if you have heart disease, ulcers, osteoporosis or cancer.

Benefits for Weight loss, Muscle gain, Improved strength.

The vibration therapy for weight loss is one of the most effective treatments in this field. The reason is that it activates the muscles and promotes better blood circulation leaving you healthier and stronger. There is some evidence that suggests it may also help with muscle gain. Those with experience of these machines often say the vibration makes them work the muscles harder so it also builds strength. This is done through the use of vibration plates and is helpful for those that are unable to formally exercise based on health reasons.

The vibration therapy for weight loss usually includes a set of exercises, like squats, push ups and crunches, which are done while you are on a vibrating platform. As a result, your muscles get activated and they start to contract which leads to better blood circulation.

This kind of treatment is also great because it promotes relaxation and reduces stress levels.

Conclusion: The vibration therapy for weight loss is an excellent way to lose weight with no known side effects.

The vibration therapy for weight loss is an excellent way to lose weight
The vibration therapy is also for weight loss

Other benefits:

Lower Blood pressure

According to health line – A 2012 study examined the effect of arterial stiffness using vibration training. The participants performed exercises on the plate and at the end of 6 weeks they all had a significant decrease in systolic blood pressure.

Improved body composition

Couple with dieting and aerobic exercise a group lost more weight whilst using the vibrating plate than those who solely used diet and or exercise.

Vibration therapy in addition to the use of sound therapy has been gaining popularity over the last few years with singing bowl, sound bowl classes popping up all over the united states. The use of mantra and sound healing is not foreign to eastern cultures where they often use sound healing and vibration in prayers as well as meditations. Various organs are set to various frequencies and so the use of sound therapy and vibrations can be extremely healing for stress reduction. The use of vibration and sound can be very useful as a part of a persons healthcare regimen.

Disclaimer Note: It’s important to note though, that just because something is natural does not mean zero risk. While many vibration therapies are very low risk there still may be complications, contraindications and contra-actions.

The internet is full of information on how you can cure yourself with natural remedies, fitness equipment and more, but we recommend that you seek out a Qualified Natural Practitioner, fitness instructor, chiropractor, Osteopath or vibration plate expert and always consult a Naturopathic Doctor before trying any new things. Never stop taking any prescribed medication without speaking to your health practitioner first.

Thankyou – This article is for entertainment and informational purposes only.


What are Alternative Health remedies?

The internet is full of information on how you can cure yourself with natural and alternative remedies, foods, oils herbs and more and the information has grown in line with the surge in natural medicine popularity.

Alternative health remedies definitely have benefits and while they are not a cure, they can always help support the body in certain situations. Understanding when and how to use these remedies requires expert training, skill, and precision in recommendations. 

Alternative medicines are treatments that are considered to be an alternative approach and /or a complementary support to traditional Western medicine or allopathic / conventional treatments, that include plants, oils, supplements, nutrition, mind and body works amongst others, from varying disciplines and cultures. They can be used to treat many different kinds of illnesses and diseases.

Alternative medicine
Alternative medicine

In the Western world, many alternative remedies are largely unregulated, and their efficacy is not always established by scientific evidence.  Therefore, it’s important to fully research your therapy and practitioner to ensure you get the best help possible. Naturopathic Doctors often only use GMP certified supplements. These are pharmaceutical grade supplements that have been rigorously testing for containments as well as efficacy. Many nutraceutical companies test their products as well as finance their own studies to prove efficacy of the nutrients. 

There are many great societies helping to regulate and support these therapies and practitioners, and it is changing all the time which is a great thing to see.  There are literally thousands of therapies so do your research well or seek the advice of a Naturopathic Doctor who is often qualified in many disciplines to help you to choose your therapy or guide you to the appropriate therapist. Just because it is natural does not mean that it is healthy or recommended for you, especially with many diagnosis as well as medications in the system. 

You may have heard of herbal remedies, nutritional therapy, meditation, mindfulness, yoga, homeopathic treatments, acupuncture, acupressure, bachs remedies and other more common modalities but there are many thousands of others.  Some people use alternative healing modes as a way to combat the toxicity of modern life or to find peace with the body and mind.

Alternative health remedies for skin problems and hair.

Alternative health remedies are often said to be the newest trend in medicine, where in actual fact they have been around for many thousands of years in a lot of cases. With many people investing in those natural, organic remedies, we have to ask ourselves:

What can these remedies really do?

There are many claims about the benefits of alternative remedies and many reported benefits such as helping everything from skin problems and digestion problems through to circulation and hair growth.

The use of natural remedies is not new. The word “remedy” comes from the Latin “recuperāre,” which means “to make whole again.”

Alternative health remedies are not usually intended to cure major illnesses, such as cancer or diabetes but can be a support and benefit to the immune system and for overall wellbeing and mood. Alternative therapies can often be a complement to allopathic care and are not always recommended to replace these treatments. 

They are commonly called upon for milder problems, like skin infections or digestive issues and can sometimes be used in place of, but more commonly alongside, prescription medicine to support minor health concerns.

Natural Remedies
Natural Remedies

Let’s look at some remedies

Hair growth

There are a number of remedies that people can use to stimulate hair growth. These remedies range from natural home-grown methods to expensive treatments.

-Massage therapy, 

-Aloe Vera, 

-Coconut oil, 


-Geranium oil, 


-Onion Juice, 

-Rosemary oil 

have all long been used to stimulate hair growth.


Natural remedies are an affordable way to solve problems. They can be found in the kitchen or even in the back garden. Some natural remedies for skin are apple cider vinegar, cucumber, and oatmeal masks. As well as aloe vera and rose oil.

Apple cider vinegar is a good remedy for dry skin because it has a pH of 4-5 which balances the skin’s natural pH level of 5-6. It is also rich in antioxidants such as polyphenols and flavonoids that help fight free radicals and prevent premature aging. 

Cucumbers have compounds called cucurbitacin’s that shrink blood vessels, thereby reducing inflammation on your face and improving circulation to your skin cells. 

Oatmeal is good for oily or acne-prone skin because it can soak up excess oil which help keep pores clean, but it is also antioxidant and anti-inflammatory and can also help to treat dry skin and remove dead skin cells. Oats contain saponins which are natural cleansers.

Go natural, its kinder.

Natural remedies are a kinder way to heal your skin because they don’t usually have any side effects and are made from organic materials that do not contain any chemicals. One of the most popular old natural remedies is honey, which has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.  Honey (with lemon juice and cinnamon powder)

If you are vegan there are others which carry similar healing properties.

– Coconut oil 

– Flaxseed Scrub

– Aloe Vera and Cucumber with Coconut oil 

– Apple cider vinegar mixed with water

– Blueberry face mask

– Coffee mask

– Banana face mask

  To name a few.

Herbal medicine

Always consult a doctor before trying natural herbs, oils, or  remedies

So you can see, there are many benefits to using natural remedies and these are just a tiny selection, so I urge you to do your research and try things out, above all, have fun. Natural medicine practitioners can work very happily and successfully alongside your primary care practitioner or Doctor and they very often do. So do not think it must be one or the other. In fact a good provider will see the benefit in all forms of care, and objectively educate you on the benefits versus risk of all treatment. 

Disclaimer Note: It’s important to note though, that just because something Is natural does not mean zero risk. While many are very low risk there still can be complications, contraindications and contra-actions. Please be mindful of interactions with various medications and drugs that you are currently take plus known contraindications for certain herbal remedies. 

The internet is full of information on how you can cure yourself with natural remedies, but we recommend that you seek out a Qualified Natural Healthcare Practitioner and always consult a Doctor before trying any new things. Never stop taking any prescribed medication without speaking to your healthcare practitioner first. If you would like to consider some alternative health remedies for your care, please schedule a consultation by clicking here: 

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