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Talking body detox on Coast Live

A body detox is key to good health

A full body detox involves detoxification of your primary drainage pathways. These are the liver, the kidneys and the blood/lymph as an example. These primary drainage pathways become inhibited because of heavy metal and chemical toxicity from our environment.

The body often becomes clogged with the toxic garbage accumulated from the environment. As the organs become clogged, the function of that organ is inhibited. This is especially true for the liver which has a big job for the body.

The role of the liver is to detoxify as well as metabolism nutrients. If the liver is taking in toxic food, or unhealthy food it slows the livers natural function. The liver has difficulty clearing the toxins that it is exposed to in the environment.

talking body detox

The environment contains toxic substances from the food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe, building materials, etc. There are so many toxins within out environment, some not even founded or categorized. The level of toxicity continues to grow year after year as standards become more and more laxed.

It is recommended to routinely detoxify the organs in the body. It is healthier to do one organ at a time and take time to rest in between. Those that detox without break, again and again can make themselves sick and put themselves at greater risk.

Our practice offers several types of body detox services, basic, advanced, and expert. The basic body detox service use the bodies ability to detoxify. The advance detox services use natural substances to support the bodies ability to detoxify. The expert detox appointments are more advanced medically guided detox. These involve reviewing lab work and making recommendations based on the findings. We recommend to start slow and work your way through the process of detoxification. Here at Holistic Family Practice, we guide you every step of the way.

starting a vegan diet

A Simple Guide to Starting a Vegan Diet

One of the newest and most popular trends in natural living family in the past few years, plant based diet transformation, has stirred up quite the discussion amongst health professionals.

A vegan diet is one that requires you to strip all and any animal products from your diet. This means no meat, dairy, eggs, or animal flavors of any kind. This also means avoiding the use of any animal based products such as leather items such as furniture, shoes, etc. Pretty much anything that is made from animal products.

Starting a vegan diet, or plant based diet transformation, for many people can be a challenge ‒ not because there are no food choices, but because it is unknown and new territory that many people have never been taught about. 

If you’ve been wondering how you could get started with a plant based diet transformation, here is an easy guide to help you.

starting a vegan diet
starting a vegan diet

Step 1: Load Up on Fruits and Veggies

Most people start a vegan diet by looking at the “meat alternatives” section to find the foods that will give them a similar taste to the meat they gave up. However, if you are going to be successful in your new diet, it’s important to load up on fruit and veggies in natural living family. 

Fruits and vegetables serve as a major source of nutrients on a vegan diet. They provide your body with vitamins, minerals, and a good source of carbohydrates so it is key to get as many of these in the diet as possible. 

Keeping in mind that many vegetables are not very calorically dense, try to eat foods that are dark green, such as spinach, broccoli, and other leafy greens as these will contain a good source of calories and important nutrients. 

starting a vegan diet with red peppers

Step 2: Understand that Grains are Good for You

In natural living family many are still afraid of carbohydrates, but on a plant based diet transformation, much of your caloric value during the day will come from grains such as quinoa, rice, and oats. 

These grains will provide your body with a steady source of complex carbohydrates. They also contain a wide spectrum of amino acids (the building blocks of protein), vitamins, and minerals. 

Most importantly, whole grains are a very good source of fiber, which will help to keep you regular, reduce inflammation, and be a great tool for weight management. 

Food for healing

Step 3: Beans and Nuts for Protein

Although a focus on protein intake in a plant based diet transformation is not as essential as getting the right carbohydrates, it’s still important to ensure that you’re getting 1g/kg of body mass per day.

This can be done through beans and nuts in natural living family. Many beans are, in fact, just as protein dense as meats. Black beans, for instance, contain just as much leucine as beef, and lentils contain just as much protein per gram as most fish. 

Nuts and seeds like almonds, cashews, and pumpkin seeds are a great additional source of protein, fiber, and micronutrients.

They will also serve as the main source of dietary fat, as a vegan diet will work best when you keep your fat intake to 20% or lower of your daily calories.

Always Eat Fresh

The most important thing to consider on a plant based diet transformation, especially a vegan diet, is to eat a complete spectrum of food and always eat fresh. 

sugar vs carbohydrates

In other words, just because dairy free Oreos are vegan doesn’t mean you should eat the entire box or eat them at all at that. Natural family living means eating foods that are naturally occurring and G-D made, not man made.

On a plant based diet transformation, fruit and vegetables should be your main source of calories and the bulk of your diet should be from the food you can cook yourself. Eating out a lot from restaurants can cause problems because the foods tend to be high fat, high sugar, or high sodium to make the food taste good. If the food tastes good, they sell more food, so it is not always about the health of the food. 

Long-standing research shows that a vegan diet is not just healthier for you, but it lowers your risk for heart disease, cancer, and obesity. It can even be a very effective tool for performance as an athlete. 

So, when going vegan, just stay on track, eat fresh, and don’t stress when you go to a restaurant ‒ there are always vegetable options. Typically, ethnic restaurants have a greater selection of plant-based options, however more and more plant-based diet transformation places are opening up such as juice bars, vegan restaurants, as well as many natural living family restaurants. If you need help with starting a vegan diet, feel free to contact our functional nutritionist today.

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5 Ways to Build Your Childs Self- Esteem as Parents

Do you want to learn how to promote positive self-esteem in your child? Self-esteem can be sometimes a challenging thing to consider with our children. Especially, when parents are busy trying to provide, manage, and help maintain households at times the impact of words, behaviors, perceptions on the child’s self esteem can often be missed in the midst of survival. As parents, when our children fail it can be easy to take it personally. This is why in our vibrant health family clinic we often take a holistic approach. Looking at all aspects and all angles of the families state mentally, emotionally, spiritually in the definition of a holistic approach. A holistic approach looks at physical impacts, environmental impacts, mental, emotional, spiritual, and even ancestral impacts. The definition of a holistic approach combines all of these aspects into the same vibrant health family clinic in an effort to create a more healthy family unit. The same principles apply to parents building confidence as to children who are developing confidence in themselves. It can truly be challenging especially if the parents struggle with self esteem to then teach their children self esteem. When we break down the definition of a holistic approach we evaluate the various causes and aspects that are creating harm within the family unit. Impacts within the family unit has a negative impact on building positive self esteem in children. 

Kiddos cheering

Building greater confidence and self-esteem takes practice, tools and skills that we often teach within our vibrant health family clinic. But, the results are well worth the time and effort involved in the process.As we continue to work towards understanding the definition of a holistic approach we can build Stronger confidence which benefits you in every area of your life.

Within our vibrant health family clinic we educate on these strategies which will help you and your children develop greater confidence and self-esteem:

  • Learn from mistakes and failure. It’s okay to fail. Failing is part of the learning process. Failing is just a breakdown in performance. Performance is an effort of action.This improves decision-making skills, enables one to think through long-term results of their choices, and accept feedback about their mistakes without feeling like a personal failure.This contrast is a part of the definition of a holistic approach, being able to see the entirety of the experience of the learning process in life.
    • Parents are also learning something new with each child. The process is the same – you learn from mistakes and failures. In our vibrant health family clinic, we try and offer grace for the depth of your human experience.
  • See mistakes and failures as tools for success. Confidence comes from learning to trust our instincts, skills, and abilities. It is gained over time through both success and failure. It requires taking risks and dealing with consequences. Again, this is the definition of a holistic approach as it pertains to learning to trust ourselves. I often teach within our vibrant health family clinic about the process and act of trusting self. We appreciate those making an effort in trusting and discerning for themselves.
  • The more skilled our children become in making the choices, the more confident they become. Educating our children about cause and effect can also teach them the about making choices that serve them and their worlds. The definition of a holistic approach in the area of decision making comes from the space of a universal law of nature and can build many other teachings such as that of responsibility, attraction, focus, and attention.
  • If you regularly use mistakes as a tool for success, when your kids do fail or miscalculate, they learn that it was the thinking or process that was faulty, not the person. The same applies to you as a parent. This is the desire of our vibrant health family clinic, to teach both the parent and child that it is safe to fail, miscalculate, or faulty thinking in the moment. This begins to dispel the idea of perfectionism.
  • Never stop learning. Parents are teachers and so are children. Your job is to prepare your child to be a successful young adult. It starts day one and never ends. You are teaching them how to think, not what to think.You are not always going to get it right – nobody does. However if you are in tune to the definition of a holistic approach you can look at things from a more broad view and seeing everyones perspective.
how to promote positive self esteem
  • Like your child, you learn as you do things and improve as you learn. Chances are that you’ll feel inadequate at times and make mistakes.It is important to provide yourself grace, forgive yourself, learn to let it go and move on.
  • Own it. Be open about your mistakes and talk to your child about the lessons learned. They will benefit as much from your candid discussions as anything else you do. They will also respect you, and see you as a human being instead of an infallible human being placing you on an unhealthy pedestal.
  • Think positive thoughts about yourself. If you struggle with low self-esteem, it’s important that you get help with that. We have many exercises within our vibrant heath family clinic to help build self esteem. Your behavior and how you treat yourself is what your child absorbs.
  • If you stand in front of the mirror making negative comments about your body, berate yourself when you make a mistake, or judge others when they don’t meet your standards, your child will do the same. This too is the definition of a holistic approach just in a negative manner. Providing various forms of negative feedback as in the same as positive feedback multiples. Remember where attention goes energy grows. If you want to expand more positivity, generate more positivity, likewise with negatively, so being mindful of intention is critical.
  • Learn to let it go. Move forward after you discuss lessons learned – yours and your child’s. It is information that you will use to calculate choices in the future. Release what no longer serves with unconditional love, laugh at your humanity, be easy on self as well as each other.
  • If you dwell on it or label yourself, your child will do the same. “I made a mistake” can become “I am a mistake” if internalized. Reach out for help if you need it. Perfectionism leads to additional challenges that neither of you need.The constant critical nature of perfectionism can become the birth place of autoimmune conditions with a hyper critical nature of self. Releasing these thoughts, feelings, actions as they come up and allowing them to be free can be helpful in healing and forgiving self. 

Practice these techniques daily with your and build their self-esteem children. The more you practice, the easier these behaviors become. Once they become a habit, you and your children are well on the path to having an automatic process that supports greater confidence and self-esteem each day.

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Healthy Men, how to encourage men to care about their health on Coast Live

Healthy Men

Healthy men need to be the standard. Men often prioritize their health last, after providing and protecting their families. Men’s health is a critical topic to uncover especially since men are often the ones more resistance to going to the doctor. This goes back to primitive times when neighboring tribes could see health issues as a weakness. Seeing these weaknesses could be seen as a vulnerability. Therefore, it requires a man to be vulnerable to reveal their health issues. It no longer is an issue of a neighboring tribe attacking someone but now underlying health risks not being addressed.

It is clear that addressing health risks attached to diet, exercise, nutrient deficiencies, etc can prevent many metabolic health issues. The more proactive a man is in men’s health the more a man is able to prevent disease rather than wait until it is treated. Having a healthy metabolism by increasing nutrients and decreasing toxicity is key to maintain all other health systems including cardiovascular, immune, hormone, and neurological system.

Healthy men have healthy metabolisms. A healthy metabolism means that all of the nutrients are supported within the body to allow for the body to heal itself. The body was made to heal itself but only if we provide ourselves the healthy environment. A healthy environment means eating a healthy diet with adequate protein, carbohydrates, and minimal fat. Once a healthy diet is addressed and maintained then healthy of the digestive system really begins. It is difficult to heal the digestive system without truly changing the diet.

Changing the diet is sometimes the most difficult part of the process, however we try to make it easy at our practice, by providing meal plans to follow and comprehensive diet education. It isn’t always easy but we provide the tools and motivation to help you along the way.

Metabolic Assessment

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foods to stay away from when trying to lose weight

Top 5 Foods To Stay Away From When Trying To Lose Weight

We realize that weight loss is one of the largest challenges that we face on a daily basis which is why we developed a weight loss center virginia beach. Whether you’re trying to lose some weight for your friend’s wedding, or you simply want to take off a couple of pounds, making lifestyle changes is necessary to lose weight in our weight loss clinic virginia beach. Even though it is something that many people struggle with it. 

Losing weight is not as simple as eating less. In our weight loss center virginia beach we recognize that if you’ve been eating unhealthy food for the past couple years, your body has adapted to poor sources of calories. Simply switching your intake to cleaner, whole foods may make a big difference. Eating fresh whole foods is often recommended in our weight loss clinic virginia beach.

The difficulty is: how do you determine which foods are best for weight loss? How do you know what’s going to work best for you from day one? These answers at times can be individual in our weight loss clinic virginia beach.

Here are some of the most effective ways that we use in our weight loss center virginia beach to ensure you are losing weight and keeping it off. 

Healthy Foods

Emphasize Balance in Your Diet

One of the biggest mistakes that we see people make in our weight loss clinic virginia beach is when they start a new diet program is to remove a specific food from their diet. Whether you try a high-fat diet and remove most of your carbs or try a high-carb diet and limit your intake of fat ‒ both can be harmful to your health and weight loss as it shocks the system. The body will often have difficulty adjusting to crash diets and certain enzymes shut down if not being used within the system.

Although these methods may work in the short-term, helping you lose some weight in a couple of weeks, as the months progress you may see a plateau. For this reason, we recommend in our weight loss clinic virginia beach it is always best to emphasize a balance of all food groups.

Consistent weight loss will come when you create a caloric deficit – that is, taking in less calories than you burn off. 

After you’ve found balance in your diet, consider keeping a few, more harmful foods out of your diet whenever possible. We recommend at our weight loss center virginia beach these top 5 foods to avoid for weight loss. 

foods to stay away from when trying to lose weight

Top 5 Foods To Stay Away From When Trying To Lose Weight as recommended in our weight loss center:

  • Fatty meats. We all love bacon and ribs ‒ but to a certain extent, these foods come with a high caloric value and a low nutritional yield.
    • Limiting your intake of fatty meats like beef and pork and substituting fish, turkey, beans, and other lean meats can help to lower your intake of saturated fats and total calories.
  • Processed sweets. Halloween is the only exception to this rule. Processed sweets like candy, donuts, muffins, and cakes all contain high amounts of calories with low nutritional value. They are also loaded with trans fats, perhaps the worst fat you can consume for overall health.
  • Processed grains. Humans have developed over thousands of years to eat whole grains, yet the past generation of food processing has stripped grains of nutrition and can lead to weight gain.These grains can cause insulin spikes within the system.
  • Limiting your intake of foods such as white bread, flour tortillas, ready-made cereals, and other processed grains can lead to stronger overall health, faster weight loss, and better digestion.
  • Whole creams. Many people enjoy a nice cappuccino, but the extra amount of high-fat dairy is detrimental for your daily calorie needs.
  • Limiting your consumption of high-fat dairy products like ice cream, whole milk, and full-fat yogurt could be a step in the right direction if you are looking for long-term weight loss.
  • Fruit juices. Eating whole fruit will never be an issue, yet fruit juices are loaded with added sugar and preservatives that have no place in your daily calories.
  • The added sugar can cause inflammation which leads to weight gain, and the extra calories are not needed. For best results, try making your own fruit juice smoothies. You’ll likely find no need for the added sugars. 
Eating a healthy diet

Emphasize Moderation

We make food recommendations in our weight loss center virginia beach that are foods that are generally quite moderate in calories. At the end of the day, your weight loss will come down to the total amount of calories you consume and your ability to maintain a calorie deficit throughout the weeks. Our weight loss clinic virginia beach, can guide you through the process of weight loss. 

Do your best to emphasize moderation in your food. Simply put, all food is good when it is consumed at the right time and the right amount.