Our mission is to provide affordable, natural health care for all those seeking alternatives to conventional practices.

What We Believe

Holistic Family Practice serves families in an affordable effort to educate, motivate, and inspire individuals to maintain their wellbeing. With health care prices rising and overall health decreasing, humanity needs to focus on disease prevention methods in lieu of disease management and cures. To achieve this, we start with the body’s Control Center: a healthy mindset. Then we tie in maintenance for the body: eating a balanced and healthy diet, detoxifying the body regularly, and supplement the nutrients that may be lacking. When the mind and body become well, one’s soul flowers and provides beautiful fruits. Our naturopathic medical approach is designed with you, the individual, in mind on your self-healing journey.

Comparing Traditional Natural Health Care Practices vs Concierge Natural Health Care Practices

  Traditional Natural Health Care Practices Concierge Natural Health Care Practices
Insurance Not covered services per office fees

Some labs third-party billed

Some services not covered

Affordability $200-$500 per visit $125-$195 monthly fee
Hours Standard medical office hours

Includes nights and weekends

6 days a week

Wait Times Long, sometimes late appointment On-time appointment guarantee
Acute vs Chronic Care Typically chronic care only Acute and chronic care available
Preventative Health Services

Not included

Additional cost


No additional cost 

Treatment Plan Focused on symptoms Focused on causes
  Large amounts of supplements Manageable supplements tailored to help you heal

What We Do

We support the mind, body, and spirit to integrate well. It all begins with establishing a healthy mindset. We then show you how the body works and inform you of factors causing yours to be out of balance. Our goal is to share empowering, motivational, and inspiring practices to elaborate on how your entire body is self-healing. Get ready to transform your health using the healing power of nature. Say hello to finding the causes of disease and goodbye masking disease symptoms! You can live your very best life starting NOW!


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