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anger management techniques, anger management exercises

Anger Management Techniques and Anger Management Exercises

Everyone gets angry. It’s just a part of life. However, you can teach yourself anger management techniques and anger management exercises using effective ways to manage your anger so you can release it in a healthy manner.

When you let your anger boil inside of you, it could end up coming out in undesirable ways. You certainly don’t want an explosion of anger to occur where you feel completely out of control. That could produce some serious consequences for you and others. So it is important to learn anger management techniques and anger management exercises.

There are easy and safe methods to use that will allow you to manage your anger.

Try some of the following anger management techniques:

anger management techniques,  anger management exercises

  1. Take deep breaths. At the first sign of anger, take a step back instead of having an immediate reaction as one of the anger management exercises. Allow yourself time for a few deep breaths. This act will bring extra oxygen to the brain where it’s needed. You’ll be able to think with extra clarity and you’ll have more time to sort out your thoughts.
  2. Pray and meditate. Turn to the help of prayer and meditation using anger management techniques. Choose the one that fits with your personal style. Both of these activities allow you to concentrate and clear your head. You’ll be able to think hard about your feelings and possibly even release the anger you’ve built up by using these anger management exercises.
  3. Use positive affirmations. Affirmations have the power to battle negative emotions such as anger. They’re short positive statements written in the present tense that can help you stay calm and collected when it matters. If you feel angry, tell yourself that you’re calm and understanding as one of the anger management techniques. Doing so will help to redirect your mind onto the positive direction as one of the anger management exercises. 
  4. Exercise. Exercise is a real treat for the body and mind. It keeps you fit and thinking on your toes. It’s a great way to release stress and endorphins so you can feel better. You likely won’t be feeling anger anymore after a good run around town. Exercise is one of the great anger management techniques to use when you need to use anger management exercises. 
  5. Write in a journal. If you’re looking for an outlet to release your thoughts and emotions, try journaling. It’s a great way to feel like you’re talking to someone, but you’re still keeping secrets. Sorting out your inner feelings in this way can be a great release and let go when you are looking to find one of the anger management techniques.
  6. Start a new hobby. Hobbies can help you deal with anger because they’re activities that you enjoy doing. Since you’ll be having a good time, you’ll hopefully be able to turn your frown upside down!
  • Hobbies can be a good temporary escape to cool yourself down from anger, but it’s important to return to the situation once you’ve found a cool head. You don’t want to continue to ignore your issues for too long. As you look at using anger management exercises make sure you do not use this one to avoid dealing with the anger. 
  • Just let go. Figure out any way you can to just let go of your angry feelings. Ask yourself why you’re still holding on. You eventually need to learn how to release the feelings because, in the long run, they’re only hurting you and keeping you from enjoying your life.

anger management techniques   anger management exercises

If all else fails, remember that you can ask for help for your anger issues. You don’t have to feel like you’re alone with your anger. You can turn to family members and friends. They’ll be there to support you in your time of need. If you truly feel that you have an issue that you can’t seem to let go of, you can seek the help of a holistic doctor who can provide you with a list of anger management techniques as seen above. 

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Practice using these anger management exercises every day and you’ll soon be happy to see that you can approach life cool, calm, and collected. 

article on health is wealth health is wealth meaning

Article on Health is Wealth

As the saying goes, “Health is Wealth.” It’s true! This article on health is wealth. Health is wealth meaning is that your health affects everything else in your life – from your relationships to your career. You can’t be successful or happy without good health. And if you’re healthy, an article on health is wealth teaches it will make it easier for you to do all of those other things well too! 

But how do we know what our best health looks like? There are many different ways that people define “health.” So let’s explore the health is wealth meaning. Some people think that being active and eating nutritious food is important for their own definition of health. As we will review, we will see all aspects in the article on health is wealth. 

Others believe that they need to focus on mental wellness first in health is wealth meaning. 

article on health is wealth     health is wealth meaning
Medecine concept – Blackboard with text “Health is wealth” and stethoscope on blue wooden background

And well, the truth is somewhere in-between, but in this article on health is wealth, we’ll focus on what we refer to as “The big 3 of human existence.”

In our eyes, those big 3 of human existence are – Mindset, Movement & Recovery.

So let’s get right into the article on health is wealth meaning.

The Big 3 Of Human Existence

Let’s face it – the modern-day ways of living have kicked us out of balance across all three fundamental aspects of our existence as we explore this article on health is wealth meaning.

This, in turn, is perhaps what gave rise to a variety of chronic mental and physical conditions.

And well, you are not guilty here because after all, in a world where most jobs are sedentary and we get the chance to get bad food delivered to our doorstep… It’s impossible NOT to fall for certain temptations.

But hey, let’s have a look at these “big 3” and then make use of some cliff notes that provide tips on how you can optimize each aspect!

The Mindset

Your mindset is the sum total of all your beliefs, perceptions, and thoughts and is a cornerstone of this article on health is wealth meaning. 

So, you see, a mindset is a set or system of beliefs that guide your way through life. The mindset leads to thoughts, feelings, actions, and in turn, habits, and emotions. It can be a belief about oneself, a situation, a habit, a way of thinking, or anything else in-between.

There are two primary mindsets recognized in today’s world and in this article on health is wealth meaning – The Fixed Mindset & The Growth Mindset.

In short, the fixed mindset is quite closed to the world’s opportunities, sees the effort as fruitless, and is generally pessimistic both about themselves and the world around them.

On the other hand, the growth mindset is quite unlimited – It recognizes and takes massive action towards opportunities, loves challenges & knows that effort is always rewarded.

The difference here in terms of health? Well, the growth mindset is always willing to do the necessary things that will support and optimize the body’s innate ability to stay healthy!

So how can you bust the cloud that the modern-day ways of living have generated over our minds?

Here are our three best tips in this article on health is wealth meaning. 

  1. Stay aware of your thoughts, feelings & behaviors.
  2. Ask yourself questions, such as “Why am I doing this? How does this affect my body? What can I do better?”
  3. Leverage your most powerful tool – Awareness. Use it to make powerful, conscious decisions.


health is wealth
health is your wealth phrase written on chalkboard with red heart symbol

Okay, as you just learned, it all starts from the mindset because that is what drives thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, which turn to habits the more you repeat them. (Yes, you have mental habits, too.)

Because the modern world has such an impact on mindset, it also affects the way we move our bodies in this article on health is wealth meaning.

And to be frank, think about it – We all have access to the most complex biological machinery in the known universe – The human body!

But the truth is that this machine has been left in vain – It’s just sitting there, begging for its full potential to be unleashed.

The modern-day sedentary lifestyle as seen in this article on health is wealth meaning has turned the human body into the equivalent of a high-end sports car that just sits in a long-forgotten barn.

But hey, the truth is that you can get back at it, as long as you realize that fitness is something innate in all of us – We were BUILT to move and to perform well physically.

So here are our best three tips to get back on track with your movement in this article on health is wealth meaning:

  1. Engage in both low and high-intensity training (cardio activities/resistance training)
  2. Do a multitude of movements – Jump, crawl, climb, swim, dive, sprint, balance, and coordinate!
  3. Believe that your body is a very capable machine, not just something to use when you want to reap the pleasures of life!


Last but not least, we have recovery in this article on health is wealth meaning. That is – How you eat, how you sleep, and how you manage stress.

Without a doubt, the majority of people experience frequent burnouts, and this has turned into the new normal.

 But listen, it does NOT really have to be that way…

Though we’re bombarded with processed foods and a myriad of stress factors, you can in fact go against the river and find YOUR place on the shore.

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A place where recovery is nourished and not destroyed. In this article on health is wealth meaning, it is important to create a place where your thoughts, beliefs, actions, emotions, and habits all work in synergy to do what they would otherwise do in nature – Keep you healthy, alive, and sharp as a katana.

Take-Home Message

Analyze your thoughts, beliefs, actions and stay aware of your habits. Move in as many ways as possible and enjoy your body’s innate abilities for high performance. Focus on eating whole, unprocessed foods, minimize toxic habits and drink plenty of water.

Stay aware of the stress factors, and don’t let them pass straight to your mindset, unchecked.

In this article on health is wealth meaning is about making powerful decisions for your health, because this is where everything starts.

naturopathic doctor, naturopathic doctor near me

Skip Google Doctor and See A Naturopathic Doctor

We’re all been there – you feel something, you go to the allopathic doctor and they dismiss your health concerns because you do not fit inside of the box. You go home defeated and start googling your symptoms, and all of a sudden, a Google doctor diagnoses you with an autoimmune disease, cancer, or anticipates you’ve only got a couple of months to live. One study showed that almost 90% of US citizens google their symptoms before even going to a real doctor. It can be helpful to think outside of the box and find a naturopathic doctor near me. 

Not only is this non productive, but it can also be harmful. Some articles you come across may advise you to take some supplements  or change your routine, which can actually worsen your condition.

But, let’s see why you should never google your symptoms, and go to a naturopathic doctor!

naturopathic doctor, naturopathic doctor near me
Homeopathy lab. Homeopath preparing alternative herbal medicines.

Googling Symptoms is Stressful

If you are worried about your health, the worst thing you can do is check online. If you are ready to research, you can do that once a naturopathic doctor near me examines and evaluates you fully. You can check for positive experiences to help give you motivation, and not destroy your spirit. The reason for this is because all of the information online is general and without data it is just information that cannot be applied. 

If you check your symptoms online and get across different diseases and outcomes, you can cause yourself unnecessary stress. Simply, what you find on Google doesn’t have to be true. 

You can find out that you’re dying and start saying goodbyes on google, while in reality, you might have only caught a cold.

So, to prevent unnecessary stress and don’t get traumatized, see a naturopathic doctor near me. A naturopathic doctor evaluates your health holistically, does not push medications and is trained to listen and educate you on your health concerns. 

Experts Haven’t Reviewed the Articles

Do you know who writes articles about healthcare online? Journalists, copywriters, and other non-medical staff. With the exception of some online magazines, in free databases, news, and lifestyle portraits, the articles aren’t reviewed by medical experts.

It means the information from the articles doesn’t have to be correct at all. Many of the articles are often opinion based, or product centered. 

The inaccurate information and advice put you at a higher risk of worsening your condition. A naturopathic doctor near me can review healthcare journals and studies while also evaluating your specific healthcare data.  

You Can Do Severe Damage

For example, you might have a weird rash on your hand, and a Google doctor told you it was a rare skin condition that you should treat with a specific medication or supplement. In reality, you might have a fungal infection, which can only worsen when you treat it with a medicaiton or supplement. 

Also, if you are suffering from chronic illnesses, be careful when following online suggestions. You can take some advice, which is counter-indicated to your condition. This is especially true with natural healthcare. People think just because its natural it is safe and that is not true. A naturopathic doctor near me can explain what issues may arise if taking the wrong natural healthcare product. 

Google Doctor Doesn’t Know Your Blood Levels

naturopathic doctor     naturopathic doctor near me

Most people google their symptoms before they schedule a naturopathic doctor s appointment, or get their blood work checked.

Blood analysis is a basic and an initial step in every diagnostic. So without them, googling your symptoms is pointless. Even if the Google doctor gets it right, it cannot interpret your symptoms, without the results of your blood analysis. It takes skill to evaluate laboratory and there is a benefit to the skill and experience of the provider. A naturopathic doctor near me can teach you what your lab work says and how it applies to you as well as practically what to do. 

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You are Not Trained to Interpret Medical Articles

Even if you find a database with accurate and comprehensive medical information, you don’t have enough clinical  knowledge to understand the articles. The exceptions are medical workers, but they rarely google their symptoms. They know better than that. They also know they cannot treat themselves or family because they cannot be objective. 

You can get more confused or act on information you’ve misunderstood.

Nothing Beats Face-to-Face Assessment

A naturopathic doctor near me specializes in treating people with different healthcare conditions. Unlike Google, a naturopathic doctor has a personalized approach and access to individual healthcare  information of patients. That includes various scans, results of analysis, medical history, family history, risk factors, and every other relevant piece of information that can help your naturopathic doctor near ,e provide you with a correct assessment. 

Does Google have all of that?

You’ll never find two patients with exactly the same symptoms and assessment. A naturopathic doctor knows it and digs deeper to recommend the best treatment. There is great value in seeking a professional trained to help you. 


Holistic, Holistic primary

Holistic Primary Care – What does that look like?

There is no denying that prevention is superior to treatment when it comes to healthcare. Holistic healthcare is based in prevention. They seek to prevent instead of treat disease. They work with you on nutrition, detoxification, supplementation, mental, emotional, and even ancestral trauma. Heading off disease and illness is preferential to treating it whenever possible. Thankfully, there are many ways to prevent unwanted and unnecessary illnesses and diseases through holistic primary checkups, nutritional exams, and health screenings.

Depending on age, there are recommended tests and screenings for men and women throughout their lives. While some are less of an issue in younger years, additional tests come into play as we age.

Holistic, Holistic primary
Pile of lavender flowers and a dropper bottle with lavender essence

Let’s take a look at what a holistic primary care practice looks like:

Women ages 18-39

  • Metabolic Factors

  • Weight

  • Nutrient Deficiencies

  • Mental Health

  • Emotional Health

  • Detoxification of Primary Eliminatory Organs

Traditional Primary Care Supports Holistic primary prevention through the following screenings:

  • Blood Pressure

  • Cholesterol

  • Glucose

  • Pelvic Exams, Breast Exams

  • Skin Screenings

Holistic primary reviews the following in Women ages 50-above

  • Organ health and function

  • Detoxification of primary and secondary eliminatory organs

  • Stress levels

  • Hormone levels

Traditional Primary Care reviews the following:

Women ages 50-above

  • Blood pressure

  • Cholesterol

  • Diabetes

  • Pelvic and breast exams, including mammograms

  • Skin exams

  • Colon cancer screenings

  • Osteoporosis screenings

  • Lung Cancer screenings

  • Hormone screenings

For men holistic primary is a little different.

Men ages 18-49

  • Metabolic factors

  • Body Composition

  • Stress Levels

  • Nutrient Deficiencies

  • Detoxification of Primary Eliminatory Organs

Traditional primary care looks at the following screenings:

Men ages 18-49

  • Blood pressure

  • Cholesterol

  • Diabetes

  • STD screenings

  • Skin exams

  • Testicular screenings

As men age holistic primary as well as traditional primary care changes

Holistic Primary looks like the following for men:

Men ages 50-above

  • Metabolic Health

  • Lung Capacity

  • Nutrient Deficiencies

  • Hormone Levels

  • Stress Management Techniques

  • Detoxification of primary and secondary eliminatory organs

Traditional Primary Care reviews the following:

Men ages 50-above

  • Blood pressure

  • Cholesterol

  • Diabetes

  • Skin exams

  • Colon cancer screenings

  • Osteoporosis screenings

  • Lung cancer screenings

  • Prostate cancer screenings

As you can see, there aren’t many differences in the sort of and type of screenings men and women should be having. There are also differences between holistic primary and traditional primary. We serve two different roles in healthcare. Allopathic primary care looks for diseases while holistic primary seeks to educate patients on what they can do proactively for their health. Other than reproductive organ differences, men and women have virtually the same systems that are at risk as they age. Screening and looking for changes or alerts of potential issues can make aging easier and catch anything that may be a health threat.

Holistic  Holistic primary
While this list is general, there may be more specialized tests that are recommended based on the individual needs of each person. From hormone testing to genetic issues, every person is unique and deserves a highly personalized well-care plan. Holistic primary specializes at looking at the individual, which is why we look at over 350 data points on each individual person. This creates bioindividual care plans.

In addition to cancer screenings and other tests, here are some additional tests that should be done every year at a minimum, unless your holistic primary or traditional primary directs you otherwise:

  • Eye exams

  • Hearing tests

  • Dental screenings

These are equally important for great health and remaining independent as we grow older. Issue such as cataracts, hearing loss, and dental diseases can dramatically affect health and quality of life. You should also be working on your mental, emotional, as well as spiritual health per a holistic primary provider.

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Managing health is a lifelong commitment. Many of the checkups taken in younger years can prevent illness, injury, and disease in later years. Consistent and routine medical checkups can make life easier and healthier for you and your family. Schedule your checkups and encourage those you love to do the same.

whats a holistic doctor, holistic gut doctor near me

Whats a Holistic Doctor and Why Do You Choose Them

Would you go to the baker for advice on cooking a roast? Would you ask your pharmacist to tell you how to change a tire? Likely not. You would likely ask the butcher how to prepare the best cut of meat for your Sunday dinner and consult a mechanic about how to properly change your flat. Seeking healthcare attention should be equally thought out. The field of healthcare is vast and incredibly concise. There is a holistic gut doctor near me who specializes in every aspect of the human body and its functions. Seeking information about whats a holistic doctor is the key to optimizing your health care.

So, how do you do that? How do you find a holistic gut doctor near me

whats a holistic doctor, holistic gut doctor near me
Doctor shows information on blackboard: naturopathic. Medical concept.

Most people have what is called a primary care physician or General Practitioner. This means there is a point person who oversees your medical care on the day-in and day-out basis. This physician is likely the one you see when you have a cold or flu, sprained ankle, or a concern that you need help with. This physician generally conducts your annual well-care exams and maintains most of your baseline information and medical history.

However, they are not trained in supplementation, detoxification, nutrition, mental, and emotional support, spiritual connection, etc. When understanding whats a holistic doctor you understand that they deal with all aspects of your health. A holistic gut doctor near me looks at physical, environmental, mental, emotional, spiritual, and even ancestral health concerns. They are trained at each individual aspects and the relationship that each one of these areas has to another. When your holistic gut doctor near me senses that an issue may require specialized opinions, diagnosis, or care, he or she will likely refer you to a specialist. They often have colleagues that they work closely with, or a network of providers whom they can connect their patients with, to take a more in-depth look. All of these allopathic providers that they work with have also been educated on whats a holistic doctor.

If you have medical insurance, your carrier may have a protocol for finding, engaging, and paying for services from a specialist. Consult your agent or manual for details on how to access specialized care. However, since a holistic gut doctor does not often accept insurance they have freedom in care.

So, when should you seek an allopathic doctor?

whats a holistic doctor    holistic gut doctor near me
Herbs with alternative medicine herbal supplements and pills

A specialist is in order when your issue is very specific. Generalized issues are usually managed by a holistic gut doctor, primary care physicians or urgent care clinics. Here are some examples of when a specialist might be in order:

You have an acute injury or illness such as a broken bone or heart attack

You need follow-up care from an injury or illness

You have been diagnosed with a specific disease

You have a chronic issue that hasn’t responded to treatment

You have a recommendation from your primary care physician

These are only a few examples of reasons you should seek a specialist. Consult with your primary care physician if you are not sure what your next steps should be. A primary care physician understands whats a holistic doctor. A holistic doctor is also a specialist. They are a specialist in finding the root cause of the person whether that is physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, environmental, or even ancestral. A holistic gut doctor near me works with your allopathic provider to reduce medication, support treatment, and get the person well through education and natural healthcare treatment.

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Just as you seek out the perfect provider in other areas of life, you should seek out the best physician for the intricate areas of your medical care. Whats a holistic doctor is a healthcare advocate for you. They are here to help serve all of you not just a part of you. This is the benefit of a holistic doctor, they advocate for you and help support your body’s ability to heal. They also find the root cause to what is ailing you. There is a right doctor for the right reason who can swiftly help with your case, provide quality care, and shorten the length of your healing.

Naturopathic Holistic, Natural Medicine

Risks You Take For Not Seeing A Naturopathic Holistic Doctor

“Out of sight, out of mind.”

“What you don’t know can’t hurt you.”

Two powerful old-school statements that are used to protect our egos from reality. When it comes to health issues, neither statement has any wisdom. In fact, what you don’t pay attention to can cause great harm if left unmanaged. Now more than ever it is important to manage not just your disease but also natural medicine practices as well as a means of prevention. Typically, healthcare comes from the standpoint of treating illnesses, diseases, and injuries as they come up. A reaction to a problem rather than preventing problems. Naturopathic holistic serves as your proactive approach to your healthcare by using natural medicine. While there is nothing wrong with seeking medical interventions when sickness or injury is present, there are great benefits to preventing injuries and illnesses before they happen using natural medicine or naturopathic holistic practices.

Naturopathic Holistic, Natural Medicine
Homeopathy. Woman visiting a homeopath

There are many reasons that people do not seek healthcare help:

  • Lack of education on the benefits of natural medicine care

  • No access to medical care

  • No insurance or income for natural medicine care

  • Religious beliefs

  • Influences in the media

  • Cultural beliefs

  • Frustration with Allopathic Care

  • A lack of trust in doctors

  • Being dismissed, medically gaslight by allopathic provider

No matter the reason, the results can be dire. The risks you take when you don’t see any doctor can be catastrophic, even deadly! Naturopathic holistic practices can solve this problem. One Instagram account, Nicole Angemi, MS, PA @mrs_angemi hosts an educational account that features the devastating realities for men, women, and children who do not seek medical care. Amongst her posts of medical mysteries, freak accidents, and diseases, are autopsies and other posts about preventable diseases that went undiagnosed and/or untreated. Angemi regularly shares that the predominant reasons people do not seek medical care are a lack of trust, a lack of quality providers, ignorance, income, or lack of access to medical care.

What are the risks you take when you don’t see any type of doctor?

Naturopathic Holistic Natural Medicine

Increased risk of preventable illness and disease- Whether you have annual exams and specialized screenings or seek medical care when prompted by illness or injury, seeing a natural medicine doctor is the best way to prevent or recover. When you don’t see a naturopathic holistic doctor, you increase the risks for developing preventable diseases or illnesses.

Things like:

  • Diabetes

  • High cholesterol

  • Heart disease

  • Cancer

  • Bone density issues

  • And more…

Many diseases and malfunctions within the systems of the body have few or no warning signs and lack of education can prevent the warning signs from being effective. Not seeing a natural medicine can cause permanent damage from preventable issues.

Increased risk of hurting others- There is an increase of spreading communicable diseases without regular screenings. If you are not aware of your health and your health status then you are not able to prevent the spread of various diseases. While a natural medicine doctor does not treat disease they do work naturopathic holistic practices to help support the immune system and allow the body to heal.

Men and women with untreated STD (sexually transmitted diseases) can infect others when they have unprotected sex. Not seeking proper medical treatment for an STD can create an epidemic of infected people as well as cause sterilization and other reproductive illnesses.

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Needless suffering- Untreated illnesses, diseases, and injuries can morph into far worse issues. Ignoring, avoiding, or not treating an issue can cause pain and suffering that is needless and preventable. Not seeing a natural medicine doctor can leave you and those who care for you or rely on you in great pains as well. Lost days of work, chronic illness, and permanent disability may be in the forecast without naturopathic holistic preventive treatment.

Early mortality- The fact is, untreated illnesses, diseases, and injuries can reduce life span. From prevention to treatment, seeing a natural medicine doctor can prolong lifespan and give the best quality of life regardless of any diagnosis. They are trained through naturopathic holistic practices and then teach you as the patient how to prevent, reverse symptoms, and stabilize the health of the body.

There is great risk from not seeing any doctor. Being prevention-minded and seeking a natural medicine doctor to prevent illness through naturopathic holistic approaches is the best way to prevent needless suffering and prolong a better quality of life.

black holistic doctor near me, holistic medicine doctor

Three Reasons You Should See your Holistic Medicine Doctor

Do you see your black holistic doctor near me for a well-care checkup? You should! Our health and risk factors consistently change over time. Each year our bodies change, and regular checkups can prevent some diseases entirely. If you haven’t established a relationship with a holistic medicine doctor, it is highly recommended to be included in your healthcare team. While urgent care facilities are great for injuries and emergency situations. Having a black holistic doctor near me and building a relationship can be a lifesaving decision.

black holistic doctor near me, holistic medicine doctor
A stethoscope with a red apple on white background

Even if you only see your holistic medicine doctor once per year, seeing the same person and establishing a relationship with them and their staff can benefit you in ways you may not have thought of. Here are three reasons you should see a black holistic doctor near me every year:

To gather baseline information- Each year, your body changes. Seeing your holistic medicine doctor each year provides vital information that can be compared over time. Your baseline is how your body presents in its normal and high-functioning state. Each time you come back and have new tests, those results can be compared to prior tests and changes can be identified easier.

Seeing the same black holistic doctor near me over time allows them to have a better perspective when reviewing your annual information and can make a big difference in catching potential problems earlier and provide higher quality care.

black holistic doctor near me  holistic medicine doctor
Street Sign the Direction Way to Naturopath

To receive an education- Seeing a holistic medicine doctor at least annually can give you an education on what is important at that moment to maximize your health – from explaining typical concerns for your health and wellbeing to making suggestions for you to change and increase your quality of life or decrease something that may be affecting you negatively. Unlike a primary care doctor, they will advice you on nutrition, mental, emotional, detoxification, and supplementation. Having a black holistic medicine doctor near me also reviews cultural differences and takes into consideration genetics into your health concerns.

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Education is a vital aspect of health care. You can’t change or introduce something into your life if you are unaware that you should. Your holistic medicine doctor is trained to know what to look for and what to do based on the information he gathers from your annual exam or specialty screening.

To learn prevention- Similar to education, prevention is key to avoid future illness and suffering. From preventive tests to actions that stop the advancement of other issues, seeing your black holistic doctor near me at least annually can make all the difference when it comes to avoiding health issues down the line. Oftentimes in the beginning you tend to see a holistic medicine doctor more often than an allopathic medicine provider.

Seeing your healthcare providers regularly can help them know you better which can translate to better care and faster healing if, and when, the times comes that you need care. A holistic medicine doctor offers understanding into your health state while an allopathic doctor advises on your disease state. We serve two distinct purposes in healthcare.

holistic family doctor near me

Should You Go to the Holistic Family Doctor Near Me if You are Healthy?

Have you been blessed with relatively good health? Do you find that you don’t use the services of a holistic family doctor near me very often and likely wouldn’t seek their help unless you were seriously ill? That’s a very common mindset. Why would you go to the holistic doctor when you aren’t sick?

In reality, a holistic doctor manages your well-care is an important way to stay ahead of diseases and their devastating effects. While the common cold and flu won’t necessarily cause you too much harm, other illnesses will. Remember that health is not the absence of symptom or disease, it is a state that is created everyday. A holistic family doctor near me can help you with that process. Many things that can hurt us or seriously affect our health do not present with dramatic symptoms until things have gotten out of hand. Well-care with a holistic doctor can prevent the escalation of disease that can morph and lead to life-threatening issues.

holistic family doctor near me
Homeopathic medication with flower and leaf on the mat

You may recall taking your child to the holistic family doctor for well-baby checkups when they were developing through their first two years of life. These visits were designed to help your baby stay on track with its development and intervene if something wasn’t quite right. The frequency of visits made health care easy and prevention a sure thing. After your child reached two, these visits dropped off to as-needed with your standard primary care doctor.

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There is value in regular holistic doctor visits to monitor milestones as we age ensure that we monitor things like nutrition, detoxification, organ health, emotional health, and well being. Holistic Family Doctor near me can alert you to changes in your body and its systems that you may not notice on the day-to-day. Having a ‘baseline’ of your blood work, and laying eyes on your physical being, can help prevent illness and/or enable early intervention if something comes up.

holistic family doctor near me
Alternative health care Chinese herbs powder in the white mortar and herbs capsule on old wooden background. With shallow depth of field.

Some common annual tests include:

  • Full blood panel

  • Nutrient Deficiencies

  • Detoxification Practices

  • Organ Health

  • Prevention

  • Possibility of Disease

Not so common – but equally important – checks as we age that is recommended by the holistic family doctor near me include:

  • Colonoscopy

  • Memory and cognitive functioning

  • Cancer screenings

  • STD and HIV screenings

  • Diabetes screenings

The previous assessments are often recommended by your traditional family doctor and are reinforced by your holistic doctor. These are recommended to ensure overall health and safety. If you haven’t given much thought to your health because it has been awesome, consider keeping it that way by getting a routine holistic health lifestyle coaching to preserve your health and head off any diseases that might come up.

Routine health care and wellness checkups are a smart and responsible way to manage your health and save money. Contact your holistic doctor today and see what they suggest for your age and risk factors.

Nature based Therapy,

Nature Based Therapy – What Exactly Is It?

What Is It And Why Do So Many Holistic Doctors Recommend it

Nowadays, as you may have learned in a previous article of ours, going to healthcare appointments is necessary. Especially if you want to ensure long lasting health. Holistic Medicine, in general, is one of the areas of study with the most development in the last few years especially with the rise of chronic disease in our world. Due to the growing interest in a holistic lifestyle, we constantly find newer ways our brain is connected to different aspects of life. One of the connections which we started exploring in recent years is that between humans and nature. We look at how we are connected to nature and how our health is impacted by nature. Although we all know that we are entangled with our environment, we started understanding and using its benefits only recently, which is how nature therapy near me was born. 

So What Is Nature Based Therapy?

The definition of nature therapy near me is relatively simple – it’s the practice of being in a natural environment in order to boost your mental health as well as physical health. 

Nature based Therapy,
Experience the forest while bathing in the forest (Shinrin Yoku) with all her senses. A 50 year old woman is tasting wild herbs in the forest. The sun shines through the leaves. Atmospheric.

There are a few different types of nature based therapy such as:

  • Adventure therapy – rafting, skiing, climbing, and more similar activities done outside
  • Meditation – meditating in parks, gardens, beaches, etc. 
  • Animal-assisted therapy – playing with dogs, cats, rabbits, etc. looking at birds, squirrels, and other wildlife
  • Art therapy – drawing landscapes, sculpting wood, decorating leaves, rocks, and more
  • Green exercise – running, doing yoga, cycling – outdoors, in parks, gardens, yards, etc.
  • Horticulture – gardening, planting, and harvesting fruits and vegetables, trimming leaves, etc.
  • Wilderness – camping, hiking, climbing mountains, visiting waterfalls, etc.

Many people try different approaches to nature based therapy near me to find the one that fits them the best. All of these can be done with a trained holistic doctor that recommended them (if they’re willing to participate), with an organized group, or as a planned trip by the patient themselves using nature based therapy. There are many more ideas that can be done as nature therapy near me, but these are the most common ones.

Benefits And Popularity

nature therapy near
Portrait of young woman with radiant clean skin lying down amid flowers on a lovely meadow on a spring/summer day

Being in nature is known to have a calming effect for pretty much everyone, especially right now, because of the urbanized environment we all live in drive nature based therapy.

Looking at trees and flowers, enjoying the quiet vistas, landscapes, birdsong forests, or beaches is therapeutic to kids just like it is to the elderly. 

Nature therapy near me is shown to help people battling anxiety, depression, ADHD, and many more mental conditions. 

Even though it’s not all-powerful and shouldn’t be used instead of biochemical support, being in nature has a positive effect on these illnesses because it releases tension, reminds the person of compassion while managing to stay engaging for people with attention problems when used nature based therapy.

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Many people with depression have stated that most of the nature therapy near me practices make them feel connected, which brightens up their day every time. 

Some share that walking barefoot is maybe the easiest way to get in the right headspace and start enjoying the different practices of nature based therapy. 

Another reason why it helps is that some practices are calming for people that are anxious, stressed or tired (art therapy, horticulture, and meditation for example), while others are engaging for people with attention problems or those who are restless (like adventure, green exercise and wilderness).



Nature based therapy is a non-medicinal practice for relieving stress and managing different problems regarding the mental health of an individual. 

It is valuable and enjoyable for pretty much every person regardless of age, gender, or background and can be practiced all around the globe. 

Its benefits stem from our biological upbringing and the underlying causes of some of our troubles. 

Nature therapy near me can help with sleep, emotional connection, anxiety, attention problems, and many more, and it does so while also providing a new and exciting experience.

Nature based therapy seems to be something that more and more people try and end up loving so much it ends up being a part of their lives they look forward to, and with all its positive sides, we completely agree with them.

Do YOU do nature therapy near me? If yes, what is your favorite? Comment below!

effects of eating too much salt, eating too much salt

Is Eating Too Much Salt Bad For You?

Salt, the universal intensifier of taste in foods, has got a pretty bad repute when it comes to health benefits. What are the effects of eating too much salt? Many experts, in the past, have likened salt with POISON and tried to scare the hell out of salt lovers…

So much so that some US politicians following the expert advice even tried banning salt in restaurants back in 2010, holding salt responsible for a laundry list of bad health conditions creating many effects of eating too much salt. 

However, luckily, the ban never got into the effects of eating too much salt.

Now, the question is: is salt really ‘the bad guy’ that we need laws to keep out of public reach to mitigate the effects of eating too much salt. 

Well, you’re going to find it all out below about the effects of eating too much salt. Read through and decide for yourself…if eating too much salt is unhealthy for you.

effects of eating too much salt, eating too much salt

You Can’t Live Without Salt!

That’s a fact.

Salt is essential for our body to function well in balance and harmony.

Basically, salt is a combination of sodium and chloride in the ratio of 40:60 and both the elements have got a lot to contribute to our body and actually have positive effects. However, that is when you are eating salt in moderation and not overeating salt. 

Sodium helps our muscles to contract, maintain fluid balance, send nerve signals and regulate blood pressure.

While, chloride is good for digestion and ensures a happier and healthier gut.

So, you can’t walk out on salt altogether (and why would you?) to mitigate the effects of overeating salt. 

Because the 50-year-old ‘fallacy’ started by Lewis Dahl, that salt is the root of all health problems has been debunked quite a few times now.

Most modern scientists have rejected Dahl’s claims and agree that a reasonable salt intake is healthy actually and that overeating too much salt is not healthy, but moderation is healthy. 


What’s the ONE Reasonable Intake?

There’s not one!

Health experts and nutritionists around the world have different things to say regarding the intake of salt…which makes it difficult to know eating too much salt.

Like the UK Reference Nutrient Intake recommends eating less than 6g of salt per day.

Whereas, the American Heart Association recommends taking no more than 2.3g (one teaspoon) of salt a day, while the ideal intake they feel is 1.5g ONLY.

Confusing, right?

Sending some more confusion your way… LOL.

The American Journal of Medicine recently found that sodium intake of less than 2.3g was linked to a 37% increase in mortality caused by cardiovascular problems and was one of the effects of eating too much salt.

Then what the heck is one supposed to do?

Read on…


The Answer to the Salt Mystery!

Keep all your anti-salt bias aside and listen…

The real issue is NOT how much salt you eat, it is what kind of foods you eat to avoid the side effects of eating too much salt.

For example, if you eat a healthy and balanced diet which is made up of whole foods you needn’t worry about how much salt goes into it. That means eating fresh, whole foods. 

So, the crux lies in the quality of food that you eat not salt!

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The problem is processed foods are low in potassium and magnesium which are vital to our health with lots of side effects.

When we eat processed foods we take in large amounts of salt and the salt-potassium-magnesium equation goes out of balance. 

And there begins the trouble which we blame on salt.

So long as you take plenty of fresh fruits, green vegs and real organic foods (and water), no worries. Salt is going to be your friend.

*unless, of course, you have a salt-related allergy or you’re salt-sensitive already!


And finally…


Effects of Eating too Much Salt 

Fact: In the year 2020, about 53 MILLION metric tons of salt was consumed apparently in the US.

Well, it’s not just salt, over-consumption of anything has risks and side effects. Right?

So, people with high blood pressure, kidney problems, headaches, heart issues and hypertension are usually recommended low intake of salt because of the side effects of eating too much does impact these conditions.

Side effects of eating too much salt can cause hypernatremia – but only if you don’t ‘balance off’ salt with equal water intake. 

Again, the quality of your diet matters a lot in determining the sort of impact salt will have on you.

And, lastly, salt is not the bad guy! Salt gets a bad wrap, but too much eating and eating the wrong type of salt can impact people’s health. 

Just transition to a healthier diet and lifestyle and you’ll get along with salt pretty well!