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Cleanses can be a powerful way to detox your body, lose weight, and feel healthier. However, it’s not necessary to do the typical cleanses of liquid-only diets or green shakes to achieve results. Many people have false beliefs that cleanses need to argous, hard, or that they can leave you running to the bathroom. All of these are simply not true.

Typical cleanses drastically reduce calories and can leave you hungry. They can also lower your blood sugar and make you feel dizzy, tired, and irritated. Many people dismiss these types of symptoms as a healing crisis, but in reality this is a sign that the body is not well. An all-liquid diet or green shakes can leave you without enough protein or fat. They may also lack essential vitamins or minerals leaving you depleted and sick.

Even if they do detox your body, it’s not easy for you to stick to cleanses while you work or take care of a family. And many detox herbs have interactions with many medications and taking them can make the medication not work as effectively or worse, make the medication metabolize faster.

Detox Without Cleanses

Thankfully, you can detox without consuming liquid diets or green shakes. Instead of a typical cleanse, you can reduce or eliminate certain foods and drinks. You can also add other foods and drinks to strengthen your health. This is often the first step of any new practice member who struggles with healthy eating.

These tips can help you detox from unhealthy eating habits safely and effectively:

  1. Avoid sugar. Eliminating sugar is a key step in detoxing. Sugar can lurk in many foods and drinks. It can hide in bread, cereal, juice, soda, alcoholic drinks, flavored water, and many other items. Check your labels! Sugar withdrawal can create symptoms in the body such as headaches, fatigue, and even restlessness however these symptoms do not last long. The overgrowth of yeast or unhealthy bacterias within the body will also crave sugar so be mindful of feeding these little microbes.

2. Add more organic fruits and organic vegetables. They can provide you with important vitamins and minerals while helping you feel fuller. Things like organic carrots can provide the crunch that you would have with chips without all of the fats. Carrots have many antioxidants to help support the eyes, the liver, and even the skin. Not to mention:

  • Cucumbers have a high level of water and can cleanse your body.
  • Citrus fruits may help you cleanse the liver and remove toxins from the body. (organic only)
  • Garlic has natural antimicrobial properties.
  • Broccoli sprouts are also a good source of antioxidants and can help your during a detox. You can add them to salads or cook with them.

3. Add more herbs and spices. Herbs and spices have vital minerals and vitamins that are essential to health. They can also make your food taste better, so you’re less likely to turn to junk food or other unhealthy cravings. Herbs such as cumin, coriander, and even turmeric are excellent for anti-inflammatory as well as digestive aids. So many of the digestive bitters allow you to digest your food better while also lower inflammation within the digestive system.

4. Drink more water. Water can remove toxins naturally. You can detox faster by drinking more water and staying hydrated. As a minimum it is key to drink a minimum of half of your body weight in ounces in water. To detox it can be helpful to drink more than that as well as drink higher ph waters such as alkaline waters. However, it is key to not drink high ph water all of the time, but instead mix it up so you do not erode stomach acids.

5. Switch animal proteins with plant proteins. Plant proteins are healthy and have extra benefits such as fiber. Yet be mindful of the high fats in plant based proteins as fats can bog down bile production in the gall bladder thus taxing the liver.

6. Drink green tea. Green tea has antioxidant properties and can help you as you detox. You can even find versions without caffeine. Drinking warm tea with lemon can also encourage healing in he liver.

7. Make your own shakes or smoothies. You can avoid extra sugar and other unwanted ingredients by making your own drinks. You can also add protein and supplements to your drinks, too, so your body stays balanced and healthy. These can be helpful to keep down cravings and stay full while you are working on improving your diet.

Cleanses aren’t the only option to detox your body. You have other choices that you can select to detox that are kinder to your lifestyle and health. When doing a detox it is important to have your lab work reviewed to ensure that you are taking supplements to help your body heal. You should not have a healing crisis, be sick, or run to the bathroom while you are cleansing this is a sign that the body may need a bit of a break or that something you are consuming is not working. We offer many customized detox programs within our practice. You can schedule a wellness visit to help you along in your health path.

Women's Health

Common women’s health issues on Coast Live

Women’s health

Womens health needs are complex. Women are often plagued with various challenges to include hormone imbalances, weight gain, chronic fatigue, and pain to name a few. It is important to take an organized approach to building the health of a women.

Women must balance the demands at home with the demands of maintaining their own health. Prioritizing self is key to building foundation to health. A woman who is healthy balances the demands of life while also maintaining their own health needs. Eating a healthy diet while also preparing and teaching their children healthy eating habits is key.

Often women come into our practice as they prioritize their health last. Prioritizing their health last is dangerous, and creates an unhealthy dynamic. Having a healthy lifestyle to include eating healthy, moving your body, expressing your emotions, and managing stress are keys to maintaining the overall health of the person.

women's health and diet

Known health risks for women include heart disease, stroke, depression, arthritis, etc which can be prevented by maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It is important to work on building the health of a person. With the increase demands on women it is important to work on building health one day at a time.

Prenatal care is even more important as women tend to not prepare for pregnancy. Preparing at least one year prior to inception is key to stabilizing ones health prior to pregnancy. Many people do not prepare for pregnancy but instead get pregnant without thinking about the impact that a woman’s health will have on the babies development.

Preparation of pregnancy can help with a child’s overall health in the womb, developmental health, and of course healthy aging. Also raising your child based on the example that you are setting with living healthy is an excellent way to keep the health going generation after generation. Schedula a consultation with your holistic doctor and get on the path to wellness.


Detoxification and removing waste from the body

What is waste? Waste Verb. To consume, spend, or employ uselessly or without adequate return; use to no vail or profit; squander. Or to fail neglect to use. It seems to me in this day in age; waste is everywhere — waste of time, waste of priorities, waste of opportunity. There are a lot of unexpressed, unactualized, and unrealized people. People are sitting in their cubical looking for the next new thing. A token dot on your name tag, congratulating you on a job well done. Or a mediocre raise or bonus structure that never seems to catch up. Waste is anything not worth consuming. I’m sure there are many things on television that fit this category.

So let’s talk about why it is important to know about removing waste from the body. When we talk about the bombardment of chemical potions, toxic agents, and sickening gas fumes that we surround ourselves with on a daily basis, it is easy to see the correlation between waste and squanders. We are steadily squandering our planet living outside of its means, and it tirelessly continues to produce for our every demand and whim. I do believe the earth is self-creating, self finishing, self-cleaning, and otherwise self-sufficient, even in the midst of our chaos and destruction. However, she does provide us clues as to how to live more in sync with her.

removing waste from the body
Stylish sports girl. Woman with vegetables. Lady in a sport clothes

Live close to the earth, own a few things, roam around and play. We are starting to look at it more closely as a viable option as we become more humble, more grounded, and more self-sufficient. As we evolve from the factory worker concept into free agents, it is almost a natural progression to come back to the earth. We are no longer tied to a traditional office anymore, and we are free to travel and roam about the country finding ourselves once more. And finding ourselves amongst friends, the other gypsies and hippies that roam around in self-discovery as well.

Interior of small home wooden sauna. Wooden benches

As we let go of the walls of destruction, we break free from modern culture. We detox our lives in the sense of that which no longer serves us. We find freedom in being on the planet instead of being in a condo. We are free-roaming creatures living the life we love and have created rather than a life of captivity. Fascinating how the corporate jungle finds ourselves tied to work schedules, conference calls, and mediocre meetings designed to check a box on a list of human resource departments.

The discovery is not to be a launching pad for people, but rather it is a tool to keep people captive for health insurance, stock options, and “economic security.” Don’t get me wrong; I am not opposed to the corporate system. In fact, I am quite fond of it for the structure, discipline, security, and the stability it provides to many. I simply see it from a free-thinking entrepreneur perspective. I think the reason for the lack of containment is my rebellious nature. I never did well in a corporate structure. I still had a lot of my own figuring out. Detox out what no longer serves me.

Letting go of the social standards, and the definitions people have for me has allowed me to be my own free-thinking agent. This free-thinking agency has created a practice that I would bring my daughter to and is a contribution to the world. I appreciate it. I love it. It was risky to put my ideas on paper, let alone bring it to life, but I am truly grateful that I let go of what I thought things should be and allowed for things to be just perfect the way they are… in a lot of ways I found peace. Join me and lets work together as I help you with removing waste from the body so that you can restore your health and go back to enjoy living life every single day.