BPA and Phalates

Dr. Erica Steele: Nowadays it’s important to be mindful of the products that we use inside your body, on your body, and around your body. PBAs and Phalates are found in plastics, take out containers, and even canned food lining. We wanna make sure that we reduce PBAs and phalates because they, the toxic load affects the overall organ health and function.

Ways to reduce PBAs and Phalates are not to reheat your takeout containers. Reheating or heating any kind of plastics in the microwave can create leaching with PBAs and phalates. Also, making sure all the PVC piping is PBA and ate free, not leaving your plastic water bottles in your car and drinking after them and ensuring that you have P VC or ate free.

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Bottles as well as canned foods is really important to reducing your overall intake of PB eights and phalates. PB eights and phalates can affect the body’s toxic load in the system, which can lead to many different diseases overall. So as you reduce those within your environment, you reduce toxic loads within the body, leaving your body healthy, happy, and whole for years to come.

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