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9 Ways to Stop Sabotaging Yourself Today

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Perhaps aside from the most successful people in the world, we all sabotage ourselves. Integrative health specialists can provide insight into this issue within a person with integrative practice solutions. Some wait until they’re close to success, while others sabotage themselves before they even take the first step. The causes are the same regardless of when it occurs. At holistic family practice, we work with individuals to help them to transform these self sabotaging tendencies. 

The world is tough enough without taking on the role of the greatest obstacle you face in life. You’re also the toughest opponent to beat. Your mindset, emotions, and limiting beliefs as well as perceptions are all things holding you back in your life. It is not the partner, the job, the parents (or lack their of) it all boils down to you taking personal responsibility for your mental and emotional upsets. 

Hardly anyone addresses this issue in their own life. Many people are looking to blame others for how their lives are going. We are all a product of our decisions and our choices in life. It comes down to how you play the hand you are dealt in life. Integrartive health specialists provide integrative practice solutions to help you sort through these ideas, concepts, limiting, beliefs, etc. There is no expectation that you will do it all on your own or all by yourself. That is unrealistic. It is very difficult to see your blind spots in life. You’ll have a huge advantage over everyone you know if you can put an end to this behavior. The faster you can drop these limiting beliefs the faster you are able to live the life that you love. There’s not much else in your way if you can get out of your own way.

Proven Ways to Stop Sabotaging Yourself

Avoid self-sabotage and enjoy more success with these integrative practice solutions strategies:

  1. Think about your goals. Does this make you feel uncomfortable? This is the best predictor of your ability to follow through on a goal. Integrative health specialists are trained to make you feel uncomfortable, after all that’s how hang happens is outside of your comfort zone. If you can think about achieving your goal and only have positive feelings, you won’t sabotage yourself. But, if you get that queasy feeling, you know that you have some work to do. Even if your feelings get in the way, you are able to push past them because after all your feelings do not define who you are in life. Your feelings are nothing more than that, feelings. They do not define who you are but so many people choose to allow their feelings to define who they are and what they do. Feel the feelings but do it anyway.
  2. Visualize positive outcomes. Imagine everything turning out well. It’s only when you start predicting the worst that you’ll have issues. Integrative health specialists often will recommend guided visualizations such as guided imagery, meditations, EFT, etc. This doesn’t mean to ignore the potential pitfalls, but it’s important to avoid overwhelming yourself with worries. You can transform any of these limiting beliefs with several skills, and tools in your tool bag. Integrative health specialists can define which tools are best for the task at hand. Some things need more emotional tools, some mental tools, and other physical tools. In any case, we help you sort through the “things” and apply the tools that best fits the needs.
  3. Handle the worst. Consider the possible issues that may come up in the future and determine how you will handle them. This is a one-time exercise. Doing this every day will sabotage your efforts. Integrative health specialists will often recommend an exercise to go through all of the possible negative scenarios. This will take the sting out of it if you have already emotionally and mentally processed through it all. It will also move those unconscious fears and limiting beliefs out of your system so you can be free from them.
  4. Avoid making decisions when you’re stressed. Integrative health specialists often recommend to think more logically instead of emotionally. Making decisions is no different, especially in the event of a death in the family or shocking accident, etc. It is imperative to pause and process through the unhealthy emotions first before you make a life altering decision.Quitting just before attaining your goals usually happens when you’re emotionally distressed. Decisions made in this mental state often focus on releasing that emotional stress, instead of considering the future ramifications. Avoid big decisions until you’ve had a chance to calm down. Those that are highly reactive can sometimes burn bridges if they react too quickly.
  5. Avoid starting “tomorrow.” There’s always another tomorrow. It’s a moving target that’s always conveniently out of reach. Once you’ve set a goal, start doing something today. Integrative health specialists who provide integrative practice solutions are often swamped with patients because of the growing needs of healthcare. I always say, don’t put off tomorrow, something you can do today because you never know what tomorrow will bring. How many times have you “tomorrow-ed” yourself? The same thing can be said about starting on Monday or the first of the month. This is a common procrastination strategy for people. 
  1. Keep your mental chatter positive.  Integrative health specialists often say that we have up to 50,000 thoughts each day. Most of them aren’t particularly supportive or encouraging. You can change that! Integrative practice solutions include becoming present to the mental chatter and changing the chatter to something healthier. We call this reframing, identifying an unhealthy thought pattern and then moving it into a healthier thought pattern. Just this simple technique can help remove so much grief and suffering from your mental and emotional state.
  2. Notice how you sabotage yourself. Do you suddenly quit? Do you procrastinate? What do you do to sabotage yourself? Knowing your tendencies will help you to recognize when your efforts are going off the rails. If you can see it coming, you can do something about it. Slowing down in the moment and being present to your thoughts and feelings in the moment is key to recognizing what thoughts and behaviors do not serve you. Most often we are moving so fast, and that fast movement creates chaos in your life. Slow down, recognize your thoughts and feelings in the moment so that you can make shifts.
  3. Stop fearing failure. You’ve failed at other things. How bad was it really? Probably not that bad. Learn from your undesired outcomes and try again. That’s 90% of success in life. Integrative health specialists fail all of the time. They try to “fix” the problems of people that trust them and try as they may with integrative practice solutions they may not hit it on the first time go round. However, they continue to try to help their patients reach their goals. This resilience and perseverance is key for total health and wellness. Failure is not a moral issue, it is a performance issue. It is relative to you making an effort and trying to achieve something.
  4. Build your self-esteem. Some people self-sabotage because they believe they don’t deserve it. This is especially true for those that have experienced abuses of any kind. People that have experienced negative mental, emotional, physical, or sexual abuse in their upbringing are often plagued with low self esteem issues. Integrative practice solutions can be employed to help those that have experienced these things who are often very sensitive beings. They simply cannot understand or explain why they are sensitive they just are. Being sensitive, it is easy to feel different, not a part of, like yourself or want the best for yourself because you may not feel worthy. Recognizing these limiting beliefs, and reframing them into positive healthy self beliefs is key.Then you’ll do the best for yourself without limitations. 

Believe that you’re worthy of success and you’re halfway there. Failure is a part of life. It’s even a necessary part of life. It teaches you more about yourself and what you are capable fo achieving in any given moment. You become more knowledgeable and capable with each failure. Study yourself and notice how you sabotage yourself. You can deal with it right away when it happens as well as recognizing the pitfalls and preventing them before they occur. 

Self-sabotage is a common behavior. Part of your brain perceives it as a way of protecting yourself. Take a stand against self-sabotage and put an end to it once and for all.

Best Ways to Relax

8 Best Ways to Relax You’ve Never Considered

Our world is full of stress. When you live in a society that encourages competition, achievement, and success, you’re going to have to learn how to decompress effectively. Our virginia wellness center that practices natural medicine near me is here to provide you 8 ways to relax you may have never considered. If your daily routine doesn’t include a process for relaxing, you’re doing yourself a serious disservice and can lead yourself into many unhealthy challenges. These unhealthy challenges can turn into physical challenges so it is important to be mindful of the role that stress can play on your system. 

Relaxing is important, and you’re not going to be at your best each day if you fail to give relaxation the attention it deserves. At our virginia wellness center we recommend the following relaxation techniques to help support your overall health and well being. 


Consider these relaxing techniques as a part of your natural medicine near me:

  • Take a cold shower or walk in the rain. Exposure to cold might not sound relaxing, and you’d be right. However, this is used as natural medicine near me. The use of water, both cold and hot can be very stimulating to the system as well as lowering of inflammation. It’s not the cold that’s relaxing, it’s the feeling after you’ve allowed yourself to warm back up. It’s as if the stress has been drained from your very soul. Cold showers or even cold dips (submerging in natural cold bodies of water) can help support the bodies ability to heal itself.
    • Cold can also snap you out of your current mood. It’s not easy to think about how much you hate your job when cold water is making you physically miserable. You can also get use to the cold water and even enjoy it. Some yogic traditions even encourage the use of cold water showers as a part of their spiritual practices.
  • Clench your entire body. Start with your toes and move up your body one muscle group at a time. Part of practicing natural medicine near me is working on natural exercise. Clenching and flexing your muscle with maximum effort creates a natural contraction in the muscles. Hold it for a few seconds, relax, and repeat. Flex each muscle 3-5 times and move on to the next. Introducing more stress into your body can help to release that tension. At our virginia beach wellness center, we also teach about awareness, being aware of your physical body in the present moment.
    • Alternately, try flexing all of your muscles at once. Try both methods and see which provides more relief. These are also often practices used in both pilates as well as yoga.
  • Pull out the crayons. This may seem odd, but at our virginia wellness center, we often say that children are free and adults have all of the rules. The more responsibilities and rules that we create in our mind the more stiff we may be in life. There are adult coloring books designed to help take your mind off your troubles. Don’t like crayons? Try colored pencils or markers. Use whatever you like and give coloring a try. It’s not just for kids its to focus on something creative outside of yourself.
  • Coloring puts your attention on something neutral. It can be a form of meditation. You also have the added boost of having created something when you’re done. You might not want to hang it on your refrigerator for the world to see, but at least you have a sense of accomplishment. It is also something that is non productive meaning that it does not forward any other action than one of enjoyment and satisfaction in a lot of ways this is juts for you.
Best Ways to Relax
Best Ways to Relax
  • White noise. Consider the recorded sounds of ocean waves, rain, a crackling fire, or any other sound you might find soothing. These types of sounds can be very relaxing. At our virginia beach wellness center, we often use sound for healing. We even using frequencies during some of our treatments as a form of natural medicine near me. Helping people to find peace and comfort is key to self healing. I often enjoy the sound of white noise generators as a means to drown out any background noise that can be distracting.
  • Stare at a fire. If you don’t have a fireplace, a candle will do. Even high-quality video of a fire will suffice. There’s something primal and hypnotic about fire. Staring into a fire can be a great way to relax. In natural medicine near me, we often encourage the use of meditation. Staring at a fire can be a form of meditation as you are focusing on something outside of yourself. We often use this form of meditation to help focus the person outside of themselves. Lighting a colored candle for what you are working on can also provide some comfort. Various spiritual and religious practices use candles during ceremonies to help support the person.
  • Stretch. Stretching your body is an effective way to release tension and relax. You don’t need any fancy equipment. At our wellness center, we often recommend stretching as a form of treatment for muscular skeletal aches and pains. As a natural medicine near me technique we encourage a person to just relax on the floor and do all those stretches you used to do in gym class.
  • Buy a plant. Plants are relaxing. Even though we do not have many plants in our virginia wellness center, we recommend having them in your home to clean the air. Walk around the local nursery and find the perfect plant. As the nursery managers about the benefits of certain plants. Take it home, put it in the sun, water it, fertilize it, look at it, and talk to it. These plants are living creatures, they provide support for you and again something else to focus on other than yourself and your problems. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the positive impact a single plant can have in your home. You might even want more than one.
  • Do a puzzle. Mental puzzles are a good way to occupy your mind and give it a chance to relax. Crosswords, sudoku, mazes, or any type of brain teaser can be an effective way to relax. A jigsaw puzzle can be just as good for relaxing. At our wellness center, our job is to help you solve complex challenges within your life. You as an individual is a puzzle and it is up to the practitioner you are partnering with to discover all of your pieces to help put the various parts back together. Natural medicine near me, is not as straight forward as other forms of healthcare. There are many components and aspects that require support for the individual. This is learned over time with experience. 

Create a routine that will allow you to relax at least once each day. Relaxation is important if you want to be at your best. Stress is damaging to your body and mind, so make relaxation a part of each and every day. We also offer our detox services in our virginia beach wellness center to support both relaxation as well as natural medicine near me. There are plenty of ways to relax that you’ve never considered such as laying on the biomat, the dry sauna, even a foot detox. Give one of them a try today.

best form of magnesium for leg cramps

The best form of magnesium for muscle cramps

There are many different forms of magnesium. Often times people think that magnesium is magnesium. Different magnesium do different things, and I am often asked what the best form of magnesium is for leg cramps. There are many forms of magnesium that are helpful for leg cramps and aches, however we want to look at and explore some different forms of magnesium and their uses. 

Magnesium deficiency is common, among all of the mineral deficiencies in our world. Mineral deficiencies occur based on nutrient deficiencies within the food supply, but also from the heavy metals such as pesticides and herbicides within our environments. 

Magnesium plays a role in over 300 enzymatic reactions in the body. Magnesium can assist in many bodily functions including muscle, nerve function, blood pressure, and even immune system function. With having so many enzymatic functions it can sometimes be challenging to determine the best form of magnesium for muscle cramps. 

So many people do not get enough magnesium in their diets, and can be contributed to many health complications. Because 50-60% of our skeletal system stores magnesium it is critical to know the best form of magnesium for muscle cramps. 

Magnesium can be found in certain foods such as spinach, almonds, and certain nuts. Although, you can get magnesium from many foods magnesium can also be depleted in the food supply which may require supplementation. There are also many medications that deplete minerals from the body, such as magnesium. It is important to know the best form of magnesium for muscle cramps as muscle cramps can be very uncomfortable. They can also be painful as well, especially if waking up at night. 

Magnesium citrate is a common form of magnesium that many people take in natural calm, and common magnesium supplements. This form of magnesium is typically found in citrus fruits, and is tart as well as sour. This form of magnesium is bioavailable and is a laxative. best form of magnesium for muscle cramps, this is not the best form of magnesium for muscle cramps. 

Magnesium oxide is a combination of magnesium and oxygen. The magnesium and oxygen is poorly absorbed in the digestive tract. This form of magnesium is very helpful to resolve heartburn symptoms. The magnesium also is helpful for indigestion as well as constipation as well. Even though this form of magnesium is helpful for the digestive tract it is not the best form of magnesium for leg cramps. 

Magnesium chloride is also helpful for indigestion as well as heartburn. This type of magnesium is also very supportive and helpful for the digestive tract. This form of magnesium is also common for the support in constipation as well, however it may or may not be the best form of magnesium for leg cramps. This particular form of magnesium can be helpful in support of muscles. It can support and sooth muscles, but is debatable is this is the best form of magnesium for leg cramps. 

Magnesium Threonate is the salt formed from mixing two substances, magnesium and threnodic acid, a derivative from vitamin c. This particular magnesium is water soluble, and therefore is easily absorbed. This is not the best form of magnesium for leg cramps, this is the best magnesium for brain support as it passes the blood brain barrier. 

best form of magnesium for leg cramps

Magnesium sulfate may possibly be the best form of magnesium for leg cramps and is often referred to as epsom salt. It can be dissolved in bathwater and can sooth muscles from soreness and achiness. This form of magnesium can play a role in muscle relaxation as well. Magnesium glycerinate can also have calming properties, and can help support inflammatory conditions. It can also assist with calming to reduce symptoms contributed to anxiety, depression, stress, and sleeplessness. 

Excess of magnesium does not appear to be dangerous as excess amounts can be secreted through the urine. The average daily amount needed varies, and can be around 300-400 mg daily depending on weight, age, gender, and various factors. Certain forms of magnesium may produce diarrhea so it may be important to speak with your holistic doctor in regards to the various forms of magnesium.

Legs camps can happen very uncomfortable and can even disrupt sleep. Muscle cramps and contractions can be painful and can be challenging. Leg cramps can be associated with pregnancy, aging, exercise induced, or diet deficiency. Being proactive and ensuring that you get enough minerals is critical. Often start with a strong and supportive diet, while supplementing when necessary. There are even topical magnesium solutions that can be helpful as well. I have even used old amish recipes of garlic, apple cider vinegar, etc that have been very helpful. 


Further research studies are necessary for truly determining the best form of magnesium for leg cramps, but we can make some associations based on some of the benefits. Magnesium in general can be helpful for relaxing and soothing blood vessels. The magnesium can help regulate the contractions while allowing the muscle contractions to relax. Magnesium can also help to relieves muscle tension, tightness, and stiffness. 

Although there are many forms of magnesium not all of them are recommended as the best form of magnesium for leg cramps. It seems based on the various forms of magnesium, here at Holistic Family Practice we recommend magnesium citrate, as well as magnesium sulfate, seem to the best forms of magnesium for leg cramps. Of course, there is never a one size fit all approach to everyone. It is very important to gain clarity before beginning any treatment. 

Getting back into a healthy lifestyle

The Proactive Path to Self-Care: Improve Your Life

Do you only think about self-care when you’re already in trouble? You want to eat healthier because your doctor says you need to lower your cholesterol, or you decide to start meditating because job stress is keeping you up at night. Or perhaps you wait until you have a symptom or a diagnose to become proactive with your health. Many of Americans think this way, which is why we have a functional family medicine practice that provides a functional medicine coach. Functional medicine is looking for the root cause of the condition and providing natural solutions to help you get back on the path to self care. 

Self-care is more effective when it’s an ongoing part of your life. Otherwise, you’re stuck trying to catch up, and you may increase your risk for many serious health conditions. Almost 80 percent of heart disease, stroke, and diabetes could be prevented with positive lifestyle changes, according to the World Health Organization. Functional family medicine looks at the whole aspect of the person and through the use of a functional medicine coach helps a person get back on track with the use of diet and lifestyle changes, supplemental support, and holistic healthcare services.

A functional medicine coach will guide you to being more proactive about self-care. adopting new habits that will enhance your physical, social, and psychological wellbeing. Since we are a functional family medicine practice, we also work to establish self care in the individual as well as in the family unit. We believe that by strengthening the family unit and the family bond we can help not only individuals become healthy, but families as well. 

proactive self care

Self-Care Habits for Your Physical Wellbeing:

  1. Lose weight. Obesity puts a heavy strain on your heart and joints. Take off excess pounds by eating nutrient dense food and reducing your portion sizes. Preparing meals at home instead of dining out will give you more control over the ingredients. Staying away from diets and building this more into a lifestyle is something a functional medicine coach can help you achieve. Combine that with eating dinner at the table surrounded by family helps to establish greater routine and bonding. Functional family medicine looks at these family routines and helps guide the individuals as well as the leaders in the home through the process of health.
  2. Eat more produce. Plan your daily menu around vegetables, fruits, and other whole foods. Most plant foods provide fiber and important vitamins and minerals with relatively few calories. In functional family medicine, we recommend you actively doing this as a family encouraging and educating children on healthy eating habits. A functional medicine coach can help you with establishing meal plans and helping support you through the process of eating healthy as a family.
  3. Cut down on salt and sugar. The average American consumes 3 times the recommended amount of sugar, and almost 90% consume too much sodium. Avoiding most processed foods will help you to stay within safe limits. A functional medicine coach, can provide alternatives and educate you on how to support the taste of the food while also balancing the nutrition of the food. 
  4. Exercise regularly. Aim for at least 150 minutes a week of moderate aerobic activity or a combination of intense and moderate workouts. Train for strength and flexibility too. A functional medicine coach can provide you a training program to meet your needs or refer you to a personal trainer, pilates studio, or another physical therapist to help you build stability, flexibility, and strengthening.
  5. Sleep well. Your body and mind need adequate sleep to function well. Darken your bedroom and block out background noise so you can get 7 to 8 hours of quality slumber each night. A functional medicine coach, will look at your sleep cycle and sleep habits so they can advise you on what steps you may need to take for healthy sleep. In functional family medicine, we look at the role of the families sleep habits and adjust accordingly so that the entire family receives the most restful sleep necessary.
  6. Quit smoking. Tobacco causes cancer and damages your heart. Most smokers need five attempts or more to quit permanently so keep trying. Speaking with your functional medicine coach can help, as we determine the root causes and motivations behind your smoking. There are many natural solutions that can be provided to accomplish this including clinical hypnotherapy, our 21 Day SmokeFree program. 
proactive self care with mom and son

Self-Care Habits as encouraged by our Functional Medicine Coach for Your Social Wellbeing:

  1. Eat family dinners. Eating together strengthens family connections. In addition to enjoying the conversation and shared experience, you’re also likely to eat a more balanced diet. Functional family medicine, encourages these connections with each other to build a deeper family bond and support.
  2. Cultivate friendships. Supportive friendships enrich your life by building your confidence and resilience. Schedule standing dates for coffee and lunch. Call a friend when you’re upset or when you want to share happy news. A Functional Medicine Coach can provide you the support that you need in order to build healthy boundaries, cultivate healthy relationships, etc.
  3. Join a club. Functional family medicine providers believe that loneliness can be just as hazardous to your health as smoking. If you’re searching for a sense of community, do volunteer work or join a club where you can find others who share your interests. 
Getting back into a healthy lifestyle

Self-Care Habits for Your Psychological Wellbeing as defined from our Functional Medicine Coach:

  1. Live mindfully. Meditate daily or engage in other practices that help you to focus on the here and now. Slow down and concentrate on one activity at a time. Conscious living is a practice, a Functional Medicine Coach can teach you methods of consciousness including how to be more conscious, steps to build awareness, and how to maintain conscious awareness in every day life.
  2. Find a hobby. Fill your leisure hours with rewarding projects. Learn to play a musical instrument or study a foreign language. Cook gourmet dinners or build wooden furniture. There are many inexpensive hobbies or pastimes where you can earn some income to cover the costs. Doing these things will expand your mind, build confidence, and encourage more effort. As a functional family medicine practitioner, we also encourage to support your child’s hobbies. Make sure to provide positive insights as to their progress and only speak positive and encouraging words to them. It may take them awhile to be successful at their hobby, but if you encourage and support them in the process you never know what they will do with their new skill.
  3. Laugh it up. Find the courage to laugh at yourself. Brighten up a tough day by watching a funny video or listening to your coworker’s jokes. Life can be pretty serious, so choosing moments to laugh and relax is key to the overall health of the person. Taking classes such as laughter yoga, watching a funny movie as a family, or even doing silly activities such as jump places are great ways to make things light hearted and playful.
  4. Manage stress. Enjoy deep breathing or other relaxation methods that work for you. Take frequent breaks throughout the day to relieve tension and restore your energy before tackling your next task. Replace anger and sadness with forgiveness and gratitude. A functional medicine coach, may encourage you to do a gratitude journal, or recommend other deep relaxation techniques such as yoga or breathwork. Functional medicine family practitioners also teach how to teach your children stress management techniques early on so they can learn to process emotions in a healthy manner. 

Life is full of challenges. You’ll deal with them more successfully if you practice healthy lifestyle habits consistently. The path to proactive self-care will help you to look after yourself and keep enjoying the activities you love.After all the more proactive you are with your health the more likely you are to prevent disease. 

Meditation to start the day

9 Ways to Enhance Self-Love: Build Your Self Esteem

Loving yourself might sound a little odd, however it is necessary to heal yourself. Holistic doctors in my area, can instruct you as to how to peel back the layers to heal. The more you love yourself, the better you’ll take care of yourself. That impacts your health, longevity, self-esteem, self-confidence, and success. Holistic practitioners near me, can teach you how to heal and get well. 

When you love yourself, you make yourself a priority. You deserve nothing less. You are worthy. Holistic doctors in my area, can help you to discover the things necessary to heal. 


Holistic practitioners near me offer these tips and discover greater self-love:

  • Remember your victories. View yourself in a positive light more often. One of the easiest ways to do this is to remember your triumphs. Maybe you hit a homerun and won the game in 5th grade. Remember your high school graduation day. Think about that time you received a promotion. Holistic doctors in my area can help you to flush out your successes in your life.
    • Most people spend plenty of time remembering their failures. Try doing the opposite for a month and see what happens! Even if you have made mistakes in the past holistic practitioners near me, can help you learn grace and how to forgive yourself.
  • Volunteer. Volunteering is a great way to boost your self-esteem. It’s easier to love yourself when you see yourself as a good person. Put your attention on someone else. You’ll enjoy the mental break, and your opinion of yourself will get a boost. You’re a good person, so remind yourself of that from time to time.Holistic doctors in my area can help you to find some options that can work for you.
  • Be a good friend. You know how to be a good friend, but there are times that you’re not. Being a good friend makes you feel good about yourself. Holistic doctors in my area can help you to create relationships for your life. It will also improve the way your friends view and treat you, too. Everyone wins when you decide to be a good friend.
Meditation and healthy
  • Forgive yourself. You’ve made a few mistakes. Who hasn’t? Holistic practitioners near me can help you sort through all of your limiting beliefs and helps you forgive yourself. It’s time to forgive yourself. Give yourself a break. You would do the same for someone you care about, so do it for yourself. Grace comes in handy to help you move through the process of self healing.
  • Pursue what you need rather than what you want. What you want is rarely what you need. Once you’ve taken care of your needs, you’ll be in a better position to acquire what you want. Holistic doctors in my area can help you establish what you need and what you want for yourself in your life. Satisfying your needs is a prime example of self-love.
  • Get in shape. Take care of your body. When you’re eating poorly and not getting enough exercise, you’re harming yourself. Obviously, this isn’t a good example of self-love. Show yourself that you take your health seriously. Holistic doctors in my area, can teach you physical routines that can help you to get well and get strong. They can also teach you about a healthy diet, and what it means to eat healthy. You’re loving yourself every time you eat a healthy meal or exercise your body.
  • Appreciate your uniqueness. We tend to be embarrassed about our qualities, skills, or abilities that are unique. However, the most valuable parts of you are those that are different from others. The fact that you have an elbow doesn’t make you special. Discovering and celebrating your differences can help to establish greater self esteem and self love.
  • Practice gratitude. Be grateful for your body, mind, and uniqueness. Be grateful for everything in your life. Holistic practitioners near me, can guide you to create various gratitude exercises in your life. Your life is better than you think. You are better than you think. Be grateful, and you’ll start to believe that you deserve more love from yourself.
  • Be as kind to yourself as you would be to anyone else. To be kinder to others than you are to yourself is just showing everyone, including yourself, that you don’t respect yourself. At the end of the day, there’s no one looking out for you. You’ll have to take on this responsibility yourself. 
Love gut

Self-love is an important part of your self-development. Holistic practitioners near me can guide you through the process of self love. Without self-love, your success and happiness face a huge obstacle.

Self-love is a skill that can be developed. It’s also the result of an effective set of habits. A holistic doctor in my area can help you to develop healthy habits to love yourself. Set aside some time each day to build your self-esteem and self-love. Your life will be better for it.