Healthy Habits to Healthy Eating

Healthy Habits to Healthy EatingDr Steele, Naturopathic Doctor in Family Practice will hold an educational event online to educate you on how to develop healthy habits to eat healthily. She will review common roadblocks to healthy eating, struggles, and frustrations around what it means to eat healthily. She will also review how to create a … Continue reading Healthy Habits to Healthy Eating

Self Love, Self Care, & Healthy Happy Relationships

Online 1213 Laskin Rd Suite 108, Virginia Beach, VA

   February's Monthly Webinar is about Self Love, Self Care, & Building Healthy Relationships. In this one-hour webinar, we will review Self Concept, What it is, How to Create it and Why it is Important? We will then explore how Self Concept relates to Self Care & Self Worth. Then lastly, how self-love allows to … Continue reading Self Love, Self Care, & Healthy Happy Relationships


Mindset & Metabolism

Mindset & MetabolismMindset & Metabolism is a course designed to educate you about the power of the mind and the role of the metabolism. Often times we resist a lifestyle change because of previous beliefs, thoughts, and unprocessed emotions. However, if we can break free from the stories and limiting beliefs that hold us back … Continue reading Mindset & Metabolism

Spring into Detox

Spring into DetoxOur Spring into Detox Webinar educates you about safe and effective methods of detoxification, why to detox, when to detox, and how to detox your body.

Healing Trauma

Healing from TraumaIn this hour and a half long webinar we will explore trauma and the pathway to healing. We will look at different types of trauma and how they impact the physical as well as emotional state. We will discuss how to cope, grieve, and heal from trauma as well as various modalities that … Continue reading Healing Trauma