Heart health awareness month

Dr. Steele: So Heart Health Awareness Month. Here we are, Heart Health Awareness Month is in February. My name is Dr. Erica Steele. I’m a holistic doctor in family practice. I hold six degrees in my field and they’re all in the natural healthcare space. So welcome to my channel. It’s time to raise awareness about heart disease.

Especially because it’s February and everybody’s talking about it. So heart disease, unfortunately, is the leading cause of death worldwide. So this, my purpose here is to educate people about the risk factors for heart disease and to educate people about how to have a healthy lifestyle and create healthy choices and habits and behaviors that can help to prevent this particular condition.

I’m always teaching about being proactive instead of reactive. So during Heart Health Month, we really wanna speak to various different pain points that you’re experiencing. It’s important to know that eating a healthy diet, regular exercise, not smoking, managing stress, maintaining your health, controlling blood pressure, are just some of the examples, how you can take care of your heart.

During Heart Health Awareness Month, several organizations and healthcare providers hold events such as health fairs, walks, runs, and educational seminars. So this is really the. To get out into your community. I know in this area we have a big heart health gala and we really wanna build awareness so that people understand the importance of keeping a healthy heart and a healthy heart lifestyle.

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Many organizations also provide information and resources online to help people to learn more about heart health, including information on how to reduce the risk of heart disease. Through healthy lifestyle choices, it’s incredibly important to note that taking care of your heart is not a once a year experience.

Even though February is our observant month, we really wanna make sure that every month and every week and every day that you are creating an ongoing effort to ensure that you have a heart health. Again, just to recap, eating a healthy, balanced diet, regular exercise in movement, not smoking, managing your stress, managing your weight, controlling blood sugar.

Woo, I’m tired already. . So we, it’s important to know you wanna take it one thing at a time, step by step. You focus on the step you’re on or the next step. So go ahead and jot. A whole list of things that you need to do proactively with your health and start off at the first one, they say it takes 21 days to build a healthy habit.

I tend to recommend to my patients to start with water first. Really it’s mindset, so it’s making a decision. And then following that is about water. And then we look at protein, and then the list goes on for there. If you need any. Help in educating yourself about heart health. Please reach out to our practice at holistic family practice va.com.

We’re more than happy. Happy to help you to live a healthy and natural lifestyle.

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