Holistic lifestyle habits that helps to be happier

Speaker 1: Coast Live, New Year, new you. We hear that phrase a lot every January, but from the physical to the emotional, what does it take to make real change to live more holistically? Well, let’s find out. Back with us now is Dr. Erica Steele from Holistic Family Practice. Good to see you, Dr. Steele. Happy.

Speaker 2: Ah, Happy New Year to you.

Good to see you.

Speaker 1: You too. A lot

of us wanna make these changes in the new year to be more healthy, and you’re saying live holistically is a great way to do that. Explain what that.

Speaker 2: Yeah. So living holistically is not just about the physical, right? It’s not just about healthy nutrition and drinking water, but it’s also about your environment, your relationships, how you’re, uh, you know, relating to other people, how you’re relating to your family, your mental health, your emotional health, your spiritual health, as well as breaking all of those cycles that have been passed down from generations so that your children [00:01:00] don’t carry those patterns.

So how do you go about doing that? I know changes in lifestyle. What are some of the steps?

Speaker 2: Yeah, so we tend to do it step by step. Most people come into my practice for a physical ailment. Either they have. Symptoms or they’ve been diagnosed with something. And then we work with them using their lab work, of course.

And then as, as it comes out, we look at all the different lifestyle behaviors and habits, and then of course the mental and emotional. So it’s really step by step and each step builds on the last step. I think people, when they come into a holistic doctor, they kind of have one thing, like it’s, I’m just giving them supplements or herbs or, you know, a little bit of.

This or that. And really it’s really the whole thing. But we do it incrementally. We usually give a person one to three steps that they can implement and then they go and implement them and then come back and we give them the next steps.

Speaker 1: And I know, you know, there’s the food pyramid for example, and you have a holistic pyramid as well that you have people follow.

Talk us through that a little bit.

Speaker 2: Yeah, so it’s [00:02:00] similar to kind of what we had just been talking about. People come in, um, I consult with them, I evaluate their. We look at their nutrition. So that is all the physical aspect of it. Then we look at environment like toxicity within the body because of course our environment is highly toxic.

But then we also look at the environment in terms of relationships, especially with parents, um, helping them to optimize their parenting. Married, um, couples. I work with them all the time teaching them how to communicate effectively. And then all of those mental stagnations, the beliefs, the core beliefs, the false beliefs, the limiting beliefs, we get into the subconscious mind.

Uh, maybe we’ll do even a little bit of coaching and I’ll. Heat, you know, some cognitive behavioral therapy. We look at all the emotional parts cuz a lot of us, it wasn’t safe for us to really feel. And so we validate our emotions, we reframe them into healthier, more vibrant emotions. Emotions that we wanna have.

We spiritually connect ourselves, you know, whatever higher power works, and we’re not religious, of course, in our practice. I work with people from all walks of life. Um, and so we really connect the person with their intuition so that they can really make these decisions kind of moving forward. And then really the deeper, uh, cases we get into in terms of, you know, how it affects the dna, the impact of, let’s say the role of slavery.

Or genocide or even the Holocaust. We’ve been on the show before talking about transgenerational traumas and things that have been passed down in the dna. So we, we look at all those links too, to really help us to empower our patients.

Speaker 1: That mind body connection is so crucial. And you have a holistic makeover course.

Tell us about that quickly before we go.

Speaker 2: Yeah, I’m super excited about it. It’s seven weeks. It’s a good foundation. We look at mood, we look at mindset, food movement, and we give practical guidance. Um, if you text Holistic Makeover to our telephone number (757) 685-4325, we’ll give you all the information about it.

And we’re super, super excited. We’ll be, it’s a group coaching, um, that’s once a week. And so we’ll meet with video through Zoom and go through and you’ll have access to the course, uh, you know,

Speaker 1: Oh, that’s wonderful. Dr. Steele, thank you so much for joining us today.

Speaker 2: Thank you so much for having me again.

Have an amazing day.

Speaker 1: You too. We’ll see you soon.

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