How Your Digestive System Affect Your Skin

Speaker 1: Welcome back. If your skin is lacking that summer glow, you may wanna look at your diet. Dr. Erica Steele from Holistic Family Practice in Virginia Beach is here to explain the relationship between your gut health and yours. Skin. I think this is fascinating.

Speaker 2: Yes, it is. Definitely very unexplored by a lot of people.

Speaker 1: Yeah. So tell me about the connection.

Speaker 2: A lot of times what we eat, so what we’re digesting and assimilating is gonna create reactivity. Okay. So the majority of our immune system as well as our hormonal system is housed in our digestive system. I’ve spoken about that before. So what happens?

The immune system has immunological reactions. To specific foods, to parasites, to bacteria, to all kinds of things. There’s a whole microbiome, a whole little universe that’s growing Wow. In your digestive system. So it may not just be that you’re not washing your face properly, it may also be that you’re not eating the right stuff.

Yes. Our, a lot of times white teens are so like explode, exploded with their acne because they’re perpetually eating toxic.

Speaker 1: Unhealthy food. So tell me that list again of things that they shouldn’t eat in case my team, who’s in the audience is paying attention.

Speaker 2: All the good stuff. Dairy, sugar, okay. Bread gluten, those sort nightshades can affect some people, but then there’s a lot of things. Too that, like I most recently did my own food sensitivity testing. Okay. Cuz I’m curious and everything I ate, I was sensitive to like salmon and bananas and yeah.

Speaker 1: So. what are you eating now? Water and air. Just water and air.

Speaker 2: No, really? It, what’s cool about the sensitivity testing is it gives you foods that you can eat and then limited foods. Okay. And really you want more of a restriction on a short period of time. A lot of times people go on these long. Six, eight month. And what happens is, the body actually will overcompensate and you won’t be able to digest those foods Okay.

As well. It’ll shut down those enzymes and so short term, like 30, 60, 90 days of elimination so that you have time to rebuild the digestive system.

Speaker 1: I I see. Now it also can impact babies, right? Yeah. So like the moms that are breastfeeding their babies can then Yes. Cause a problem. Have baby acne? How does that work? Yes.

Speaker 2: Oh my gosh. So when I see babies, cuz I see baby, it’s in my practice. The first thing I look at is their skin. I look at everybody’s skin. But cuz it tells a lot nutritionally, believe it or not. And so the first thing I look, if there’s those little bumps, we know right away that there’s a food sensitivity or a reaction.

Speaker 2: So a lot of times people don’t get allergy versus sensitivity or intolerance. There’s actually three different types of food. Sensitivities, intolerances, and then actual anaphylactic allergies. So when babies come in with that, the first thing I ask is are you breastfeeding? And then if the answer is yes, okay, what are you eating?

Because it’s something that the person is eating or it could be something as simple as they, they don’t have enough lactobacillus. So I give ’em a probiotic, something to really help reinoculate their digestive system.

Speaker 1: Okay. And probiotics are really good. They are super good. Are they okay? Okay.

Speaker 2: Exactly. Good for everything like brain. It’s really good to help the brain fog. Oh yeah. Definit. Oh, I have brain fog all the time. . Okay. So I need to take, is there a particular type of probiotic that, so the world of probiotics is expansive. It’s not just of like a pull one off the shelf. A lot of people do. Different age groups actually have different needs for probiotic micros.

Speaker 1: There’s a lot to know. I know. And you’re teaching classes, I know. Yes, exactly. People touch, with you to try to absorb some of this information that you have.

Speaker 2: Yeah, so I teach three classes a month, and this is all based off the skin and the digestive system relationship.

Typically speaking, I have three classes every month. The first one is I think on a Saturday, so from two to four. Okay. And then we also have classes on a Friday, I believe it’s a five 30 time, and then a Monday as well. And on the screen they’ll. Some dates. There they are. Perfect. Monday the 16th and Saturday the 21st, five 30.

Two 30 and five 30 respectively. And it’s all based off of that gut skin access. So we’re all gonna talk about that relationship between the digestive system and our skin. So acne, eczema, psoriasis

All, of those things. All the world.

Speaker 1: I love that. Thank you so much for coming. I appreciate it. Thank you. Yeah, absolutely.

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