Kundalini Yoga for Beginners

Speaker 1: We all know yoga is really good for your mind and muscles, but what about your nervous system? Kundalini Yoga focuses on resetting your body’s energy. And Dr. Erica Steele from Holistic Family Practice in Virginia Beach is here to show us some moves. And you brought some folks with I know I did. I did. So you brought Drew Arun and.

Speaker 2: Yeah, some of my fellow kini teacher.

Speaker 1: Okay. So tell me a little bit about this. I’d never heard of this type of yoga.

Speaker 2: Yeah. Kini is so different than traditional half of yoga. Okay. And the reason why? Because it’s more of a technology. Oh. So it’s a technology that you can use for life.
So let’s say if you’re angry for some reason. Okay. I get, I don’t know, a couple we’ll get, yeah, exactly. There’s specific creas meditations, pros, which are breath work that specifically target. Those particular unhealthy emotions that are trapped in our subconscious minds.

Speaker 1: Wow. So can you do it anywhere? Anywhere, everywhere. So like at the office, if I get mad at doing, oh my gosh, I could, I’m Kundalini right now. I close my door and breath of fire. Yeah, exactly. All the time. Tired. Yeah. Which we’ll do today. I was gonna say that and sound good though. It’s totally good. Okay, cool. Brings blood. Flow to your brain, opens up your lungs, and also helps that solar plexus. So your personal power, self-love, self-worth, self-appreciation. Now, how is this different from Hot yoga or some of

Speaker 2: the other types? Yeah, so there’s no hot Okay. In component, I other than the heat that you’re generating from your breath, right? I find it’s a little more of a adjust. Stick practice, meaning it’s a lot more vigorous in terms of just the breathing and the pro, it really moves a lot of energy.

Okay. So people, a lot of times they’ll move stuck emotions that they have, very easily and effortlessly, which is awesome. How long have you been doing it? So I actually, believe it or not, my first time doing Kline Yoga was the first day of my teacher training. Oh wow. Yeah. Yeah. In fact, Drew’s wife Kelly called me and said, oh my gosh, you’ve gotta try this.

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Speaker 2: And I was like, okay. So I showed up and I’ve been just hooked ever since. It’s amazing. Okay. It moves things so fast. Really? It could have been stuck for years.

Speaker 1: Oh my gosh. I can’t wait. Okay. Know. So tell me’s a fire

Speaker 2: breath. The fire my go. We’re gonna do, yeah. So breath of fire, the way that it works is all we’re gonna do is just in and out. So like a dog pant, right? Okay. But your mouth is gonna be closed, so you’re gonna.

Speaker 1: Oh, that’s what I do. When little kids do that. When they get mad.

Speaker 2: Exactly. And then what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna do ego eradicate. Okay? So we’re gonna close our fists. We’re gonna go bring ourselves up to a 90 degree, 60, excuse me, 60 degree angle. The one thing too is we’re gonna tune in really quick, so we wanna always tune in. Guru Dave Namo. So that’s just tunes into the golden. Okay. Of all the other teachers before us that came, including Yogi Bud. Okay, so if we cue the music now we’ve tuned in. We’re tuned in. So now let’s go ahead and breath of fire. Okay. So for about a minute. So

Speaker 2: keep going. , you. All right. Big inhale. Go ahead and tap your thumbs together. Open up your palms. And

Speaker 1: there we go. Not good if you have a little

Speaker 2: sinus going on there. Not really, but it could clear you. Okay, but you notice all the energy comes up to your head, you feel more energized. It also helps your lungs. ELE is really cool because it actually balances the nervous system so it balances those hemispheres in the brain.

Speaker 2: Okay. So a lot of the different techniques have a lot of angles. So you notice we did that 60 degree angle, for instance. Yeah. There’s a lot of different postures that have various angles and. Unfortunately, science hasn’t quite gotten caught up. To all of the amazing benefits of this.

Speaker 1: So are you seeing your patients have a major difference coming? Oh my gosh. The differences.

Speaker 2: So people that have had things that have been stuck for years are talking about what? Anger from childhood? Or difficulty with somebody passing away or. Lack of forgiveness of self for others or any kind of stagnated emotion. We haven’t reached the place where we really understand the effects of emotion on our health.

We’re just now reaching that pinnacle where we understand things like cancers, for instance. They develop as a result of long-term anger, hatred, resentment, right? That have been. Exactly that have been internalized. So this is a great tool and technique that anybody can use to just cut these things and transform them right at the source.

Speaker 1: Okay. Now, for people who, are religious out there, is this a religion or is this so something? No, absolutely. Okay. Yeah. Okay. Yeah it’s really a technology. Like I said, it’s a tool And you have a special We do. Okay.

Speaker 2: Exactly. And in fact, you can. Kini Yoga. I don’t know if it came on this screen. You could text Kini yoga. Yeah. And then Mondays usually every Monday at Reiki Wellness and Meditation Center. So separate from my practice. Cuz we don’t have the space there, but I actually teach kini yoga classes. What, and this month we were talking all about personal power. Self-love, self-worth, self-acceptance. So

Speaker 1: Wow. I’m gonna put on my little white outfit. I know. Now you’ve got Exactly. And there’s more information on how you can get in touch with Dr. Steele. Thank you guys so much. I didn’t get a chance to talk to you, but I watched your moves and you’re doing really great. Thank you.

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