Maintaining Personal Wellness with Dr. Erica Steele

Speaker 1: Half the population that’s more than 130 million Americans suffer from at least one chronic illness. We’re talking about things like hypertension, heart disease, arthritis, right? Staying healthy, we all know is expensive, but our next guest says that there are some ways that we can stay well on a budget.

For National Wellness Month, she has promised to share those tips with all of us here in the studio. And you at home, you’re very lucky. Dr. Erica Steele from Holistic Family Practice is back on Coast Live. Dr. Steele, thank you so much for coming in today. How are you doing?

Speaker 2: I’m doing so well. Thanks for having me.

It’s back in the studio.

Speaker 1: And can we just like a round of applause for this outfit that you’ve got up?

Speaker 2: Thank you. Thank you, thank you.

Speaker 1: Oh, it’s a runway today. Uh, alright, so let’s just set the stage, you know, how can Americans. Maintain their wellness without breaking the bank.

Speaker 2: Yeah. You know, it’s really all the simple small things that you can do that you really don’t even think about.

Right. So water filtration, there isn’t a cost to it, but some things like sleeping, for instance, like , so underutilized. Yeah. As far as a wellness tip. Right, Right. And it’s totally free. You just lay down, go to sleep. There you go.

Speaker 1: And you’ve talked about, you know, both in our interviews with you and in your holistic wellness minute segment that you do for us, um, you know, ways that we can.

Help to quiet our mind and reduce our stress and anxiety. That’s a big part of getting more sleep as well, right?

Speaker 2: Oh yeah, totally. Meditation, breath work. You know, even when you’re getting stressed, just taking a few minutes to breathe and laughter just like your segments . Exactly.

Speaker 1: Thank you. Yeah, I try, I try to laugh, you know, have a little bit of fun.

Uh, All right.

Speaker 2: So don’t take yourself too seriously.

Speaker 1: Oh, well I certainly can’t do that. , uh, okay. So of getting. Is step one. Yes. Uh, step 2, 3, 4, whatever might have to do with what you’ve got.

Speaker 2: Correct? Yes. So we talked about the water filtration, right? So Burkey is like your gold standard in terms of water filtration.

Speaker 1: Okay?

Speaker 2: So obviously, you know, drinking bottles of water more expensive, but it’s really important to. Filter your water. Especially because here in Virginia we have chlorine, chloramine, we have all kinds of different toxins in our water, right? So this is a really good, affordable tabletop option. So it’s really good for people that are renters so they don’t have to do any plumbing.

Speaker 1: Yeah, that’s huge. Uh, does it taste better after you filter it?

Speaker 2: Oh yeah, of course. Okay. Silky smooth.

Speaker 1: That’s great. And what’s up with the crock pot here?

Speaker 2: So the crockpot, So I live by a crockpot. I have all the appliances, like every single one of them. I barely use my stove . So what I do is I normally put all my proteins in the crock pot, right?

Like on Sunday night, Monday, whatever. And I’ll put, you know, like for instance, this has low fat cottage cheese in it cuz it’s high protein. It has some sauce in there, it has some seasonings in there. And then just my chicken. Yeah. And then that way, you know, organic chicken breasts naturally, and that way all my proteins are done for the week.

So I have 12 chicken breasts in there and you can buy them in bulk, like Sam’s Club, that kind of thing, and then throw them in there and then it really speeds up your meal prep time.

Speaker 1: Yeah, that’s huge. Uh, I’m try, I’m trying to get a handle on that the older I get, you know, that I need to plan my meals ahead of time.

[00:03:00] Because when you don’t plan and then something comes up on a Tuesday that you didn’t expect, and then I end up door dashing McDonald’s. Yeah. And that’s not good for my wellness

Speaker 2: and paying like a hundred dollars. Oh yeah. Yeah, exactly. I know, I heard this is like $2 for McNugget. This is crazy. You’re like, what up?


Speaker 1: Um, you’ve also brought some journals in. I wanna talk a little bit about journaling. How can that help us with overall wellness?

Speaker 2: So the last tip I have, I absolutely love this tip. So we have two journals. So one is a trash journal and one is a treasure journal, right? Okay. The trash is all the crazy negative things that come out of your, you know, all the frustrations, all the, you know, curse words, all the things, right?

Yeah. And then your treasure journal is gonna be all of your happy things, all of your aspirations, all of your, you know, affirmations, all the positive things. And I like to keep them separate. So that this one eventually you could throw away and this one you can keep forever. I,

Speaker 1: it’s important to get in touch and be introspective with yourself.

Um, and I think a lot of times that’s the hardest step. Uh, what’s your opinion on, you know, talking to somebody, going to a counselor or a therapist even that’simportant?

Speaker 2: Oh, a hundred percent. I think somebody objective who’s not a friend or family member, right? Who doesn’t have a dog in the. Who’s gonna be honest with you?

Unfortunately, you have to be open to people being honest with you. Yeah. So, and, and you know, it’s tough. We, we face ourselves. We’re human, we’re fallible in so many different ways, but there’s so many places and people that can really help.

Speaker 1: That’s great advice. I really love listening to you talk about this stuff.

Uh, and that’s great because you actually have a webinar coming up where everybody can listen to you talk all the details.

Speaker 2: Yeah, so we have a webinar coming up, so we’re still doing them on Zoom, and it just kind of goes deeper into those budging tips. I know a lot of people are really stressed, especially about the economy and things like that, so I really wanted to offer a lot of free education for people to really incorporate all these natural things in their life without having to spend a whole lot.

Speaker 1: You know what? I think you put it best and, and thank you so much. You know, you make this subject that can be a big hurdle for especially men. You know, we talked about that a lot. It can really be hard to talk about health and wellness stuff and you [00:05:00] make it really fun and digestible and easy to understand.

So just thank you so much for everything.

Speaker 2: Aw, thank you so much. I so appreciate it. Yeah.

Speaker 1: Dr. Erica Steel, guys, thank you so.

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