Metabolism the Key to Health


Speaker 1 – Welcome back. Well, with warmer weather approaching, many people are getting back to healthier habits. But what does it take to lose weight and keep it off? Here with some answers is Dr. Erica Steele from holistic family practice in Virginia Beach. Dr. Steele? Dr. Erica, as I call you, how you doing

Speaker 2 – today? I’m doing so well April’s so good to see you. Good to

Speaker 1 – see you as well. Okay, so we’re coming around that time of year again, you know, winter is out, spring is in, and we want to improve, you know, our, the way we look and perhaps our weight loss. So, any suggestions for that?

Speaker 2 – Well, it really actually depends on your mindset, right? And that’s surprising, because most people think, Oh, I gotta break out the shoes. I’ve got to start working out, I’ve got to start eating right. But what does it take in order to do that? It takes a Metabolism and Health mindset, right? So if I am thinking thoughts about okay, how can I be built my Metabolism and Health? And how can I create health, then, of course, your actions and your behaviours are then going to follow? Okay,

mental diet

Speaker 1 – so are you saying it’s like a self fulfilling prophecy?

Speaker 2 – Yes, exactly. Yeah. So if I’m sitting around that saying, Oh, I’m looking in the mirror and going, oh, I need to pinch this or oh, I’m a little bit overweight here. Or you’re constantly telling yourself all the identity, meaning the thoughts and the and the feelings around being overweight, then, of course, you’re going to continue to create those habits.

Speaker 1 – Okay, so where do we start? Do we, like start giving ourselves positive affirmations? Like, oh, girl, look at those curves? You look good? Or why do you do it? Yeah, in

Speaker 2 – 100%. So we’re gonna start with that mental diet. We talked about that last month, mental diet is what you’re telling yourself. So I’m fit, trim, and beautiful, I’m sexy, I’m amazing. I’m toned. What it is you want to create, you want to start telling yourself that even if the 3d even if our current reality isn’t showing that,


Speaker 1 – okay, so once you get the mindset together, then how do you follow it up with good habits.

Speaker 2 – So once your thought process keeps going, you’re going to start to feel better, and then you’re going to be more motivated into action, meaning you’re gonna want to necessarily order the salad over the burger, or you’re gonna want to get up and work out and take a walk somewhere, your actions are then going to follow based off of your thoughts as well as your feelings. Okay, so

Speaker 1 – I’m thinking about metabolism and women of a certain age, you know, our metabolism slows down. So is that something to consider?

Speaker 2 – That’s actually not accurate. Metabolism and Health Think that Oh, because I get older ageing is not a prerequisite for poor health, believe it or not, so we don’t get off the hook based off of that. Metabolism is all the chemical processes in the body, which starts with what you eat, but also how you digest and assimilate. So as people get older, their lifestyle habits get a little bit worse. And so that’s why people tend to associate ageing with a slower metabolism. But it’s really not true. I have 80 year old patients that are fit, trim and healthier than some of my 30 and 40 year old patients.

Speaker 1 – Oh, I didn’t know that. And I know that you do have a programme that deals with the metabolism coming out. Can you tell us a little bit more about that?

Speaker 2 – I’m so excited about this, I’ve spent the last two and a half years building out all of these data, you know, I’m such a data girl. We’ll talk about it more in my webinar coming up. It’s free mindset and metabolism. I’m really excited because I am able to take all of the data to be able to really fine tune a programme for people that are really looking to change their lifestyle from a mental, emotional, Metabolism and Health of course, a physical perspective. Okay,

Speaker 1 – I do have a question for you to back up a little bit. Once you get the mindset together. Do you then have to like restart your metabolism? Are there ways to kind of get your if you have a slow metabolism? Are there ways to get it pumping?

Speaker 2 – You’re so cute. Yes, of course we are. The body is made to heal itself. And it always wants to heal itself. So we look at lab work, we’re able to support with different supplements, we’re able to get the body to be able to work efficiently and effortlessly. The body was made to heal, we just need to know how to do it.

Metabolism and Health

Speaker 1 – Okay. And then the mindset to work out. helped me with that one.

Speaker 2 – It’s it’s really about what you enjoy, right? So I enjoy Pilates. I just started rowing, I actually really enjoy that as well. So I do things that I enjoy, but it also you know, it’s about what is what do they say like 90% In the kitchen, right? If you’re not a big fan of working out, you don’t need to go run off to the CrossFit gym. You know, you can do the simple things like walking or moving your body or yoga really, especially as you age it’s important to stretch because as you know things get stiffer things, you know, need to be able to be relaxed and looser. So yeah, definitely. All

Speaker 1 – right. Well, there’s the information to get in touch with Dr. Erica, thank you so much for answering our questions today.

Speaker 2 – Awesome. Thank you, Abraham. Great day you too.

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