Organic Cotton Clothing for Babies

Be exposing your newborn or toddler to chemicals like formaldehyde and not even know it. The one mother in Chesapeake is hoping to change all that. The new option for parents in Hampton Roads. Mari bad explain.

Speaker 2: Misty Young of Chesapeake stays busy managing her five daughters, Tracy, Christina, Katie, Abigail, and baby Adriana. But Young says she became obsessed with alternative healthy options for her children. After her first four daughters developed a learning disability at a young age,

Speaker 3: they all just have been harmed by chemicals. Metals that are in our environment, in our clothing, in our food,

Speaker 2: but baby Adriana is as healthy as can.Something young. Credits to Adriana’s clothing. It’s organic.

Speaker 3: It’s definitely important to wear organic when your brain is] developing.

Speaker 4: Now parents in Hampton Roads don’t have to travel far for alternative options. Inspired by her own experiences, young has opened up an organic clothing store for little ones in Chesapeake Le Chic Boutique.

Speaker 2: Young’s Store is the only brick and mortar store of its kind in Hampton Roads and specializes in carry organic options for parents Clothing made from natural fibers, free of harmful dyes or chemicals. Dr. Erica Steele, a Naturalpathic doctor in Virginia Beach studies environmental toxins. She says harmful dyes can cause a lot of development.

Steel says, patients are usually shocked to find out how chemical filled most of our lives actually are.

Dr. Steele: Formald Hiat is found in just about everything.

Speaker 2: Air fresheners, flame retardant, sprays, even that new car smell according to steel. It’s all toxic. And when it comes to your baby, Steel says she sees more parents taking action to protect their baby from harmful chemicals.

Dr. Steele: We don’t wanna walk around in a bubble all the time. That’s not, and even if we did, it’d have to be PBA and fate free. The reality is that we really wanna build our immune systems to be susceptible

Speaker 2: according to steel. The first seven years of childhood are when children are most likely to be harmed by powerful.

At 20 to $35 for an outfit Young works hard to keep her prices competitive with big name stores like Target Sale by Sale, young Hopes to help transform her community into a more environmentally conscious one. One her five children can live to see in Chesapeake. Mari Babcock News three.

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