Preventing coughs, colds and the flu with natural remedies

Speaker 1: Flu season is upon us, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you need to bust out the hand sanitizers and sprays Dr. Erica Steele from Holistic Family Practice in Virginia Beaches here with some advice to say healthy naturally. Hey Doc, how you doing? Hey, I’m doing well. How are you? Good. So I heard that actually using hand sanitizers Yeah could not be good for you.

Speaker 2: Yes. Studies have shown that. Too much antibacterial soap is actually not a good thing. Okay. And the reason being is because our bodies do need that exposure. To be able to be educated. To be able to resist and fight if you totally sterilize your environment, which unfortunately some people do get out of fear, right?

That it could actually do more harm. Thank. Good. Okay. Alright,

Speaker 1: So there’s some things that you can do. Wash your hands. Of course that’s obvious, a common thing, but there’s some other things too.

Speaker 2: So like knobs. So like people don’t think about turning knobs, like in our practice, we’d clean our knobs pretty regularly. Okay. Also toys. Like we have this like toy train set that the kids love to play with, and we actually go through and clean all of those. A lot of people don’t think about that, especially kids bringing things in, coming in, putting it in their mouths. Oh, all kinds of things. So regularly cleaning those particular things that are in our environment is really important.

Speaker 1: And I was shocked to hear that sugar is something you should.

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Speaker 2: So sugar, because sugar actually feeds bacteria within the system. A lot of people don’t realize that. So sugar, but also breads what? Dairy also is one of those things too. Okay, so let’s say you have a sinus infection, right?

Oh yeah, I can see that exactly. It’s just gonna blow it up even worse, and a lot of people don’t realize that.

Speaker 1: Okay. And so what are some natural ways to stay healthy once. You have gotten sick. Are there some things that you can think can make you feel better?

Speaker 2: Yeah of course there’s a lot of homeopaths.I tend to stay away from the herbal side of it. Okay. Just cuz there’s a lot of mineral deficiencies and also two interactions with medications. So naturally too, to keep your immune system strong, you wanna maintain supplementation. Like right now. Is a great time of year to start loading up on vitamin C, loading up on zinc.

There, those typically don’t have interactions with particular medications, but when you do get sick the first day, you have to stop. And then sleep and sweat. That’s okay. Important.

Speaker 1: Now tell me, okay, I got the sleep part down pat. I’m an expert. Now what is the sweat thing? What have to do? The sweat part.

Speaker 2: So you wanna put on a lot of layers. Okay. And people think I’m crazy when I get sick, but I’m like, look, I and my feet actually get cold when I get sick. Wow. So that’s a way for me to identify, oh, my feet are cold. I need to do this. Put yourself in tons of layers, tons of blankets, heating pad, and literal. Sweat because the body’s gonna create a natural fever. A lot of people get afraid of fevers, cuz we’ve been taught, oh, we gotta keep it down. Yeah. So naturally, if your fever is a 1 0 5 over an extended period of time, that’s a different situation. . But you wanna get your temperature up enough so it burns things off.

Bacteria’s, viruses, things like that. Virus is a little bit harder to get rid of. Okay. They’re typically antibiotic resistance, so you know, it’s gonna be more, but the more you fight I’m a fighter. If I get sick, I’m like, I’ve got so much stuff to do, I can’t be, so you know, but the first day that you feel that you really should stop, rest, sleep, sweat, and hopefully.

You know, it’ll push your fingers. Yeah. .

Speaker 1: Okay. Now you also said something about you avoid the herbs. So like akinesia, it’s not something

Speaker 2: Yeah, it becomes resistant in the body. The body’s really intelligent. Okay. So the more you take these things, like right now, it’s like the build big elderberry craze. The more you take these things, the body’s gonna create resistance to it. So you really wanna hold those things for like that special moment when you really do need it. Okay. Not necessarily take those things as preventative.

Speaker 1: What about Teas?

Speaker 2: They are good too. Okay. But those are herbals. Okay. Those are the same kinds of things. I like homeopaths because they’re very clean and the body responds very well to it. So for instance, we have this here. . We do homeo prophylaxis in our practice, which is a way to educate the immune system for various different diseases they take. It’s really cool science. They take these disease tissues and they shake it.

Until it’s no longer the original substance, it’s just the biogenic frequencies behind that. Say that five times faster. Yeah. . And so what it does is it naturally educates the immune system and gives that artificial immunity similar to different allopathic treatments.

Speaker 1: Okay. Now you have a special going on. Gone.

Speaker 2: We do so $35 sick care visit, which normally is $50 for a secure visit, cough, cold. Same day you can come into our practice. We’re completely holistic, and then we also do a flu ho prophylaxis as a response to.

Speaker 1: All right. Thank you so much, doctor. Thank you actually. Yep. I’m gonna come and see you.

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