21 Day Detox

21 Day Detox


The 21-day organ detox focuses on one organ at a time, the eliminatory organs. Liver, Kidney, Large Intestines, Blood/ Lymph are the primary eliminatory organs that tend to require detox. If the body does not have enough energy, the body will not be able to safely detox. Our 21-day detox walks you through a single organ detox.



The 21 Day Detox includes an initial consultation, blood work review, and custom supplement plan specific to one organ. The 21 Day Detox is 3 weeks long. The Detox will include a meal plan, supplement plan, and detoxification support along the 21 Days. Our 21 day organ detox is designed to be a healthcare detox as we examine lab work during the process. Once we review your labs, we build a custom detox plan to detox one organ at a time. Our 21 day detox is perfect for those who have never detoxed their organs before now. This plan can be helpful for those who have never detoxed before, are feeling sluggish, worn down, and are looking for a reset. It is recommended to detox your organs twice a year, we often recommend the spring and fall of each year to detox organs. This assists with proper organ health and hygiene and is necessary to maintain health for years to come. Our bodies are being bombarded with so many various toxins so it is important that we regularly clean these toxins out. The 21 Day Detox is an excellent way to detox your organs safely and naturally.

Your plan includes:

  • Tailored content to help you achieve your goals
  • 24/7 access to your account on the Holistic Family Practice wellness portal where you can view all of your content, track your progress, and more!
  • Easy-to-use iOS or Android app so you can access your plan on the go!


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