21 Day Water Detox

21 Day Water Detox


Growing concern over the availability of good quality drinking water is on the minds of people all around the globe. It seems that every week we hear more bad news about the state of our drinking water.



Digestion is a rather complicated process beginning in the mouth, continuing in the stomach, and then progressing to the small intestine where the liver, gallbladder, and the pancreas are involved, and finally terminating as it passes through the large intestine.

Each of these elements requires a specific pH to function properly.

The ideal pH of the stomach is a very acidic 1.8. These acids begin to break down proteins in our food for proper digestion, so when stomach acids are inadequate, we must find a way to increase them.

Food passes straight from the stomach into the small intestine. However, the small intestine requires a very different pH to continue to digestive process – an alkaline 8.5. This shift in pH is necessary to break down the fats in our food so they can be used to build healthy cells. To create this pH shift your gallbladder is designed to dump adequate amounts of bile into the small intestine to break down the fats in the food that has passed from the stomach. Bile is also intended to create an alkaline environment in the small intestine.

Most people today do not produce enough bile so fats are often poorly digested and the pH of the small intestine remains too acidic.

This creates a serious problem in the digestive system.  The pancreas will only release the enzymes necessary to complete protein digestion if the pH of the small intestine is adequately alkaline. So, when inadequate amounts of bile are secreted, digestion is severely compromised.

The gall bladder and the pancreas, need to find a new way to create an alkaline environment in the small intestine without compromising the acidic environment of the stomach.

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