Cough, Cold, Flu Protocol Bundle

Cough, Cold, Flu Protocol Bundle


Cough, Cold, and Flu virus infection are very common, and the number of people infected each season can only be estimated because not everyone will seek medical care or get tested. Statistical estimations are based on CDC-measured flu hospitalization rates that are adjusted to estimate the total number of flu virus infections in the United States for a given flu season. Not every cough and cold symptom is the flu. This plan will teach you basic home remedies and scientific evidence behind them if they are available. Not every natural substance has scientific evidence, but some has been used antidotal for years, such as homeopathy. This includes my recommendations, and guidelines for natural healthcare for the immune system.

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Sick woman with flu, cold, fever and cough sitting on couch at home. Ill person blowing nose and sneezing with tissue and handkerchief. Woolen socks and medicine. Infection in winter. Resting on sofa.

Cough, Cold, and Flu is upon us and you may be needed a few tried and true home remedies. Come swipe my favorite (and effective) at home remedies for treatment of cough, cold, and flu symptoms. From ear aches to runny noses. Grab what I have used for years to effectively help the body heal.


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