Daycare Illness

Daycare Illness


“Breaking the Cycle of Daycare Illness

If there is one thing we know for sure about daycare, it is that it is crawling in germs of great density and diversity. The perpetual challenge for most parents is not keeping their child free of infection, but keeping them free of repetitive, unrelenting illnesses that pass through the family over and over again. For many, the benefit of daycare comes at the expense of an abiding runny nose or frequent rounds of anti-biotics for kids and their parents.”


Keeping your child free from day-care induced illness is an ongoing process. Avoid the sugar, add a probiotic and strategically include immune fighting foods to your child’s meal plan. With a little luck, vigilant hand washing, some careful planning and an impending spring, the relentless game of microbial tag may just be gone for good… or at least until next fall.



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