EVOX is voice analysis software created by ZYTO Technologies, a leading wellness technology company. ZYTO creates software and coordinating hardware that allows a computer to produce biosurveys of the human body. The EVOX software was created to optimize emotional and psychological wellness by changing the way you see (perceive) the world.


How Does EVOX Work?

The state of your emotional health can be heard through your voice. When you talk about certain subjects such as health, wealth, relationships, work, any topic really, the frequencies in your voice change. These changes may or may not be audible to your ear, but EVOX software can pick up even the slightest shifts in tone, rate, slurring, pause, and emphasis. These all carry your voice energy and reveal information about your understanding or awareness of examined topics such as your marriage or a chronic disease.

EVOX unlocks limiting thoughts and feelings buried deep within your subconscious. Through the process of perception reframing you’ll begin to see persons, places, conditions, and things in a new way so you can overcome the blockages that have held you back from healing and wholeness. The life you want is available to you when you access balanced perceptions that allow you to make decisions that lead to your desired reality.


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