Healing From Trauma In Relationship

Healing From Trauma In Relationship


Everyone has been hurt in relationships. Few people are able to let that pain go so they can move on with their lives without the past mudding their joy.


This course reviews the mind-body connection and the impact on the body when you experience trauma in a relationship. It will debunk myths and help you gain clarity on what feels safe and unsafe in relationships in your body.

We will discuss and review a process of forgiveness, learning to release the pain inflicted on ourselves by other people. We will practice the process of forgiving others for their behaviors.

We will uncover and release hidden core beliefs, and thought patterns that contribute to our behaviors. Think- why do I keep dating the same person or my boss reminds me of my mother. We will uncover the hidden thought patterns that continue to choose the same traumatic relationships again and again.

Lastly, we will discuss the freedom of letting go and the process of grief. We will explore not only the acceptance stage of grief but the wisdom gained from taking on lessons from these past relationships.

In this course, we will deliver daily content, weekly videos, workbook exercises, and daily tasks to help you heal from the trauma of your past.

This course is designed for those that have experienced trauma in relationships seeking perspective and a pathway forward. We will explore the mind-body practices that allow you to have closure on many relationships as well as release unwanted patterns that have manifested these relationship choices.

Your plan includes:

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