Herbal Medicine a Beginners Guide

Herbal Medicine a Beginners Guide


Herbal healing, sometimes known as herbalism, is the practice of treating disease with herbs or plants. Herbal healing is a complementary therapy that aids and encourages the body to repair itself through its own innate healing ability to return to a state of homeostasis or equilibrium rather than being a complete cure for a condition.


Herbal healing is performed in every corner of the globe, and the use of herbal medicine has been documented for thousands of years. Many of these documents come from China, Egypt, and Greece, the birthplace of Hippocrates, the “father of medicine” who is credited with saying, “Let food be your medicine! ”

Against the traditional western medicine opponents, herbal medicine and cures have struggled hard through the decades for a genuine, recognized, and valued contribution to treating ailments, illnesses, and diseases.


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