PNOE Assessment

PNOE Assessment


PNOE is a portable metabolic analyzer designed for fitness. Measuring breath by breath data, PNOE utilizes the gold standard method for accurate ergospirometry. PNOE’s low cost, portability and high accuracy is a result of its proprietary hardware design and software enabled sensing technology. Covered by over 10 patents, PNOE technology has been clinically validated by accredited research groups.


What is the PNOE assessment?

The PNOE fit test is the GOLD standard means of testing VO2 fitness which has a direct correlation with living a long, healthy life.

This testing procedure provides a breath-by-breath analysis of how your whole body functions. The fit test results are broken down into the following main sections; lung functioncardiac healthmetabolic efficiencyVO2 maxmuscle fibre composition and how your posture affects your performance, fat-burning efficiency and aerobic health. The fitness test protocols will also determine your resting metabolic rates and/or your metabolic demands during exercise.


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