Stress, Internal Healing, and Conscious Choices

Stress, Internal Healing, and Conscious Choices


As you probably know, stress is the ultimate cause of many chronic conditions. And by “stress” we don’t mean some brief, vague feeling or inconvenience that you had to deal with throughout your day. We are talking about stress on the body, which can come in many different forms, BUT MOSTLY… Your THOUGHTS.

You heard that right and you probably know it – Your thoughts are constantly sabotaging you and kicking you into stress mode. And though that is pretty bad, the truth is that stress is natural and in order to deal with it, we have to understand why it exists in the first place.



  • What’s Stress, How It Affects Health & How To Control It Mentally
  • Conscious VS Subconscious
  • How Your Body Is Trying To Bring Order

Now without further ado, let’s get to it, by first telling you about the MOST IMPORTANT factor you can mentally control, to help your body heal!



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