Reducing Inflammation

Dr. Steele: Inflammation is a response to something. So we ask ourselves, what is the body responding to? Inflammation comes. And when we eat certain foods, let’s say we eat some wheat or we eat a tomato, some people react to these things. Some symptoms of inflammation include itching, redness, gassing, bloating and even sinus pressure.

People react differently to different foods. One person may react really well to a tomato while another person doesn’t react as well to a tomato as a response. The body creates an inflammatory process, so we reduce that by, of course, eliminating those foods, which we can test to be able to determine.

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Which foods the body’s having a reaction to. We also wanna reduce exposure because toxicity can create that inflammatory response as well. Removing beauty products that are toxic as well as cleaning products that are toxic can also really help the body reduce inflammation, which is why we test the body to be able to determine what creates inflammation and what.

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