Vibrant Health is a 3 Month Holistic Healthcare “BootCamp” Designed to help you get your health on track lead by America’s Holistic Doctor, Dr Steele. Divine Health is a 6 Month Couples Holistic Healthcare “BootCamp” Designed to help your health and relationship get back on track.

Vibrant Health Can Be Yours!

If you are sick, overweight, overwhelmed, exhausted with a Chronic Illness it is time to venture into a holistic health lifestyle and develop diving health.

Vibrant Health can be yours, is your birth right, and truly our Creators wish for you to achieve. Over the last 19 years professionally, 25+ years personally, and assisting over 30K people with their health Dr Steele has studied, and cultivated a proven method to help anyone achieve Vibrant Health.

Vibrant Health is a 3 month Virtual Program, that teaches a person from the ground up how to heal themselves holistically. Vibrant Health is designed for a person truly ready to get well. No excuses. No yea buts. Just showing up, being vulnerable, and being seen fully to allow someone else to help you achieve the Vibrant Health that you deserve.

  • Access Freedom, Power, & Ease Surrounding Your Health
  • 2 – 60 Mins Phone Calls Per Month
  • Learn how to practice a Holistic Health Lifestyle with ease and grace
  • Focused, Result Oriented, Structured, Supportive, and Accountable Environment to reach your health goals.
  • Workbook, Assignments, and Progress tracking
  • An App with your daily activities for your health
  • Master YOUR Nutrition, YOUR relationships, YOUR Mental State, Your Emotional State, Connect with Source and live life holistically
Couple eating healthy together

If you would like for your partner and you to do this journey together, Dr Steele has designed a 6 month Virtual Program for Couples called Divine Health. The bond and relationship between partners is the highest spiritual relationship on the planet as you both mirror back to each other your areas of transformation. Divine Health is a couples program designed to bring you closer to health, closer to each other, and closer to creating the life you truly love.

  • Strengthen Communication
  • Build Intimacy and Healthy Habits Together
  • Learn how to incorporate healthy habits into your relationship
  • 1 – 90 Mins Call Per Month
  • Workbook, Assignments, & Progress Tracking
  • An app with your daily assignments
  • Learn a Holistic Health Lifestyle to incorporate in your marriage to teach your children, your community, and your family
  • Be a leader in health

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Emotional Healthing Mediation

Use this 5 mins meditation to help your mental and emotional health
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