Spring Allergy Symptoms Spring allergy season is upon us and so many symptoms happen as a result of immune systems that are not strong enough. Many people assume that spring allergy symptoms just happen, however that is not accurate. The immune system is deeply connected to the digestive symptom. The digestive symptom houses majority of [...]
You probably know that meditation is an effective way to relax, but it can be used for many other purposes too when used correctly. If you’re trying to build your confidence, a daily mindfulness practice may help, as ell as assist in the development of self esteem. Self-confidence is one of the most important ingredients [...]
Accepting yourself is the first step to building self-esteem. It’s not possible to feel positive about yourself if you can’t even accept yourself. A lack of forgiveness in self is the birth place of autoimmune conditions. Self-acceptance is the level of happiness and satisfaction you have with yourself. As a holistic doctor, I believe that [...]

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Emotional Healthing Mediation

Use this 5 mins meditation to help your mental and emotional health
Stressed woman