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Dr Erica: What is considered an integrative health service? Tune in to find out. My name is Dr. Eric Castile. I’m a holistic doctor and family practice. I hold six degrees in my field and they’re all in the natural healthcare space. So what’s this? Integrative healthcare services, what’s a practice like? What does that look like?

We deal. So many different aspects of the human being to really help to optimize the human being. We wanna optimize their physical health, their nutritional health, their emotional health, their mental health. And then even in holistic medicine, we even go a step further when we’re dealing with the human being.

We look at physical, so that’s lab testing that we would run, that’s doing nutritional physicals on the patient. That’s offering them supplementation. When we’re looking nutritionally, we’re looking at their diet. Are their macros balanced? Do they need to lose weight, gain weight, maintain weight? Do they need to build muscle?

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What key nutrients does their body need? How many Mac. Macros of each, or excuse me, grams of each macros. Do they need mentally do they have limiting beliefs that are surrounding their health, that are holding them back emotionally? We incorporate various different mind body techniques to help to release any emotional blocks or wounds that they may have.

In integrative health, they tend to incorporate, we tend to incorporate all aspects of healthcare, so nothing is off the table. So I may examine a patient and go, I think this person needs X, Y, and Z, and then I will refer them accordingly. Or I’ll look at this patient and go, okay, X, Y, and Z I need to educate this patient about their diet.

Give them emotional coping mechanisms, help them to clear out any limiting beliefs or old beliefs that they may have that can be affecting them in all areas of their life. So when we’re looking at a person, we’re looking at an individual as a whole person, and we’re addressing that whole person I love.

Integrative healthcare. However, I love holistic healthcare even more, and we’ll talk about that in a later video because holistic medicine takes it even a step further, more into the energetic realm, dealing with the spiritual resonance of the person. Meaning that we’re teaching people how to live like.

Every single day and being in communion with their higher self. We also look at ancestral components, ancestral RO wounds, trauma and even genetics and methyl genetics and how that plays a role into that person’s health. So integrative health integrates allopathic practices along with more holistic practices.

I’m not an allopathic provider, however, I have enough integrative health training. I’m certified in integrative. and I have enough integrative health training so that I know when I’m speaking to a patient, when I need to bring in, let’s say, an allopathic doctor to be able to help. Because as a naturopath, I’m a board certified naturopathic doctor.

We do not diagnose and treat and manage disease. That is not our role. Our role in healthcare is to educate, coach on hold, the patient accountable to. Action and empowerment over their health. Our role is to really inspire and motivate and encourage that patient to live a natural health lifestyle. We spend a lot more time with our patients.

We can really get to the root causes. We are more of that medical detective in healthcare to be able to understand how the fire started different from our allopathic counterparts, which their role is as a firefighter is. Put the fires out and then keep them out. We work together integrative, whereas they put the fires out and then we come back and figure out how the fire started to begin with.

So that’s just some of the ideas of what entails in integrative health services. If you have any questions further about what constitutes integrative health, there’s so many different things from reiki to massage, to yoga to Tai chi. So many different modalities out there. So I don’t wanna keep a short list because it’s so long, there’s so many different modalities to choose from.

It just really depends on the person and what the person needs. My name is Dr. Erica Steele. I am the founder of Holistic Family Practice, and we help families live naturally. If you’ve liked this video, please subscribe, share and comment below your questions.

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