Where to start healing trauma

Speaker 1: Our next guest is here to talk about healing childhood wounds and how past traumas can actually affect your health as an adult. Dr. Erica Steele from Holistic Family Practice in Virginia Beach is here to explain now, Dr. I find this very fascinating. First one. Yeah. Thank you for being here. How can a person that has experienced a trauma cope with the triggers that come up in different facets of life? Interpersonal relationships?

Speaker 2: Yeah, so there’s a lot to it. So first thing I wanna do is define trauma. Yes. Because a lot of people don’t understand what trauma is. They go, oh, my childhood was fine. Trauma can be any kind of experience. For instance, it’s deeply personal for me as well. I am a child of two Marines, my home was a war zone. Yes. Growing up, unfortunately just because of their training and background. So yelling, violence, those are obviously, we know that those are traumas, but it can be subtle traumas as well. There’s the financial stress in the home and children can feel that. So all kinds of different events can be classified as,

Speaker 1: Okay, so what are some signs and symptoms? You call it ACEs and what is ACEs?

Speaker 2: Yeah, so adverse childhood experiences were actually clinically studied several years ago. Okay. And they actually created a scoring of ACEs. Okay. Previously there was no kind of, graphic in terms of that, but, So socio social, environmental risk factors, like I just mentioned, create those adverse experiences or affect some trauma. What actually does is it affects the neural development and creates mental illness. So it affects the brain in a negative way, which then in turn creates social emotional cognitive impairment as well. So that’s why. People that have these adverse childhood experiences have such a difficult time socially, emotionally, with relationships, things like that.

And then naturally they start adopting these these risk factors. So drug use, alcohol, addictions, things like that. Even addictions to food and all kinds of other things, work, sex, those sorts of things.

Speaker 1: It would almost seem fixing. This would mean turning back time, but you don’t have to do that. There are some things that you can do to cope and develop if you have had childhood trauma.

Speaker 2: Yeah, it’s really about getting complete with the past. You can’t go back and change the past. But you can get complete with the emotional, mental effects that those events have particularly had. Myself, I’m a successful doctor. I’m in practice. You would never know unless I shared with you the experiences that I live through. So it’s a, you can turn the darkness into light as they say.

Speaker 1: How does something like say yoga help give you a new approach and a new outlook? Yes, a new step forward.

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Speaker 2: So I, not just any yoga’s great. Okay. But Kundalini yoga is like my jam. So Kini, it’s a spiritual based yoga. Okay. So spiritually, mentally, emotionally I always like to say it’s the yoga and steroids because you’re going in, you’re cleaning out what’s in the subconscious mind to help reframe those perceptions so that you see the world as a safe place.

That each other is one. I’m connected to you. You’re connected to me. We’re connected to all the viewers. Okay. And so it helps us to create that unity and that awareness, which is just amazing what we need right now.

Speaker 1: Is there anything else besides yoga that people who might be suffering through processing you?

Speaker 2: Yeah, there’s neurofeedback. There’s eft, emotional freedom technique cognitive behavioral therapies. There’s biofeedback, there’s a lot of various modalities that are naturally driven, of course, that can really. Okay. Yeah.

Speaker 1: I found this very fascinating and I’m glad you were here to share that Of course, there are so many people going through trauma and dealing with it and that there are things that you can do. So where can we find your practice?

Speaker 2: So our pr, my practice is on Laskin Road. Okay. 1213 Laskin Road. We also have some Catalina yoga classes coming up. Oh, great. I just went through my K R I certification for that. Sundays at 10 to noon. Mondays from six to eight, and all this month we’re all dealing with. And we’re just gonna clear out our subconscious mind and get ourselves free and happy and joyful again.

Speaker 1: Gosh, that sounds refreshing actually. All right. Dr. Seal, thank you so much for being here.

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