Why men’s health is important

Speaker 1: Beautiful view of the beach. Ladies, many of us worry about the health of our men’s in our, the men in our lives, but how do you get them to see the doctor without being invasive or even nagging? Dr. Erica Steele from Holistic Family Practice in Virginia Beach is here with Summit Advice. Hey, Dr. Steele. How you doing?

Speaker 2: Hello? I’m doing well.

Speaker 1: The nagging effort doesn’t always work. And I know I do it and I’m sure there are women out there into it. And I think we don’t even realize that we’re nagging.

Speaker 2: We just say the same cuz it’s important to us, we’re passionate about it, so we’re just continuously on and on. And they perceive it as nagging.

Speaker 1: Got it. So what is another method of communication that will get your husband or your man and your life to the doctor?

Speaker 2: So I find that masculine men, which majority of the men that typically don’t go to the doctor, right? More of the masculine men, they really they wanna make us happy.

Okay? And coming from our emotional state I’m worried about this, or I’m concerned about this, or I have a fear about this, would you mind giving them the power? Position in that and ultimately giving them the choice. Okay.

Speaker 1: Give them the power. So you’re doing a little mind game. Okay, got that.

Speaker 2: Yeah! It’s not manipulation, ,

Speaker 1: that’s not with questions. Okay, so what are, what is being missed from men who decide not to go to the doctor? What are some of the things. That, could happen to them. Yeah. Because they just wait till the last minute to go.

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Speaker 2: I think common metabolic health concerns, so like hypertension, hyperlipidemia, which is high cholesterol, obviously if they’re overweight, they realize that, but typically these other contributing lifestyle factors, so they’re not drinking enough water, they’re eating too high fat of food.

Those sorts of things. And what that is, it’s almost. Rocket fuel to whatever genetic predisposition that they have, right? Which unfortunately, sometimes that’s why men don’t go to the doctor because they’re so afraid. I’ve had many male patients come to the office I don’t wanna end up like my dad.

My, my grandfather, they all died young. I really wanna get on top of this, but that’s not the norm. Most, some men tend to avoid repressed. I got it and not deal with that. I got it.

Speaker 1: So what are some of the symptoms that you need to be looking out for that may be related to health issues?

Speaker 2: Yeah, so chronic headaches, a headache is not normal. Okay. That’s a classic sign of dehydration. Naturally, if you’re sluggish, energy lost, you have to kind of power through things. You’re fatigued, you’re not sleeping well. These are all really precursors to let you know that you know there’s something going on. If you just don’t feel a hundred percent revive, refreshed, and. And naturally, physically you’re not able to do is what you normally would’ve done.

Speaker 1: Got it. So when you’re dealing with a health issue, are there some factors that men should be mindful of as they age?

Speaker 2: Naturally what I just mentioned in terms of all the metabolic health conditions, we talked, you guys spoke with the other doctor from the urology perspective, prostate and inflammatory processes around the prostate, the bladder, those sorts of things increased Ur. All of those are definitely things to pay attention to and be really mindful of.

Speaker 1: So when you have that woman going in the your office with their man Yeah. What is the dialogue like, and then what are some of the happy stories that you know you’ve had because he’s decided.

Speaker 2: So I think some of the dynamic that I’ve seen is the wives are angry and they’re afraid. Okay. That’s really because they’ve been trying and trying enforcing. Their husbands, or significant other has now generated a health condition and now they’re scared that they may lose them. Oh. So that’s some dynamic, but recognizing for the woman, like it’s ultimately their choice, and you’re not making the choice for them, but you’re supporting them in the choice, and you’re communicating from a place of your concern. Okay. Because if you don’t communicate from that, then they really don’t get the importance of it.

Speaker 1: And the men, how are they when they come in?

Speaker 2: I think sometimes a little shell shocked. They. Do. They wanna make happy. Sometimes they don’t know how. They’re overwhelmed. We as women sometimes get overwhelmed with our health. When you’ve been doing a certain habit for 40 something plus years. Yeah. And you’ve got, this big elephant in the room and you need to deal with it. It’s like, where do I start? What do I do? And that’s one of the things that I really. Specialize in my practices, creating step by step approaches. We’re not gonna do everything overnight. It’s, we’re gonna focus on our water and our stress. We do it incrementally so it builds over time,

Speaker 1: so it’s not overwhelming. Yeah. Okay. So I understand you have some classes that are coming up too. Tell me about them.

Speaker 2: So we have three classes. So this one’s all about dad’s and dad’s health. Obviously in alignment with. Day. So we’re really looking at, helping, encouraging dad to stay conscious with his health. This is the perfect opportunity to passively bring either your father or your husband significant other to that class, cuz we’re all gonna be talking about mental health and we’ll also be doing a meditation in this class.

Speaker 1: Wonderful. And those are the dates for it. And then how do we make an appointment with you?

Speaker 2: We can, I have a scheduler, which is awesome. So you just call our office (757) 685-4325. Nine to nine is when our schedulers open and they schedule. We do a 15 minute complimentary wellness appointments.

Speaker 1: Wonderful. Thank you so much, Dr. Steele. It’s always a pleasure when you come. Yes, sure.

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