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Holistic Makeover is a crash course on how to create a balanced healthy holistic lifestyle. This course is fast-paced with daily tasks to help you get an overview of a holistic lifestyle. This course will review all aspects of a person’s lifestyle from physical, environmental, mental, emotional, spiritual, as well as ancestral components to incorporate in one’s life. It will include practical things to do to get their life in balance.


Holistic Makeover is broken up into weeks with daily practical tips and advice.

  • Week One: Physical – Learn what physical things need to be done to maintain a healthy physical body
  • Week Two: Environmental – Learn how to balance your environment to help you maintain balance.
  • Week Three: Mental – Explore the mindset required to live a healthy holistic lifestyle.
  • Week Four: Emotional – Understand your emotions, and how they interact with your physical well being
  • Week Five: Spiritual – Understand the role of your physical health and wellbeing. Understand how you can maintain the connection with the creator.
  • Week Six: Ancestry – Begin to understand how we pass down generational wounds, and habits. Understand how you can break cycles in families once and for all.

This is a fast-paced six-week course with daily tasks and resources to help you incorporate a holistic lifestyle.


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