Wellness Classes

Wellness Classes

Inspire To Live A Natural, Care Free Life

Wellness Classes - An Educational Experience

Holistic Family Practice is a healthcare advocate providing you with much needed educational information from well vetted educators in the healthcare community.

We understand that getting healthy, being healthy, and maintaining health can take some work. There are a lot of moving parts involved with your health and sometimes a little direction and insight is helpful to lead you into the direction that works best for you.


Find inner peace within your hectic life.


Discover balance with your health and busy schedule.

Food as Medicine

Learn how to heal the body with food.

Children + Teens

Create an environment that your kids can thrive in.

What We Focus On

A Balance Between Physical, Mental and Emotional Health

We offer a myriad of educational experiences designed to help you with your pain points that are holding you back from wellness.

We have a class for just about everything at our practice and our classes are designed with you in mind to help support, motivate, and inspire you to live a natural, care free life, regardless of the circumstances.

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Start Experiencing the Healthy Life You Have Always Dreamed Of

Enjoy a positive group setting with a skilled and trained instructor in the healing arts who will help you transform your life one interactive class session at a time.