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Metabolic health Package Holistic Family Practice

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About Dr Steele

Dr. Steele founded her practice as an empathetic traditional naturopathic holistic doctor and functional medicine doctor with the commitment to helping you transform your family’s health by treating the cause of your illness, rather than managing your symptoms.

We practice functional medicine with advanced laboratory testing to find the root cause of your illness while also using integrative medicine to work with your allopathic or traditional medicine doctors to help you with your disease process on both fronts.

We have combine these practices along side with holistic medicine (mind, body, & spirit), as well as naturopathic medicine (using nature to heal) to bring families a whole health approach to healing.

How It Works

The Holistic Family Process

Are you not feeling well and are not sure why? Have you been to every doctor under the sun but you still don’t feel listened to? Are not confident in the levels of medications you have been prescribed? Then see what our Metabolic Health Package includes.

Choose Metabolic Health Consultation

Our holistic doctor will evaluate your goals, symptoms, health histories, answer questions, and explain your next steps.

15 Minute Consultation

Our holistic doctor will evaluate your goals, symptoms, health histories, answer questions, and explain your next steps.

60 Minute Consultation

An in-depth conversation about your concerns and is great for people who are ready to take responsibility for their health and includes a 45 minute follow up appointment.

Lab Testing & Metabolic Assessments

In our functional medicine practice we recommend basic as well as advanced laboratory diagnostics to further understand your underlying cellular health. We also send healthcare release forms to your other providers to gain insight into your case. We have a CLIA certified lab on site to do blood draws, if necessary.

Healthcare Release Forms

We fax healthcare release forms to all of your previous as well as current providers in order to work integratively with them. We are not an “us” versus “them” or an “alternative” because fundamentally we do two different things. We honor and respect everyone on your healthcare team and look to work collaboratively in order to help you heal.

Basic Lab Testing

We evaluate labs for overall organ health, function, prevention, nutrient deficiencies, and increased toxicity levels by reviewing your labs from a functional medicine (optimal) perspective as well as a standard (allopathic) perspective to determine how we can help you and if we need to refer you to a specialist.

Advanced Lab Testing

Advanced lab tests are tests that we send to participating third party labs to evaluate your health on a much deeper level. These are more extensive lab findings in order to determine deeper causes of imbalances of health.

Step Three

Treatment Plans

After our holistic & functional doctor analyzes your comprehensive health history, lab work, and healthcare release forms, the doctor creates a customized health improvement plan using integrative healthcare approaches.

Treatment plans can include many modalities
including but not limited to-

Food as Medicine

– Food as Medicine Classes
– Nutrition Classes
– Meal Planning
– Recipes
– Meal guidance


– Homeopathy
– Nutraceuticals
– Herbs


– Infrared Dry Sauna
– Ionic Foot Detox
– Biomat
– Steam Therapy
– Advanced & Expert Detoxification Services

Structural & Physical Care

– Cold Laser
– Manual Therapy
– Kinesio taping
– Yoga therapy

Mind & Body

– Emotional Freedom Technique
– Clinical Hypnotherapy
– Cognitive Behavioral Therapies
– Mind & Body Wellness Classes

Body Contouring & Fitness

-Evolve Trim
-Evolve Tone
-Evolve Tight
-Body Contouring
-Body Sculpting
-Collegen Building
-Muscle Toning

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